So I review a lot on here and let you know what I like and what I love however you never really get to know my reliable every-day products which I love and use! 

I have never really been one to carry round make-up items asides from a few lip products as university doesn't usually call for a flawless face and I am usually not out for too long! However now that I am working and out and about for longer I have been carrying a few products to keep me looking fresh. 

For base products I have my Mac Prep + Prime Highlighter which is a yellow toned concealer which is great for concealing dark, tired eyes, redness and highlighting my nose and cheekbones if things start to look a little dull through out the day. To keep oil at bay I have been loving the Soap and Glory One Heck Of A Blot powder as it sets any concealing I may have done and mattifies any unwanted shine from my forehead without looking to heavy or cakey.

My "extras" have been the Lanolips Lip Ointment with Colour which I received in a recent beauty box (don't ask me which) which has been ticking all the boxes by hydrating, adding a sheen and adding a hint of colour! The final extra which I have been carrying around with me is a sample of the Chanel Le Volume Mascara which I own the full size of but don't feel the need of carrying a full-size mascara with me! Now I do have cheaper mascaras and other samples which I can just chuck in my bag but the reason why I carry this is because it is great for mid-day layering and adding thickness and blackness to my lashes - which is usually what I need!

What do you carry around in your handbag?
So there are times when we have our eye on something a little bit expensive and see another something a little bit expensive which would go perfectly with the first... or maybe it is just me and my shopping addiction? When thinking about my very, very, very long wishlist I thought about the "Purchased" items from my expensive list and the budget priced best friends which match perfectly with it and postpone my "click into basket" of the more expensive version.

The "scrimp" and "splurge" duo are a combination which I have been greatly enjoying these past few weeks are the Sleek Contour Kit in Medium (£6.49) and the Charlotte Tilbury Powder & Sculpt Brush (£35).
With the party season full in swing Vaseline have released their new Limited Edition, Selfridges Exclusive Lip Therapy with a red tint to keep our look glam and festive!

The competition was for me to create a red look or show how those can add a red lip into their everyday wear. I was so excited for this as red is my favourite colour! However I only have perhaps three red items of clothing in my wardrobe... however my red lipstick wardrobe is full of many many reds in many many shades! So I wanted to show you how I wear a red lip. For me, the lip is the statement piece and can be rocked from the casual look to the glam look. But from me to you, I prefer the casual look as you can go from slob to sexy in a matter of seconds. Trust me, a red lip can change a woman and an outfit!

My red lip look was created using the Topshop Lipstick in Rio Rio and the Vaseline Paint The Town was applied on top to hydrate my lips and add a shine to the look as sometimes matte lips in the winter-time can be quite uncomfortable to wear so I love to top it with  a little Vasline. Plus the glossy coat makes your lips look fuller!

Have you tried Vasline Paint The Town?

Now in the beauty bizz a lot of products come and go... alot. Some we never hear about after their release date, some are labelled "Cult Classics", some "Holy Grail" but with the amount (and price) of products out there it really is difficult to know whether it is worth the splurge just because a certain product is hyped. One of these products is Nars Orgasm blush, their most popular shade! When I was new to Nars I really didn't know whether it would be worth splashing out on and I decided to buy a palette (The Happening Palette) so that I could test out a few Nars palettes and have now used Orgasm enough times to make a fully and informed decision about it.

Nars Orgasm is a beautiful pink with gold glitter running through it and swatched you can see why there is so much love out there for it. I think the pink shade is stunning and one of those brightening shades against the skin, able to give an instant pick-me-up to your makeup and face. The gold glitter has the effect of warming up the face and highlighting it. However, the one thing I don't like about this blush is the glitter. As beautiful as it looks swatched, that much gold on the apple of my cheeks is not at all pretty. I can also imagine that the glitter would emphasise any pores you have on your cheeks also. Even though the shade of the blush really is quite beautiful, I would prefer a toned down glitter. The way I like to apply this is strategically on the high points of my cheeks rather than on the apples so that the highlighting effect looks better overall. If you like really glittery products then this is most likely for you however on the cheeks as a blush this is simply too glittery for me... and I do like a bit of glitter! So my verdict on this blush? Nice shade but a disappointment overall, for such a cult (and quite expensive) blush I don't want to have to think too much or do too much work when applying it. I want to dust it on and have fabulous cheeks however if you don't pay attention or apply in the wrong place, you could be mistaken as a disco ball!

What's your verdict on Nars Orgasm?
So I am becoming a skincare obsessive. I love finding a great new product which really makes a difference to my skin! I adore a good cleanser and have my favourites for when it comes to remove make-up (see: Emma Hardie, Coconut Oil, Liz Earle Hot Cloth Cleanser). However when it comes to post-make up removal or greasy mornings I have my absolute favourites which I would suggest to anyone who has combination-oily skin or suffers from break-outs so need something with a few more potent ingredients!

Origins Zero Oil Deep Pore Cleanser (£18) - This is my second bottle of this stuff which proves how much I love it and can honestly say that I will always repurchase this cleanser. At £18 it isn't the cheapest however nor is it cry-worthy expensive. I love this gel cleanser after my Emma Hardie to clarify or on mornings! This cleanser contains mint, which is wonderfully refreshing and Salicylic Acid to de-congest the skin. It is not at all stripping but removes excess oils. I especially reach for this on any hot clammy summer mornings as it keeps the grease at bay! Due to the Salicylic Acid it keeps spots at bay so with regular use you really do start to see your skin clearing up and when without it my skin immediately looks very unhappy. Hence the must-have repurchase as my skin just loves this product! The only thing to note however is that if you have dry skin then this probably isn't for you as even though it is clarifying and may help with spots, I suggest feeding your skin a creamier or more hydrating cleanser than this one.

Sunday Riley Ceramic Slip Cleanser (£35) - Now this cleanser is a little pricey and I am not sure how much this rivals my beloved Origins cleanser! This cleanser is packed with de-congesting, clearing and clarifying ingredients such as French Green Clay, Vitamin E Ester and Frankincense. The cleanser is a runny/odd consistency unlike any other cleanser I have used and smells like hair dye which is weird but you get used to it! It works like the Origins cleanser and removes excess oils while giving the skin a good cleanse and getting rid of all excess dirt. I find that this works extremely well at keeping oils at bay throughout the day and break-outs are less frequent. However how this differs to the Origins cleanser is that this almost feels hydrating as well as clarifying so would be suited to all skin-types. So perhaps if you have dry blemish-prone skin then try to grab a sample (or take the scary expensive plunge) of this cleanser as it may be the one for you and it may be the one for my older-self when my skin will be (hopefully) less oily but will still need a deep cleanse!

Yves Rocher Sebo Specific Deep Cleansing Foaming Cream (£6.30) - Finally, an affordable option! This is a very new item in my skincare wardrobe but it has already made an impact! The first ingredient in this cleanser is Kaolin, which is usually one of the top ingredients in clay masks which is perhaps why this is an amazing cleanser. Now this isn't one for every day as I do not want to overly strip my skin but it is great for particularly greasy/spotty mornings. It is creamy however is a bit gritty so works as a mild exfoliater also, win win! What is the best thing about this cleanser? It doubles up as a mask! I like to massage this into my skin, leave it to work its magic for ten minutes then rinse it off! Clean and clear skin soon follows after a bit of this action twice a week. Plus the price is pretty amazing for a basically 2-1 product with a great ingredient such as Kaolin in it! I would say, depending how you use it, that this would be good for all skin types but particularly for blemish-prone skin as kaolin is a true skin saviour!

What's your favourite clarifying cleanser?
And the "Perfect Nude Lip" hunt continues. Today I bring a wonderful, natural and sophisticated take on the Nude Lip! A combination of liner - for longevity and a matching lipstick! The two I have been sporting and which are perfect matches are Mac Boldly Bare Lip Liner and Model Co Party Proof Lipstick in  Kitty.

So never having ventured into the infamous Wet 'n' Wild eyeshadow palettes (because they are so hard to get a hold of in the UK - when in doubt, AMAZON!) I decided to purchase these two beauties: Silent Treatment and Sweet As Candy.

The packaging is a bit plastic and a bit flimsy but for the price, I really ain't complaining. What the most important thing are the shadows! They are sooo soft. However you must tap off any excess if you are using a fluffy brush as due to their softness it can kick off quite a bit of powder. However they blend so so easily so if you pair these shadows with a 217, you have to only do 2% work for perfect eyeshadow. Not only do they apply and blend smoothly, there are instructions on the shade, quite literally making this the most fool-proof palettes ever.

As you can see these shades are quite gorgeous and would suit many skin tones. However don't be afraid to mix up where you apply these shades! They are designed to suit each other so can be used alone or in different areas of the eye.

On the left are swatches of Silent Treatment and on the right is Sweet Candy. As you can see they are soft and don't drag or blend difficultly. The colours are true-to pan and aren't completely matte, they have a sheen to them to give them some dimension - this makes the Crease shade versatile as you can use this all over the eye with out it looking too flat! 

Overall I really love these two palettes and the shades! I would suggest these for eyeshadow newbies if you are looking for good simple palettes and eyeshadow lovers who are looking to expand their colour selection with quality eyeshadows which don't cost a meal at nandos!

Have you tried any Wet 'n' Wild palettes?
I am taking living in France very seriously. I buy baguettes, eat pastries and go to the pharmacy on a bi-weekly basis. I wouldn't be surprised if you didn't realise that I was brought up in England! On my first pharmacy visit I picked up these three lovely items... La Roche-Posay Serozinc, Caudalie Grape Water and Klorane Dry Shampoo with Oatmilk.

La Roche-Posay Serozinc
The Caroline Hirons recommended, stamp of approval product was the first item I reached for and it has her stamp of approval for a reason. Spray on post face wash morning and evening and let it sink in or gently pat it in. You may not see any brightness, feel any hydration or see any drastic change but after a few days of use you will find your skin looking clear and wondering... what did I use? Then lightbulb!  Trust me, the clear, blemish-free results will have you reaching this every morning, every night and when you forget to for a few days... those pesky spots re-appear.

Caudalie Grape Water
An Anna (ViviannaDoesMakeup) and Lilly (WhatIHeartToday) inspired purchase is the Caudalie Grape Water. A simple spray on water that I use post-serozinc to re-hydrate the skin before I apply my skincare product. It smells nice and unlike most face spritz, this really does feel hydrating! Caudalie really do know what they're doing when it comes to facial waters! If you are a facial water lover then this is a MUST as I really do find it helps with hydration and keeps skin from looking tight or dull. Plus, it is available online at FeelUnique.

Klorane Dry Shampoo with Oatmilk
A very unexciting product? Perhaps. An amazing product? Definitely. Now I have used my fair share of the Batiste Dry Shampoo but to be honest, I really don't like it. Yes it mattifies my hair and doesn't make me look like the grease-monster but it makes my hair feel even dirtier and full of product, bleugh. This however is light in the hair and you literally almost can't feel it after a minute. It doesn't make your hair as matte as the Batiste but it sure does the job of making your hair presentable. Plus the oat-milk is nourishing to the scalp so any sensitive scalps out there... this could be the one for you! Now Klorane is too a UK available brand and you can pick this dry shampoo over at Escentual.

Have you tried any of these products? What do you think about them?
Along with the Nars Fairy's Kiss Eyeshadow Palette I purchased the Limited Edition Nars Adult Content Cheek Palette (£30) and am in love! The palette contains three blushes - Zen, Desire and Deep Throat, and a highlighter - Miss Liberty.

So before I headed off abroad I thought I would purchase some aromatherapy goodness to help calm and anxiety and keep myself healthy and happy. I purchased the Therapie Discovery Kit after falling in love with the much hyped about Himalayan Bath Salts. First of all, can we talk about how beautifully packaged this is? A nice hard wooden black box which when you open it is suddenly brightened up with bright orange tissue paper... it's as if it is letting you know the results so whatever darkness you feel will get brightened up again!

The box contains: Boost Hair & Body Wash (50ml), Equilibrium Bath & Shower Essence (30ml), Himalayan Detox Salts (30g), Cherish Skin Repair Serum (30ml) and Restore Aura Spray (30ml). 

As you can see this would be a superb gift for yourself, or anyone else! These are specialised aromatherapy products and I am a big believer in scents aiding relaxation, stimulation, etc. I have tried and tested there products and can simply say that they are all superb. Want a good nights sleep where you don't over/under sleep and wake-up well rested - Himalayan Bath Salts. Want smooth supple skin - Cherish Skin Repair Serum. Feeling heavy on the eyelids and need a good pick-me-up in the morning - Boost Hair and Body Wash. Feeling stressed, anxious or overly-drowsy throughout the day - Restore Aura Spray. Feeling overwhelmed, drained, depressed - Equilibrium Bath & Shower Essence.

If you are interested in trying these products the set is available at Cult Beauty for £40. It seems pricey but if you are in need for some inner-wellbeing then you can't really put a price on that! Plus it is a great introductory kit to pick any favourites which you can then put on your Christmas list! All in all, a great introductory set from a great brand with great products.

A suggestion, if you really want to try these out and can't afford the price tag, go halfs with your mother/sister/roommate who would also love some balancing and relaxation!

Have you tried any Therapie Prouducts?


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