September in England is coming to an end, the clouds are opening up but there are still a few magical sunsets and mild evenings mingling among the cooler weather. Tans fading and turtlenecks out is leaving me feeling a little less confident. This summer was the time of Hot Girl Summer, where Instagram girls wore the confidence proudly. 

This summer I paused my criticisms over my weight and my insecurities and allowed myself to just enjoy swimming, sunshine and bikinis. I told myself I was beautiful, no matter the shape and wore my neon eyeshadows proudly. But with the colder weather and the need for jumpers and jeans, I can feel the insecurities creep back again and they are back with a vengeance. So whilst the sun sets slowly, I wanted to revisit and hold on to the last of Hot Girl Summer, and hopefully, bring a little of that confidence forwards into Fall... 

Skin texture, let it show. 
Even if it has dimples, bumps or pores. 
Sometimes we don't want bad makeup which exaggerates but good makeup doesn't erase them. 

Good makeup is what shows you off, imperfections and all.

I remember when I truly started to "learn" about makeup in the glory days of YouTube tutorials, I learned many tips and tricks and began to educate myself about product and textures. Instagram accompanied this with perfectly applied makeup, clean lines and specific rules. I followed some of these rules, adapted others and began to find my style with makeup - I learned so much from my beauty education.

However, now is the age of the Instagram Makeup Artist where we are seeing edgy and artistic looks from professionals such as Katie Jane Hughes, Kirsten Sage Coleman and Anastasia Voevodina - to name a few. Their looks are inspiring because they aren't following the rules, they put rhinestones through the eyebrow, glitter in the crease and mix multiple textures. They are bringing the artistry back to make-up.

So when you're doing your makeup, mix textures you normally wouldn't to see what happens and to learn about what works, what doesn't and why.  Apply product somewhere you normally wouldn't, see how it looks and if it creates a look that feels innovative and new. Personally, I've been loving applying glitter in the crease and on the lower lash line, I find it widens my eyes and the sparkles catches you off guard, adding allure to the eyes. When you have time to play, then throw the rule book out and see what happens...


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