Very rarely will you see a bad review on Coquet Noelle because if I don't enjoy something, I will give it/throw it away and tell people's opinions of the product if they ask for it. I save my good/ok/rave reviews for the website as they can be more comprehensive for those who are interested in the product. Today however, I will be talking about my experiences with the Nivea Pure & Natural Foundation as this was so terrible, I had to ensure that none of you go through what I went through.

During my time in France wandering aimlessly down pretty cobbled streets, I noticed a cosmetics store selling Nivea make-up, so of course I had to walk in. Whilst pondering the stand, I saw a very interesting and promising foundation, the Pure & Natural Foundation with Argan Oil. Usually foundations are oil free as not to clog or irritate the skin, however I though that coming from a skincare brand, this may be a budget skincare/makeup duo, the first real serum foundation. I expected a smooth, hydrated and dewy finish that would keep your skin looking plump all day, with a light-medium coverage.

The coverage was the first surprise, it was high coverage but I figured I could work with that. Then came the major downfall of this foundation, it does not blend. I have tried every brush, sponges and fingers and nothing will blend this. I love a foundation that buffs into the skin to create a natural finish. This, however, is so thick  and almost splits (perhaps due to the oil?), it sits on top of the skin and any areas that aren't blended is very visible. Just imagine the first few times you ever wore foundation, this is what this looks like. Messy, thick and obvious. Not only that but because it doesn't buff into the skin it will enhance any imperfections you have so this would only work with baby smooth skin. Finally, it dries! Now, I don't mind a foundation that sets because that assures that it will last all day and night. This formula however dries incredibly quickly so whilst you are mid-way through trying to blend this, it will get drier until it sets into whatever swirly motion you were making in attempts to create a flawless base.

Unfortunately, I can not find one good thing about this foundation which is why I had to share my experience to make sure you pass on this product. The only person who may like this product is somebody who likes a thick, heavy coverage foundation that looks like you are wearing a lot of makeup. 

This was a huge no from me Nivea but hopefully better products will be worked on for the future!

Have you had any major makeup disappointments?
Being a great fan of the defined brow, yet lacking thick luscious ones requires me to fill in and define then myself. For this, my preferred method of choice is to use a brow pen/pencil but seen as though I need quite a bit of work done to my brows, I am extremely picky about my products. So I thought I would give you the low-down on some of the brow products I have been using recently.

The Fine Nib
Personally, I much prefer a finer nib. It is precise enough to create a clean shape whilst also providing soft strokes, making any shading look much more natural. I have tried two products with a fine nib which I think totally rock and can not decide which I prefer more?

Anastasia Brow Wiz 
This is a cult brow product if I have ever heard of one. This is a retractable pencil with the finest nib I have found in a brow product. The fine nib can create fake hairs and make brows appear larger, whilst also looking natural. It also comes with a spooly which is amazing. Anastasia do the best spoolies (is that the plural?) as they are very small yet dense so blend out the product without erasing it or moving it outside of the line you created. It is a superb product and one of my absolute favourites.

Mac Brows
A very similar product to the previous one, it has a fine nib (a little larger than the Anastasia one) however one thing I would critique is that the pencil only winds up and not back down so make sure not to wind too far up so that the nib doesn't break. It also creates a very natural look to the brows but I find the shades not as good as Anastasia's offerings as some in the Mac line can lean too red and I prefer an ashier tone to the brows. Another thing to note is that this doesn't come with a spooly however I have a spooly brush in my collection already. This used to be my holy grail brow product as it is easy, effective and a great product to Back to Mac more regularly however since I have encountered Anastasia's offering, I'm not so sure as to whether I will continue to repurchase this product?

The Thick Nib
Even though I said I prefer a fine nib, I still had an itching to try some thicker offerings as I have heard many good things. A thicker nib ensures for a quicker application, it may not be as precise as a thin nib however it is great for filling in a brow.

Charlotte Tilbury Brow Lift 
Charlotte Tilbury is famous for her eyes and brows are incredibly important to frame the eyes, plus the fact that she makes up the beautiful and browfull Cara Delevigne, I thought surely she must make a great brow pencil? I was not wrong, this is a thick nib that can be used widely (for filling in) or finely (to create shape). It comes with a nice spooly to help blend everything out. What I adore about this item is the formula of the pencil as it is quite dry which means that it will be very long lasting and won't move around on your face (nobody wants to find their eyebrows migrating throughout the day). The ONLY fault in this product is that it ran out very quickly which was a shame as it isn't the cheapest product out there. If it lasted a little longer then this would have been an immediate repurchase.

Hourglass Brow Arch
If you are into the beauty community you may have heard some raves about this product, I however (warning: contraversial) don't find it all that amazing. It has a nice nib that can be used to either create a straight line or to fill in, however I find the formula to be a little too creamy as it doesn't last as long as I would like it to. The pencil itself however is packed with product so you definitely get your moneys worth. Even though the product is a little creamier than I would prefer, it still delivers. The one thing I really hate about this product is the spooly. Worst. Spooly. Ever. It is so thick and big that when you brush through the brows, it moves the product (because it is creamy) outside of the designated brow line and you suddenly end up with caterpillar brows, not a good look. I would suggest this for people whose brows just need filling in and not much work to them, this would be the easiest and most effective product for you.

Something Extra

Charlotte Tilbury Brow Lift - 
This product not only ensures that you create a bold brow but make it stand out also as there is a hidden highlighter to highlight your brow bone with. The touch is a nice one but it isn't quite executed as it is very shimmery. Not something I would ever wear during the day time as it also has a beige-gold base to it as well so works more as an eyeshadow than just a highlight. I love the idea but it just didn't cut the cake for me.

What's your favourite Brow product?
Many of you may know that I (along with every other blogger in the world) am a huge fan of Diptyque. Even though they are very luxe (ahem, expensive) they kick off a scent and last much longer than any other candle I have owned, so they are worth the pennies if you love scented candles. A few months ago they released a new limited edition fragrance, Rosa Mundi, which has been the candle I have been burning for the past few weeks as it is the perfect scent for Spring and Summer.

Rosa Mundi is a limited edition fragrance with a very romantic story...

A name that sounds like… an ancient rose, descendant of the famous Damask rose… and a love story that has become a myth over the centuries. According to the legend, the name of this variety was inspired by Rosamund Clifford, a woman of great beauty, and mistress to King Henry II of England.

The scent of this candle is predominantly a Rose scent however not the sickly turkish delight scent or the dated powdery rose scents that are often associated with Rose. This scent hold a perfect balance between sweet and woody which transforms it into a very romantic, yet delicate rose scent that is perfect during this season. 

I'm not very good at detecting notes in scents but I shall give it a try:
Sweet: There are blackcurrent and honey notes which add a depth and sweetness to the Rose scent which makes it much lighter and takes away any of the traditional "powdery" rose scent.
Woody: There are definitely some woody accords (perhaps amber?) as a base note to warm up the scent and stop it being too sickly. The woody accord also transforms it into a much more seductive scent.

This burns beautifully at any time of day and feels like a scent that will transition beautifully from Spring to Summer. As it is Limited Edition, I would recommend getting your hands on it now before it goes (available at Space NK).

Have you tried Rosa Mundi?
The weekend is here and that, for some, means ditching your work clothes and getting your glad rags on, ready to hit the town. When we prep for a night out we do our hair, our nails, our makeup and take extra care in our ensemble... but haven't we forgotten something? Ah, yes, skincare! 

When the primping process begins (I like to start as early as possible, it's all part of the fun!) I always make sure to do a face mask, which mask of course depends on my skins needs but all of them are perfect to create that flawless base that will allow your makeup to apply better and the overall finish look healthier and more radiant. Here is my cut on my favourite pre night out face masks.

The Do It All
If you want a quick fix mask that will get your skin party ready then the Elemis Papaya Enzyme Peel Mask is the one for you. This little number uses fruit enzymes to gently exfoliate the skin, it also has some wonderful moisturising ingredients in there too which will all equal in very smooth skin that has a little bit of glow to it. I adore using this before I have a special night as it preps my skin so that any makeup I put on top of it will smooth out and look flawless.

The Glow Inducer 
For those of you who are all about the glow want to check out the Olay Total Effects Sheet Masks, this is a pre soaked sheet mask that you put on your face and when you remove it will be left with the dewiest skin you have ever encountered. Your skin will look like it just had a facial, it's serious stuff. One thing to note, the serum (residue) can feel a little tacky on the skin so I recommend you use this in the morning/a few hours before getting ready to allow the goodness to really sink into your skin so that it won't disrupt any makeup you apply on top of it.

The Smooth Operator 
Have you got dry patches that make even your favourite foundation look cakey? Yep, been there! Sometimes we need to bring the big guns in to smooth out the skin and make it feel baby soft again. My heavyweight champion is the Body Shop Honey and Oat 3-in-1 Scrub Mask. It is an incredibly nourishing treat for the skin and will banish dry patches and make a superbly smooth base so that your foundation and concealer won't cake or enhance any dryness in your skin.

The Radiance Booster
Sometimes we just need our skin to look fresh and radiant. Nothing does this better than the Ren Glycolactic Radiance Renewal Mask, this is an exfoliating mask that will eat up that top layer of skin to reveal newer, brighter, smoother looking skin. It leaves the skin looking clean and radiant, as if we got our 8+ hours sleep and drank our recommended water intake. 

What are your favourite pre-night out masks?
A badly photographed review on the Mac Pro Lip Palette in Editorial Reds was one of my first ever blog posts, which I won't be linking as those oldies are made for the past. Ever since the moment I bought it, it has been indispensable, I take it on every holiday, weekend away, everything as it truly is just an amazing palette with some knock out shades. This is an ode to the Mac Pro Lip Palette. 

The Mac Pro Lip Palette is a palette which houses six famous Mac lipsticks: (left to right) Lady Danger, On Hold, Russian Red, Mac Red, Ruby Woo and  Dare You. There are varied shades and finishes from warm tones to cool tones, mattes to creme sheens. 

Now you may wonder, why would I want a lip palette? 

Here is why you may want one of these:
1. You can try out several new lipsticks without the high price tag.
2. It is easily portable and very light.
3. You can mix custom shades/create ombre lip looks.
4. Test out which formulas and shades you prefer.
5. You can play makeup-artist with your friends and family.

One thing to note, these are very pigmented shades (with the exception of On Hold) so a lip brush is required for a clean application. They all perform just as the lipsticks in bullet form do so you aren't getting a lower quality lipstick for the price.

 Lady Danger, On Hold, Russian Red, Mac Red, Ruby Woo and  Dare You

Which are my favourite shades? Oh, I couldn't pick. I am a red lipstick lover and adore Lady Danger in the Summer, Dare You in Autumn, Ruby Woo in the evenings and On Hold in the day. It is a highly versatile palette which I would recommend to all lipstick lovers who are looking to try out some mac lipstick shades but don't necessarily have the money to purchase each individual lipstick as the palette costs £35 and individual Mac lipsticks cost £15. I have loved and continued loving this palette since the first time I laid eyes on it and would wholeheartedly recommend this to anyone who loves a good lipstick!

What are your thoughts on the Mac Pro Lip Palette?
 With the beautiful and sunny weather we have been experiencing recently in the UK, I have been stumped when choosing which foundation to wear. On the one hand, I want my face to look fresh, evened out but still like there is nothing on my skin. On the other hand, in the heat my make-up will melt off and I need something a little more matte and long lasting that won't sacrifice my natural glow? Unfortunately, I didn't have the perfect foundation on hand to create everything I was looking for, so I just made one!

Chanel Mixing
So recently I got my hands on the new Chanel Perfection Lumiere Velvet foundation, it is a beautiful, natural velvet finish with medium coverage, however the shade B30 is a smidgen too dark for me. Seen as I wanted the velvet finish and coverage of this foundation, I decided to lighten it up in both shade and finish with the Vitalumiere Aqua foundation (in B30). The mix of the two creates a luminous, medium coverage, long lasting foundation that is quite beautiful.

Jouer Mixing
I have owned the Jouer Matte Moisture Tint and the Jouer Luminizing Moisture Tint for quite a while now and adore them separately. A tinted moisturiser that has a natural matte finish with a light feel and then a sheer tinted moisturiser that creates a beautiful glow and luminescence, sold and sold. Now when you mix these two together, wowza. The results equal a semi-matte luminous finish that will last. The coverage is light-medium and it feels weightless on the skin. 

Will you be mixing your own custom foundation?
I have always been a fan of Dior, I adore their Rouge Dior Lipsticks (see rave here) so had to get my hands on the new Dior Fluid Sticks. A liquid lipstick offering that boasts high pigment and high shine, but just how did it live up to my high standards?

Can we just start by admiring that packaging? I could own them all for the packaging alone, fickle, I know but who can blame me? JUST LOOK AT IT!

Anyway, packaging asides, the product itself has a nice thick formula which applies an opaque, glossy finish. It isn't tacky on the lips so doesn't feel glossy? However, it does feels quite creamy and thick, almost gel-like. This formula leaves a very long lasting (4 hours) glossy finish on the lips. The colours are wide and varied, I picked up two shades Mirage (338), a peachy nude and Open Me (753), an orange red. These wear beautifully on the lips and almost cushion them, making them look more plump. They wear down nicely and don't leave the dreaded lip line. On my lips it wore for 4 hours, fading around the 3 hour mark, pretty good for a gloss. 

Mirage (338) and Open Me (753)

How do they compare to the YSL Glossy Stains? Well, they don't. The Glossy Stain is a completely different texture. It is a more liquid formula, so feels lighter on the lips. It also leaves behind a stain which only requires a touch up if you want the glossy finish. The Dior Fluid Sticks however are a thicker consistency, which makes the finish last longer, they however do not leave the same stain that the YSL Glossy Stains do. I would say that these are incredibly similar to the L'Oreal L'Extraordinaire Liquid Lipsticks (see review here) which are an oil based lipstick which I would personally describe as a long-lasting gloss, they have a thicker texture than the conventional gloss and feel incredibly similar on the lips. These are worth checking out if you are a gloss or Dior lover and if you didn't find the Glossy Stains comfortable to wear.

The TLDR? These are a thick, cushioning gloss that last and wear well, without leaving a stain. A lovely formula with beautiful colours in the range but if you are looking for a cheaper alternative then check out the L'Oreal L'Extraordinaires!

Have you tried the Dior Fluid Sticks?

Is it just me or is Summer in the air? Spring has been sprightly so far and I have been loving my peaches but I have smelt the warmth of summer in the air and after this beautiful weekend, I have re-acquainted myself with my favourite orange lipsticks. 

Last year was the year of the red-orange lipstick, this year however is the year of the true orange lip. If you are afraid of bold lips, look away, but if you are an orange lip lover then you may want to hide your debit card as I will be listing the three most delicious oranges on the market.

The Glossy Orange
YSL Glossy Stains are notorious for being the "it" product of the glossy world, high pigment, high shine and a damn long wear time. The shade Orange Fusion (21) is a stunning true orange shade that can be worn sheer with one coat or you can build it up to full opacity (my preferred way). This will give a sexy, summer time lacquer on the lips, once the majority of the shine has worn off, you will be left with a bitten stain on the lips.

The "I won't ever leave your lips" Orange 
Hourglass Riviera has to be the best orange, ever. Want proof? Google: Jessica Alba Golden Globes 2013. Yep, it is a vivid orange that looks slightly different on every skin tone. It warms up the face and is a great summer alternative to a red or a pink lip yet it isn't too far from the colour family to look too stark or garish. It is a beautiful shade that would look incredible with any skin tone or colour. Wear this with some tinted moisturiser, concealer and a lashings of mascara and you will be the Alba of the ball.

The Subtle Orange
For those who are wanting to wear an orange lip but find the above two options a teeny bit intimidating, then start with a gloss. The Revlon Colourburst Lip gloss in Sizzle is true orange shade that has a little bit of deepness to the colour, this means that it won't look too bright or light against your skin, making it an incredibly wearable shade. The formula is a lovely, non-sticky gloss that can be worn extremely sheer for just that hint of orange or can be built up for a more orange experience. Perfect for day time, first-time orange wearers and gloss lovers.

Will you be sporting the Orange lip this Summer?
As most of you should know, I hold off writing any skincare reviews until I have been acquainted with the product long enough to give you a thorough review of it. Seen as though I have passed the half way mark on the bottle, I thought it was about time I let you in on my thoughts!

Before we get started, a little note on facial oils. Facial oils can be used by all skin types, from the driest to the oiliest. They hydrate the skin, make it more supple and encourages the skin to re-generate. Everybody should be using an oil, on its own, mixed in with moisturiser or as the final step in your skincare routine.

The Pai Rosehip BioRegenerate oil claims to improve the appearance of scars, stretch marks, sun damage and fine lines. It contains rose hip oil which is high in Omega 3, 6, 7 and 9. 

It certainly hydrates the skin, I love to pack my skin in with as much hydration as possible as it brightens the skin so much. I apply this on top of my night time moisturiser. I don't find that this brightens dull skin but it does provide a lot of hydration and moisture to the skin. I always make sure to apply this onto the eye area as well as this really does smooth the area out without irritating it. I find it difficult hydrate the eye area without overloading it with product but this works miracles.This works no matter what my skin concern is, I usually chop and change my routine to fit its need that day but this oil can do no wrong. It works particularly well on blemish prone skin, perhaps it is the Omegas or the Retinol, I'm not sure but this soothes any aggressive acne and speeds up the healing process. I find that since using this, I rarely get any stubborn or painful acne spots and when they do begin to appear, this will clear them up in a short few days. 

Does it really improve the appearance of scars, stretch marks and sun damage? I'm not quite sure on this claim. It does aid healing so if a scar is fresh, then I absolutely recommend smothering this onto the skin however this isn't a miracle product that will erase every mark of pigmentation on your face.

The best part about this oil is that everyone can use it. As it is a natural product with minimal and organic ingredients, it will suit and soothe even the most sensitive of skin types. So if you are on the market for a basic yet incredibly effective face oil, then look no further!

Have you tried the Pai Rosehip BioRegenerate?

Ingredients: rosa canina (rosehip CO2) seed extract*, rosa canina (rosehip CO2) fruit extract*, mixed tocopherols (natural vitamin e)

*Certified Organic by the Soil Association (Organically produced 99.8% of product).
Suitable for Vegans. Not tested on animals.
I love the transformative qualities that a liner can do, you can elongate the eye, create a more feline shape, make the eyes appear rounder but liner really is a faff and ain't nobody got time for that. My latest cheat liner is a super simple and quick application that leaves the eye a little more defined and the lash line a little thicker.

My recent liner love has been using eyeshadow, it is simple, easy to correct and not as messy as a liquid liner. I use an angled liner brush (any will do) and apply some matte black eyeshadow, make sure to tap off any excess. I then nestle the brush onto the lash line and really work the shadow into the lashes. What we want here is an invisible line, this is not a bold or thick liner look. Apply the shadow onto the entire upper lash line and leave it there. Simple I know but once you look in the mirror your lashes will look thicker and in turn that will define the shape of your eyes. It is the simplest trick in the book but as they say, if it ain't broke.

Have you tried the invisible line?
Is it just me or is the peach blush having a moment? When isn't it having a moment? With spring in swing, it is time to embrace those peachy hues and here are the peachiest of them all..

I love a peach blush, it serves a dual purpose of not only adding colour to the cheeks but warmth as well. It preps up the skin ever so slightly and is a perfect spring/summer shade which matches an array of lip colours. There are many different hues of peach, ranging from pinker to more orange tones but this line up consists of true peaches.

Each of these shades are what I would call a "true peach", they don't pull pink on the skin or have any coral/orange nuances. They all differ slightly in shade, tone and finish.

The Shimmering Peach - Rimmel Powder Blush - Santa Rose

The Truest Peach - Hourglass Ambient Lighting Blush - Dim Infusion

The Brightened Peach - Bourjois Cream Blush - Nude Velvet

The Dusky Peach - Natural Collection Blushed Cheeks - Peach Melba

The Sheer Peach - Becca Beach Tint - Grapefruit

What's your favourite peach blush?
Is it just me who forgets to do a weekly face mask? Even though I love using masks, the ritual of it, the different formulas, I sometimes just don't have the time... So I came up with a few new ways to use your face mask without compromising on its effectiveness.

The Spot Treatment - 
spent £20+ on a face mask and feel like you are spreading money all over your face every time you apply a face mask? Cut the cost, apply it onto your problems area, if your forehead is having a breakout and your cheeks are clear, then simply apply it the areas that have broken out! Doing this you can make sure to deal with any problem areas without the waste, plus it will make your face mask last that little longer! 

The Deep Clean - 
I am a huge advocate of adding 30 minutes on to the recommended wear time of a face mask (avoid this advice if you have sensitive skin). With clay masks I like to leave them on for as long as I can really, so if I have an evening planned in front of the laptop, I wash my face, apply my mask and then take it off 45 minutes later when my face has dried to stone.

The Daily Cleanse -
 If you don't have the luxury of leaving a face mask on for even 15 minutes but want to make sure it is thoroughly cleansed and clear, change the way you use your mask... turn it into a cleanser! Morning or evenings, whichever you have an extra 2-3 minutes to spare, use a walnut sized amount and massage the mask into your face for a good minute. For some extra punch, brush your teeth whilst it is doing its work then rinse off. There you have it, clean, de-congested skin in under five minutes.

The Steam Routine - 
This is one saved for bath times... Get in your nice steaming warm bath and let your pores open up through the steam or with the aid of a warm cloth. Once you have done this, apply the mask onto your skin, the opened pores will allow it to sink in and be that little more effective. Relax in the bath for 15 minutes, letting the steam keep the mask wet, which with certain ingredients, allows them to stay active. Rinse off and feel your freshly steam-cleansed skin.

The Old School - 
As they say, if it ain't broke... Read the instructions on the box/tube, apply it for the recommended time and rinse off!

What's your favourite way to use a face mask?
A while back you may have remembered the beauty community's hearts skipping a beat when the announcement of the Ambient Lighting Blush was released. A mix of the ever loved ambient lighting powders with a complimentary blush shade? Yes please! After plenty of use, I have finally decided how I feel about these and to cut to the chase, I love them.

I purchased four of the six shades, Mood Exposure, Dim Infusion, Radiant Magenta and Diffused Heat.

The blush formulations are incredibly soft and powdery. These are the most finely milled blush I have encountered. When any brush touches these, the blush will delicately crumble beneath them. This fine texture means that it will blend into the skin, rather than sit on top of it and as it is so fine, it truly does melt into the skin. I have found that these are the most natural looking powder blush on the market, without the need of expensive brushes or expert application. They are incredibly pigmented, swatches do not do them justice as for some reason, they swatch terribly. But when a brush is involved, be careful and don't over apply! Not only do they look natural on the skin but the addition of the ambient lighting powder gives a soft-focus finish onto the skin and a very subtle, healthy, luminosity. They aren't shimmery per-se but they do add a glow.

Mood Exposure - is a beautiful every day shade that flatters every makeup look. It is a rosy brown with a hint of plum which is warming, defining but also subtle so it doesn't look like you have purple/brown cheeks. It is a perfect pairing with a smoky eye or just for a natural makeup looking day. I love peachier, coral blush so it did come as a surprise to me that I loved this shade so much, it is one I reach for daily and think that everybody should at least check this out!

Dim Infusion - PEACH. This is a true peachy blush, if you are looking for the ultimate peach, look no further, it has been found. There isn't much coolness or too much warmth, no pink tones. It is the ultimate peach. Have I said peach enough times? Let's go for one more, peach! I am a light-medium skin tone (NC30 +) and this is not too light for me, it adds colour and warmth so if you are a similar skin tone then don't worry as this does show up! The only skin tones I wouldn't recommend this to is dark skin tones as this will show up quite ashy against deeper skin.

Radiant Magenta - this is a stunning magenta shade. However, what makes this very wearable is the gold ambient lighting powder as it adds warmth to the shade. This is one of those, one shade fits all colours as I can see this working incredibly well on the fairest, to darkest of skin tones. It looks a little scary in the pan but it does mimic quite a natural flush, plus it looks beautiful with pink lipstick. 

Diffused Heat - may be my favourite, but that's no surprise. It is a warm coral pink shade that screams summer. On the skin it adds so much warmth that would get people thinking you just hopped off a plane from Dubai (if only) but the pink and yellow tones also bring a youthful flush to the skin. This is my pick for Summer as I think it will compliment tans, bright lips and cosmopolitans!

Mood Exposure, Dim Infusion, Radiant Magenta and Diffused Heat

Overall, these are amazing products which stand out for the formula. If you are looking for a new blush, I recommend checking these out, you won't be disappointed!

Have you tried any of the Ambient Lighting Blush?

Another month, another beauty release, what's new there? One of the most exciting releases were the Nars Matte Multiple. I was really excited and intrigued by this release and wanted to buy two shades... but then I stopped to think and realised why it actually wasn't worth my money.

The Nars Matte Multiple is a matte, creamy, pigmented stick that you can use on the cheeks or lips. Alone, it sounds like a great product. The first flaw of this release is the size, half the size of the original Multiple yet it remains the same price... this isn't the first time a brand has done this (I'm looking at you Benefit and Kevyn Aucoin!). As a consumer, I think this is unfair, at least drop the price by a few pounds, do your part for the consumer! We will appreciate it and respect and support your brand even more. This however, is something that happens in the beauty industry which we cannot change and have to deal with. This alone did not stop me from my purchase... so what did?

This isn't an original release. Naming it "multiple" suddenly creates the illusion that this is a brand new concept, a matte cream formula that you can use on cheeks and the lips! However, when you stop to think about it... isn't this just a tube of pigment? Somewhat similar, if not exactly the same to a lipstick? Or a cream blush?

I would suggest checking the colours out in the range because honestly, that is the only reason to buy the Matte Multiple but if you wanted it for the multi use aspect, then all you need is to get experimental! Shop your stash, search for any cream blush or lipsticks that don't contain any shimmer, apply some onto your finger and depending on how pigmented the product is, dab any excess off onto the back of your hand. Once you have removed the excess, pat the product onto the cheeks and then blend with a clean finger. If it is a cream blush, pat the product onto the lips or if you are experimenting with a lipstick, dab it on the lips straight from the bullet and build until you have the desired opacity. 

And voila! £30 saved and you have gotten more use from the products you already own.

So, which new releases have you not bothered with?
I have discovered my new favourite bronzer. This bronzer may seem like an odd choice as it is the Revlon Highlighting Palette in Bronze Glow, but don't let the word "highlighting" mislead you...

The Revlon Highlighting Palette is a five shaded sheeny powder that has a mix of light, bronze and pink shades. It can be used as a subtle highlighter however I have found that this looks beautiful as a bronzer. The powder isn't glittery so doesn't look stark on the skin, it has a beautiful sheen to it which I think enhances the golden tones, giving the "bronzed glow" a completely new meaning. I like to apply this with a really big brush such as the RT Powder Brush as it blends all the colours together, buffs it seamlessly into the skin whilst brushing off any excess shimmer. What makes this the bronzer however is the selection of tones as it doesn't contain any muddy shades, or red shades so it will look beautiful on paler and warmer skin tones alike. The pink shades create a very natural bronzed complexion and mimicks a natural tan as when we catch some sun, our skin does produce some pink/red in the skin. When buffed onto the highpoints of the face, this creates the healthiest, glowy, bronzed complexion you could ever wish for... plus, it is quite a bargain!

Have you tried the Revlon Highlighting Palette in Bronze Glow?
In the past few months I have been on a constant 4-6 mascara rotation, buying, trying and testing a multitude of formulas and brushes from high end to low end. It isn't rare that I reach for the same mascara day after day and overlook my others as most mascaras are good but... just not great. So when I meet one that's great, I have to introduce it to you!

The Max Factor Clump Defy is a mascara that has been around for quite a while... it also goes under the name of "Cover Girl Clump Crusher" for any of you Americans out there. It is a standard mascara that doesn't provide outstanding volume, incredible length or waterproof strength. It is just a brilliant, basic, every day mascara that you can put on in the morning and it looks just as nice before you remove it for bed. The reason why I love this so much is because it curls your lashes for you, you don't need to reach for the curlers, you can skip them and go straight in with the mascara! I have the type of lashes that need curling, if I don't press down those curlers and just add mascara, you can barely see my straight lashes. However, this mascara has a curved wand that you can really wiggle into the roots and through the lashes so that it creates that natural curve and flutter. It is so buildable and as the name suggests, doesn't clump, which makes it perfect for every day as you can choose how natural or voluminous you'd like your lashes to look. Plus, it isn't a smudgey formula so you don't have to worry about panda eyes at the end of the day. It really is just the perfect mascara to throw on and go....

What's your favourite everyday mascara?

Another day, another new foundation to review. Today's is the Lancome Miracle Air De Teint Foundation, a light-weight, silicone based foundation that aims to create a matte glow.

The Lancome Miracle Air De Teint Foundation is a new silicone based foundation, similar to others such as the Armani Maestro Fusion Foundation and the L'Oreal Eau De Teint Foundation. It is a very light formula that must be shaken before application. The foundation is housed in a glass bottle, with a pipette. The pipette controls the amount of foundation you use, as it is a very liquid-y formula and could be easily over applied/wasted.

As to the foundation itself, it is beautiful. It is an incredibly light formula that needs to be shaken up pre-application. When applied onto the skin it almost turns into a very fine powder, creating a velvety finish. It isn't a flat matte, nor is it luminous, it truly does create a matte glow. The texture of the foundation is so fine and unlike anything I have ever tried, it feels almost invisible on the skin. Unlike other formulas, this doesn't cling on to dry patches. It is a light coverage foundation but with concealer added to the mix, it is the perfect coverage. The matte/powdery texture to this foundation creates a soft-focus finish. It is rare that foundations live up to their claims such as "matte glow" and "air & blur technology" but this one truly does deliver. The longevity of this foundation is average, as even though the matte formula makes this last longer on my oily skin, it is so fine that it will fade more quickly than a higher coverage foundation, on average this lasts a good 5 hours on my skin before I see blush and concealer fading.

Who would I recommend this foundation for? Normal to oily skin. Dry skins may find this too matte and not smoothing enough however for those who want a light base (in texture and coverage) which looks natural on the skin.  I recommend getting a sample of this from your local Lancome counter but be warned, it will be love and it doesn't come cheap! But you won't be disappointed.

Have you tried the Lancome Air De Teint Foundation?


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