The only powder that I have ever really loved is the Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder in Dim Light. Sure, I like other powders, they do the job, but I never catch myself in the mirror and think "Dayyyumm my skin looks good". And whilst I do love my Hourglass powder, that sucker costs £38. Luckily, I have "dayyyyum" worthy powder that costs only £8.99. Allow me to introduce you to the Bourjois Healthy Balance Powder.

Most of you will have probably heard of the Bourjois Healthy Balance Powder as it has been doing its rounds around the Blogosphere. All the positive reviews are much deserved, this powder leaves a velvet finish on the skin and deposits a little coverage, leaving you with a smooth and perfected complexion. It doesn't have a powdery look to the skin as it very fine and creamy in texture, so it blends easily and almost melts into the skin. Next time you're in Boots or Superdrug, test it out on the back of your hand, you'll feel the smoothness and see how beautiful the texture is on the skin. It really is the best pressed powder I have tried, it performs like a high end product and yet it comes in under £10. Well done Bourjois, you've hit another home run.

What's your favourite powder? Have you tried the Bourjois Health Balance Powder?

It seems that we can't go by a season without an eyeshadow palette launch. However, £30+ for an eyeshadow palette that you may or may not use, once every few months can get a little tedious... not to mention expensive. However, there are times when we want a new set of eyeshadows that work together to create new looks with and refresh our makeup routine. Fortunately, now you can do that on a budget, thanks to Collection eyeshadow palettes. 

 I'm going to be very honest here, these aren't the most amazing shadows. Their only real downfall is that the texture could be finer and smoother... they aren't the easiest to blend. However, they have excellent pigmentation, have a great range of shades and with the right tools (a Mac 217 and a light hand) you can create a beautiful eyeshadow look that creates the same results as a Naked palette. The palette above is from the Little Mix collection, however they do offer more shades which contain different finishes. I think that for a palette that costs £3.19, you really can't go wrong. 

Finally! A budget option for eyeshadow which doesn't includes garish blues, Plus, you'll find complex shades that could rival Mac. Varied in texture as they may be, they are bloody cheap and that makes me very cheerful!

Will you be trying out Collection eyeshadows? If you already have, what were your thoughts? 
If you caught some British sun, absorbed some Mediterranean rays or have simply been slapping on the Garnier gradual tan, you may find that your old foundations are washing you out and giving you reverse oompa loompa face, AKA, Ghost Face. And after coming back skint due to a holiday/spending your pennies on ice creams or got into your overdraft due to the summer limited edition items from Charlotte Tilbury and Tom Ford, the prospect of forking out more money on a new foundation may make you want to weep. So, I came up with a cheaper alternative to bronzing up your base and tweaking the shade of the foundations you own so that you always have the perfect match.

A little while ago, the Bourjois Bronzing Primer was released and I'm quite confident that a lot of you will own this product already. If you don't, then I recommend you get it. The Bronzing Primer really shouldn't be used as a primer, it should be mixed in with your foundation before applying it to the face. Depending on your tan, you can customise the colour as you see fit. The best part is? The primer has a very silky feel and dries to a velvet finish. The silky texture means that it mixes with most foundations and doesn't alter the way that it applies on the skin. The finish of your foundation may become slightly more velvet, depending on the ratio of foundation to primer. The best part? It will continue to be completely customisable so whilst your tan is fading, you will always have foundation that matches your perfectly.

Do you have a summer foundation? Or do use the bronzer mixing method?


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