So you want to buy Nars Madly or Nars Luster, and you can't decide between which one to get?
Hopefully, I can help you pick the right tone for your complexion!

Nars Madly (left)                                             Nars Luster (right)

In the pictures below you can see Nars Madly (left) and Nars Luster (right) swatched side by side. 

The outside swatches have been blended out whereas the inner swatch has been built up so that you can get a better idea of the shade.

Nars Madly is a cooler, pink toned brown that pulls much more neutral on the face, I know it looks warm in the photos but the rose tones in the blush is what stops it from being a bronzer. It is the perfect 'barely there' blush that can compliment a myriad of 'looks' as it doesn't compete with any colours due to it being neutral. Whilst it does have a pink base, the colour swatches as a neutral soft tan with some warmer/peach gold shimmer. Depending on your skin tone of course, it may pull slightly more pink. To me however, it is a perfect warm 'tan' brown shade with subtle hints of pink.

Formula It can be tricky to work with as it is a pigmented blush so can sometimes take extra time blending out.  I would recommended setting your base with some powder first, then using a light hand to buff it on your cheeks and slowly building up to your desired colour. Even though there are some shimmer flecks in this blush, it doesn't translate on the face and leaves a more matte finish.


Nars Luster is a little bit of a chameleon. It looks like a tan, orange blush with lots of golden, orange sheen. However, I find that it can pull quite apricot and peachy. Depending on your skin tone and shade, it will either pull slightly more peach or slightly more orange. The shimmer looks intense in the pan however it creates a beautiful glow on the skin. I would describe it as an apricot-tan blush with a golden sheen.

Formula What a beautiful formula this blush is. Yes it is pigmented however it is much creamier than other Nars blushes. I find that most brushes will pick this up nicely and the shimmer in this product helps it diffuse on the skin. It isn't chunky or patchy, and can be applied as sheer or intense as you want it to.

Nars Luster on the left cheek                      Nars Madly on the right cheek

I love having these two blushes in my collection, they continue to survive my declutter year after year. I usually use Nars Madly in more softer matte looks paired with a red lip, as the subtle tones add warmth but not a bronzed look and doesn't grab too much attention. Nars Luster is my, I want to look like a tanned glowing goddess, as it adds some colour, a little golden sheen and blends in beautifully with bronzer. I do reach for Nars Luster more however that is complete personal preference because I love a coloured blush and find that a pink or peach blush can liven up my face.

So, to make up your mind, ask yourself:
Do I like a more neutral, or colourful blush?
Would I prefer a more matte blush, or one with a sheen?
Do I wear my makeup more bronzed or prefer to add a little warmth only on the cheeks?

Which blush will you pick?

Nars Blush available at John Lewis for £21.60-£25*

*Affiliate link used (if you buy through this link I will receive a small commission from the product, without any cost or change to you the buyer, which helps support this blog).

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