Shu Uemura are amongst the heavy weights in the eyelash curler industry, ask any beauty maven and they will tell you that they can't go a day without pumping on their Shu's. When they released a new and innovative way to curl lashes, let's just say I was intrigued. However, I put off the purchase as I didn't need it and once I did purchase it...

Well, let's just say it is interesting. The S curler is a much smaller eyelash curler that doesn't curl all lashes at once. You can precisely curl your eyelashes which is great to get the outer corners or create a more natural effect. But for me, a curler addict through and through, these just felt, well, odd. They aren't as comfortable as a traditional eyelash curler so I don't tend to reach for them. They do an excellent job of curling the lashes so my opinions are torn. You do not need these if you love your eyelash curlers, they are comfortable and they work great.

But when I tried these on my mother...

You do need these if you have small eyes, deep set or hooded eyes. I love to do my mothers make-up but I failed every time I tried to curl her lashes as the curler was too large for her eyes and wouldn't go to the root to provide maximum curl. But then I tried the S curler.... as it is petite, I was able to get right to the root and curl each and every lash without any discomfort. I was overjoyed to find that the S curler had a purpose and the purpose was to give every woman the perfectly curled lash no matter what eye shape! So, if you have ever struggled with eyelash curlers then you know where to look!

Have you tried the S Curler?

We have all heard of the cult Sarah Shapman Overnight Facial, which is a super hydrating combination of oils that creates a post-facial glow when morning comes around. Brand new from Sarah is the Morning Facial, it has the same concept of boosting hydration, plumping up the skin and providing that post-facial glow but this time she has created a Day/Morning appropriate formula. 

The packaging and amount is the exact same as the Overnight Facial... be sure not to place them in the same drawer as you could get them confused! 

The oil mix claims to plump the skin leaving, reducing the appearance of fine lines and aims to leave the skin looking dewy and feeling supple. 

On first encounter this is very similar to the Overnight Facial in that it has the same scent and feel. This is definitely an oil so if you are looking for something incredibly light then this may not be for you, however if you are looking for that hit of nourishment in the morning then this might just be the one. It is recommended that you pat this under or over your day cream but I think that this alone will suffice without the cream, unless you have extremely dry skin. It immediately gives the radiant glow you would expect from an oil, it lightly sinks into the skin, leaving the dewy barrier on top of the skin. Makeup glides on flawlessly on top of this product so there are no worries of it disrupting your makeup. It really does soothe the skin, making it feel comfortable all day whilst providing that constant nourishment and glow. As I am only 21, I cannot report on any findings for the appearance of fine lines as I don't have any but I have my mum testing it so I can report back later on that!

Overall, this really is a beautiful daytime oil however for my young and oily skin it doesn't do much in terms of improving my skin overtime. I don't think that anyone under the age of 25 really needs this product unless you have very dry, tight and uncomfortable skin that needs that extra dose of hydration and nourishment.

Who would I recommend this product to? Anybody with dry skin will absolutely adore this product as it will really aim to give you that fresh glow whilst smoothing out your skins texture. I also think that this is a must-have for mature skin as on average mature skin tend to be drier, have more fine lines and has lost some of its suppleness. This product will completely reverse any dry and dull complexions and will make your skin glow like Gisele (no exaggeration) and feel ever so smooth and nourished. If you haven't had any luck finding a great moisturiser, then try this, it will change your skin and make it more plump, juicy and give it that youthful glow you've always wanted.


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