A few months ago, I was feeling a little down in the dump and in the mood for a change. This change came in the form of a box of blonde hair dye, what I ended up with however was rather brassy (read: ginger) ends. Not the result I was looking for. Since then I have been treating my hair with purple shampoo and have found the ultimate, most effective way to tone the hair without shelling out the wads of notes or leaving the comfort of your own home...

Purple Shampoo is an easy, at home method of keeping brassiness at bay. Depending on how light/brassy your hair is will change the amount of times you use it and how long you keep it in your hair for. I am still working towards an ashier blonde shade in my locks but I have found the most effective way to do this. Instead of using the purple shampoo on wet hair and leaving it on for 10-30 minutes, I do something a little more intensive...

What you need: 
- Purple shampoo
- Clingfilm

What to do:
Apply the purple shampoo onto dry hair, massage it well into the hair. Once it is applied to the hair, wrap your hair up and then wrap it in clingfilm. Go about your morning/evening as normal and leave this in your hair for (depending on how ashy you want your hair to be/how light your hair already is) around 10-40 minutes. I went for 40 minutes however, if you have fair hair already, I don't suggest more than 10 minutes as the purple will actually work as a toner and may stain the hair. Once you have left it in for the desired time, wash and condition as usual and voila! 
Easy, achievable, ashy blonde locks!

Will you be trying out this new method?
A run down of my current favourites from the new releases and what I have been sporting for the past few weeks. 

Lancome Air De Teint Foundation
A new foundation release always excites me, however most don't deliver on their claims and usually just end up in my "general/not spectacular" foundation stash. This however does all the things it claims to. It provides a natural, light matte coverage whilst blurring any imperfections. It feels so fine on the skin and gives a soft-focus finish to the skin. One for normal-oily skins who love a light, matte base.

Hourglass Ambient Blush in Mood Exposure
The ambient blushes were on everyone's radar a few months ago and I was no exception. The blushes are finely milled, natural on the skin, incredibly pigmented and add a soft focus finish. I always knew that I would fall in love with these blushes but the one that made the biggest impression on me was the shade Mood Exposure. It was perhaps the least "me" shade of the range, a pink-nude with a hint of berry running through it. I am a peachy/coral blush girl through and through, I had this shade pegged down as my smoky eye blush however this has quickly become my every day blush. It is a perfect pink blush that is very neutral so provides a pretty, yet natural, flush. It is one that you truly can throw anything with it, a nude lip, a bold lip, a smoky eye or simply, nothing else at all.

L'Oreal L'xtraordinaire Liquid Lipstick in Molto Mauve
As you know, I am quite the admirer of these little glosses (see review here) and the story of this goes a little like the Hourglass blush. I expected this to be my least favourite shade of the bunch but it is the perfect every day shade. I usually stray away from brown toned nudes as they wash me out and add 15 years on me. This, is the exception. The shade is a mauve shade, it has some neutral brown tones alongside with some pink and a hint of berry. It is the perfect every day, natural shade that enhances my natural lip colour without looking like I am trying too hard. Worn with the Hourglass blush and it is the perfect pairing!

Essie Blanc
As Spring is fully in swing, the pastels and brights have been painted on my fingertips however my favourite alternative to the pastel trend is white nail polish. Call me crazy but I love the tippex nails look. White nails are chic, cool and strangely, make your hands look more tan/healthier. It is a perfect way to get into the pastel trend if you aren't a fan of powdery pinks or mints.

What have you been currently loving?
One of the many trends for Spring/Summer 2014 is pink eyeshadow which may sound daunting but is spectacularly easy... if you pick the right products! Here I have picked my favourite items that will allow you to translate this editorial trend to your every day makeup.

Don't be afraid to experiment with pink eyeshadows, they are super girly and perfect for Spring. I feel that rosy tones are the easiest way to play and add colour to your eyeshadow, whilst staying in the neutral family. The more daring you feel, the more pink the shadow! 

A Hint of Pink
MAC Phloof Eyeshadow
A very subtle white highlighter shade with pink pearl. Perfect to highlight the tear duct or sweep lightly across the lids to add a subtle sheen with a hint of pink.

Bourjois Colour Edition 24h in Petale de Glace
For those who are afraid of wearing pinks but love taupes, this is the one for you! A mink shade that adds depth and colour to the lid in one simple swipe.

Barry M Dazzle Dust in 39
A peachy shimmer (reminiscent to Mac All That Glitters) that is easy to apply and beautiful on the lids. A wonderful summer option as it adds colour and warmth, all in one.

The Pretty in Pinks
Chanel Illusion D'Ombre in Émerveillé
A beautiful peachy-pink with hints of gold that is girly, sexy and subtle. It adds a nice sheen, without shimmer and is super easy to apply.

Maybelline Colour Tattoo in Pink Gold
For the more daring of you, a  rosy pink shade that you can sweep on and add mascara or use as a base for other colours. This deeper rose shade is great for deeper skin tones.

Wet n Wild Palette in Sweet As Candy 
A light pink option for all skin tones that will add a girly glint without looking like Aunt Sally. A great for dusting on the lids or mixing with other shades.

My tip: Apply it all over the lid, blend and add a ton of mascara. Wear it alone and with pride! Trust me, the compliments will roll in when you mix pink eyeshadow with a drop of confidence.

Will you be trying the Pink Eyeshadow trend?
So recently Sheet Masks have been having their moment in the beauty world, some have been long timers and some are brand new. However, besides from making us look like Hannibal Lecter, many of us are skeptical of them and don't really understand their purpose. I am here to help, I bring you two masks to talk about, what they do and who they are best for...

Before we get started, I will just summarise what a sheet mask is. It is a sheet (of paper?) which is pre soaked in an serum which you place on your face for 15 minutes, to allow your face to drink in the serum. When finished, you remove the sheet and massage in any excess serum that is sitting on your face.

Olay Total Effects Mask (The Pre-Night Out)
This face mask is packed with several great ingredients such as Niacinamide, Glycerin and Camellia Sinensis Leaf Extract. These ingredients work to hydrate, brighten and reduce appearance of pigmentation/age spots. This feels very nourishing on the skin and has immediate results, the face feels tight and refreshed. Not only does it feel great but your face will literally be glowing. Anyone would have thought I shelled out hundred of pounds on a facial my skin looked so great and makeup applies so smoothly on top of this. I would dub this the ultimate pre-night out mask as your skin will look flawless before you have even applied your makeup, so it's one to save for any special occasions! However, I would mention that there are some somewhat naughty ingredients (hello parabens) in this mask but if it doesn't bother you then I would certainly try these masks out!

- £14.99, five cloth masks

Indeed Labs Hydraluron Moisture Boosting Mask (The Post-Night Out)
If you have heard of the cult serum Hydraluron, here is its intensive sister product. This mask is soaked in the Hydraluron formulation which contains Hyaluronic Acid, a molecule naturally found in the skin which works to retain moisture. This is an intense hydration mask which when followed with a thick night cream will replenish your skins thirst. It doesn't do a lot physically and you won't have tighter, plumper looking skin but your skin will feel plumped and hydrated. This is certainly a post-night out face mask to get your skin re-hydrated and is a great one to end the week with and make sure you put back all the moisture in the skin that two many drinks, travelling or stress may have taken out.

- £19.99, four sheet masks

Make sure to warn others when entering a room like this!

Will you be getting under the sheets?
New in the Coquet Noelle household are two new base products, I know I know, as if I need any more! But these two products have intrigued my interest, so much so that after twenty or so swatches when in store, I just had to buy them to give them the true road test.

By Terry Terrybly Densiliss Wrinkle Control Serum Foundation
This new foundation from By Terry is what I would label "controversial" as it is an incredibly expensive foundation. However, with £10 + some money on my N.Dulge card, it was the prime opportunity to purchase this item - all in the name of science. It claims to be the hybrid skincare/makeup item that leaves a flawless, radiant matte finish. I am still testing this out so a review may be popping up in the next week or so but so far, I am a little disappointed. For its extortionate price, I expect perfect skin in a bottle. This isn't by any means a bad foundation, it is actually quite nice but I have other, much cheaper, foundations in my collection that I prefer over this. For now, I am not wowed but it is still being tested so I haven't fully formed my opinion on this one...

Dior Glow Maximizer Light Boosting Primer
So, this has been talked about Anna (VDM) and y'all know she could sell us horse manure if she wanted to. Once swatched, this was in my basket in 0-5 seconds - no exaggeration. It is a light, peachy gold primer that is incredibly sheeny. On first swatch, it could be a little scary as it seems quite shimmery however, when blended into the skin, there is no detectable shimmer or glitter, just a beautiful sheen. As it is so high shine, it can be used all over the face as a primer, or as a targeted highlighter. I have only done the latter but am looking forwards to using this full-face. So far, I am incredibly happy with this product but whether it should be reserved to just a highlighter and not as a primer, well, that is yet to be found out!

What products have you been picking up recently?
I don't know whether it's just me but everyone seems to be running under the weather recently, including me. It may be the change in seasons, stress or simple allergies but I have been feeling a little worse for wear these past two weeks and have been reaching for two products to pamper and perk me up.

C.O. Bigelow Cold And Flu Soak
A miracle blend of Menthol, Eucalyptus, Clove and Ginger transforms your hot bath into a relaxing, healing sauna. The Clove and Ginger work to detoxify the body and rid any toxins whilst the Menthol and Eucalyptus works at enabling breathing and de-congestion. It works wonders when you are feeling the nasty cold coming along but I suggest you (warning: ick factor) keep some tissues nearby as this does work wonders at dislodging any mucus. Some may see this as an unnecessary purchase but it truly does work and saves you reaching for the medicine cabinet! Plus it is a perfect excuse for some relaxing alone time.

Diptyque Eucalyptus Candle
This was the first ever Diptyque candle I purchased, it was as a present to my mother as she was bunged up with a cold and as soon as I smelt this candle I knew it would work wonders on making her feel better. The scent is Eucalyptus and is just divine, imagine a more luxurious version of Vicks VapoRub and this is what you get. It is fresh as a chilly winters morning yet still incredibly sharp. As it has quite a menthol scent, it helps  with sinus de-congestion and the eucalyptus works to help you breathe easier. This is an incredibly luxurious (ahem, expensive) treat to aid de-congestion however it really works a treat! 

The two  paired together are a winning combination and will fight off any symptoms of a cold whilst giving yourself some true pamper time.

Which products perk up your sick days?
This time last year we were all about the lipsticks, the sheer lip butters to the chubby sticks, whatever form the lipstick came in, we had it! This year however, has been all about the gloss, the sheer patent shine is the new "it" lip product of the season and we have been bombarded with a multitude of releases, some good, some ok and some that are absolutely amazing. 

An oil based lipstick that provides opaque (buildable) coverage alongside a high patent shine gloss finish. A non sticky gloss that feels ultra soothing and moisturizing. It is long lasting, for a gloss, so great for those who love a vivid glossy lip! 

A sheer, lightweight gloss that feels ever so plush and smells ever so yummy. It doesn't last very long, however I am in love with these super comfortable to wear glosses that come in beautiful, subtle, Spring shades!

The sister product to the infamous Baume de Rose, a high shine and sparkly lipstick that would finish off any lipstick shade. One for those who love interesting, shimmery glosses.

Revlon Colourburst Lacquer Balm
Another crayon contender, this version provides high shine on its own or paired with lipstick. It is easy to apply and very thin so feels lightweight. It has medium opacity so is a perfect, easy, everyday option.

Ever wished that our favourite Voluptée Shine lipsticks had a gloss sister? Well now we have them. A smooth, non sticky gloss that smells sooo yummy, it takes all your strength not to lick it all off! A definite luxury option of the bunch!

And there you go, a super speedy glossover of all the new, delicious lip glosses that we haven't been able to stop talking about. For further information on these glosses, click their name/title to see a full review!

Which glosses have you been sporting?
Can you remember last year (the month of November?) when this limited edition palette was on everybody's radar. It was also on mine and, with most things that get on my radar, it was purchased. However, it was quickly sold out and I found it a little mean to talk about a product which you couldn't buy, but good news. It is BACK and it is PERMANENT!

The palette consists of three of the Ambient Lighting Powders: Dim Light, Incandescent Light and Radiant Light. These powders aim to mimic different "lights" and add a glow to the skin. They are very finely milled and really do blur pores and imperfections! Plus these powders are multi use, you can use them, depending on your complexion, to finish your makeup, to bronze the face or alone as a highlighter. It really is one of my favourite palettes in my collection and if you are wanting to treat yourself, this would be something I wholly recommend as there aren't any other powders I have tried that have had the same effect as these.

Will you be getting your hands on the palette?
L'Oreal have recently released a new gloss collection called the L'Extraordinaire Liquid Lipstick. These are among the many hybrid lipstick/gloss formulations but with a twist, it is an oil based lip colour. This provides a light weight, moisturising base without compromising on colour. I have been completely impressed with this collection, so get ready for a rave!

There nine shades to choose from in the line, starting from nudes, to pinks to oranges and reds. Within the collection there is something suitable for everyone. The packaging is light and sleek yet well thought out, there aren't any spillages, plus you can see the actual colour of each product on a side panel.

The formula of these liquid lipsticks are impeccable, they glide on to the lips, covering any imperfections or dry patches and leave an ultra smooth and glossy finish. As they are oil based, they feel incredibly nourishing on the lips. They aren't sticky yet do not set down to a velvet or matte finish, they keep their original shine. I would say that these last around 3-4 hours for the lighter shades and 4-5 hours on the darker shades. Even though these are marketed as a liquid lipstick, I personally would describe them as a gloss, as they have the feel and finish of one. I wouldn't say that these are dupes for the YSL glossy stain as these act more as a traditional gloss and do not provide much of a stain. Who would I recommend these for? Any lip gloss lovers as they feel beautiful on the lips and look even better than! This is an all rounder, which would even be appropriate for chapped or sensitive lips, as they add a nice opaque coverage that a lipstick would whilst providing that patent shine of a gloss, plus they feel a-mazing.

The shade range is large and has a multitude of colours and tones which means that truly any skin tone will be able to find something for them. The stand out shades of the range, for me, are the nudes as they have subtle undertones to them which would suit the fairest skin tones to the deepest skin tones. I am truly impressed that a brand has released such shades that can accommodate all individuals. 

The Nudes
600 Nude Vibrato, 601 Nude Ballet, 500 Molto Mauve.

The Pinks
101 Rose Melody, 201 Rose Symphony, 401 Fuchsia Drama

The Reds
204 Tangerine Sonate, 301 Rouge Soprano, 304 Ruby Opera

Have you tried the new L'Oreal L'Extraordinaite?
Spring has well and truly sprung, the sun is shining, our days are longer and the pastel shades are out. With the springly new changes come the drawing attention to my not so smooth skin (my legs could easily be mistaken for one of Daenerys' dragons) so in order to remedy this, I have chosen three of my favourite smooth skin inducing products!

Garnier Body Ultimate Beauty Oil
This oil was a Summer fave of mine and has been cracked back out! It is a light oil which you spray directly on the skin and massage in. It doesn't sink in immediately however makes legs super smooth. The star quality of this product is the ease of it, spritz and go! Plus it adds a wonderful sheen to the skin, which when going tightless during those warmer days, can come in very helpful and give that Venus advert like finish to the skin.

Palmer's Natural Bronze Body Lotion
This one goes out to all my tanners out there. I have never been a huge tanner (well, I don't really need it but mainly, I am too lazy to bronze) however my legs always seem to be paler than the rest of my body so in order to even things out I love applying this lotion. Not only does it make me look one colour but it adds a wonderful bronze glow to the skin without making anything look orange. Plus it smells delicious. A super easy and moisturising lotion to warm up our skin for Spring!

Garnier Body Intensive 7 Days Replenishing Lotion
My every day favourite is this little number from Garnier as it is just a simple, yet effective, lotion. It applies smoothly, dries quickly and you can be towel-moisturised-dressed in under five minutes. The formula isn't too thick so doesn't take a day to sink in, plus is more suiting to these warmer temperatures yet it isn't so thin that you feel no difference at all. I keep this by my bed in an attempt to apply every night, pre-pj, and my skin is certainly thanking me for it!

What are your favourite Spring Skin saviours?

Today I bring to you a brand new dupe for the By Terry Touche Veloutée in the form of the new Bourjois CC Eye Cream (see review: here).

The By Terry Touche Veloutée (review: here) is a luxurious cult classic. It is a creamy concealer which covers, lifts and awakens the eyes. It doesn't have any shimmery, light-reflective particles but it does brighten the eye area. What makes the Touche Veloutée stand out is the finish, it doesn't stay creamy under the eyes (as that is usually what causes creasing), it sets down into a satin skin-like finish so it really stays put and when patted in around the eye area, can almost become undetectable. However at £35 it is a very overpriced concealer, even if it is beautiful... but there is now a £7.99 version, provided to us from Bourjois. The CC Eye Cream has the same coverage and brightening properties as the Touche Veloutée but is almost identical in formula as they are both creamy on application but set down to a satin, slightly powdery finish. The only difference is that the CC Eye Cream is slightly more powdery. But both these products apply and last well on the skin whilst concealing without caking, the only difference being £27, and that's a pretty big difference.

So if you have always wanted to try the Touche Veloutée or are in need of a re-purchase, 
save your pennies and try the Bourjois option!
In recent days I have been in a financial rut (i.e, I have no money) and I also have an overflowing closet of clothes I don't wear alongside and abundance of products which I do not use... the best solution? SELL!
That's right, I am selling many (more than just photographed) of my beloved products to a new owner and home. How you ask? Depop Market.

Depop Market is an app where you can buy and sell a multitude of items... imagine if Ebay and Instagram made a baby, then you would get Depop.

If are a beauty junkie like I and would like to get your hands on clean, full sized, barely used products for a fraction of the RRP then head onto my page at Sarah Noelle (@sarahnoelle). You can use the in app payment system or paypal. Prices can be negotiated and all items are carefully packaged... 

See here for more Depop info: http://depop.com/en/

See if there are any beauty items you would like to get your hands on...

During a recent Boots trip I found myself gazing upon a brand new lipstick stand at Estée Lauder. I hadn't heard anything about them before hand but being a lipstick lover, I had swatches on the back of my hand before the beauty consultant could ask how I was. Not only was there a huge range of colours but an abundance of tones, so that every skin tone and colour can find something to suit them! I picked up three (albeit, I did want four, but four was too much... right?) and was pleasantly surprised...

The lipstick comes in a very sleek and elegant case that has a luxurious weight to it. They are also magnetic, so the lid slides on and provides that ever satisfying click. The formula itself is smooth and a little creamy, so I expected it to wear off quite quickly. The smoothness of it is due to such ingredients as Castor Seed Oil, Lanolin Oil, Shea Butter, Apricot Oil and Olive Fruit Extract. This results in a very soothing lipstick yet it is not too creamy or thick and is perhaps the first true lipstick-lipcare hybrid formula I have found. The lasting power on the lighter shades aren't particularly great yet aren't terrible either but the dark shade wears well and leaves a nice stain behind (3+ hours wear).

The shades I chose were: Insatiable Ivory, a peach nude. Potent, a soft pink-coral. Insolent Plum, a brightened plum (very similar to Mac Rebel). 

Insatiable Ivory, Potent and Insolent Plum

TLDR: These lipsticks are a smoothing and comfortable yet provide opaque cover with average wear time. They have lip soothing properties so are suitable for dry lips however may enhance chapped lips as they have a creamy rather than balm-like texture.

Will you be picking up a Pure Colour Lipstick?
YSL have recently launched their brand new lip glosses, the YSL Gloss Volupté. These glosses are in the same family of the infamous Volupté and Volupté Shine lipsticks. A wide range of shades were released in this collection, some containing gold shimmer and some containing no glitter at all so there truly is something for everybody. However, it is not the shade range which make these glosses stand out but the gloss itself...

The glosses have the same fruity scent that the lipsticks have which is irresistible and takes great effort not to lick off! The texture of these glosses are incredibly light on the lips without any stickiness. They feel almost invisible they are that lightweight yet don't have too much slip to them. If you have tried their lipsticks from the same range then you will understand this lightweight yet stay-put formula I am speaking of. You can however feel the glitter in the glitter glosses but they do not feel chunky or irritable but that is a note for those with extremely sensitive lips. The best way to describe these glosses is as a gloss-balm hybrid, it has that comforting lightweight feel of a balm whilst providing the sheen of a gloss. Another great feature of these lip glosses are the applicators. As you can see in the photo below, they have a diamond, lip-like shape with a bend in them. The bend wraps around the lips to apply the gloss smoothly and if you use the opposite side (the side sticking out) it applies a more opaque colour as more product catches there. Finally, the pointed tip is a favourite of mine as you can be sure to apply it within the lip line and enhance your cupids bow.

Rose Fusion (03)
Coral pink with golden shimmer.

Corail Trapeze (204)
True Coral

Rose Orfevre (19)
Warm pink with golden shimmer.

I think I have found my new addiction and will hopefully build a collection of these glosses as, in my opinion, they are unrivaled and the best gloss I have ever tried. I currently have 2 shades on my hit list...

What do you think of the YSL Gloss Voluptés?
I'm sure every one of you reading this owns a Boots Advantage Card but I wanted to open your eyes to other points cards on the market and how to maximise your spending and rewards system...

I thought I would introduce to you my top three favourite points cards: Boots Advantage Card, Debenhams Beauty Club Reward Card and the Space NK N.Dulge Card. Of course there are many more cards I love such as my Sephora Black Card, Body Shop Card and my brand new Liberty Card but these three are my must have-purse cards which I genuinely feel lost without.

Why do I love them so you ask, good question. 

Boots Advantage Card
I find that these three cards have excellent returns on points as Boots usually has extra points, three for twos on a weekly basis so you rarely get just your standard points. Not only that but I manage to rack up those points pretty easily as I save such purchases as toiletries, body and hair care to Boots. In order to spend those points you must have the correct (or more) amount on your card to purchase an item with points, you can't get money off of a purchase. I have managed to treat myself to the Dior Glow Blush and an Estée Lauder Lipstick.

Debenhams Beauty Club Reward Card
This is along the same vain as the Boots Advantage Points Card but as some brands can't be found in Boots, I save those purchases for Debenhams. Plus they always have some pretty knock-out deals on perfumes. With this card however you can actually get your money off of a purchase and I have had my fair share of £5 off a purchase and one entire points purchase on a YSL Lipstick. My only problem I have with this card though is that you can not get money off of your purchase online.

Space NK N.dulge Card
Perhaps my favourite of them all as it allows me to spend excessively on more items I don't need, or so I tell myself. The Space NK card works a little differently. You get 1 point for every pound spent, standard but once you reach 100 points you get £5 to spend in stores/off of a purchase. If you spend alot of money in one year, you become an N.dulge de luxe member where you get £10 back on every 100 points. Not only that, you get exclusive invitations and a special birthday treat! 

So, whether you spend too much or not, one thing we should all be doing is spending wisely. I always shop around on where I can get the most from my money, whether it be with an offer, gift with purchase or I get the most points/money back. It is all about getting the most from our money!

What's your favourite Points Card?

Let me introduce you to my new daily love, the Maybelline Colour Sensational Shine Gloss. A sheer, plush, lightweight gloss that you can slick on without a mirror and rush out the door. I'm sold.

The texture of these glosses are divine. They are a light gel-like gloss with zero stickiness. The only way I can describe these glosses is plusshhhhh. They are incredibly similar to the cult favourite Clarins Instant Light Natural Lip Perfectors, but at a fraction of the price. The colours are sheer so are super easy to apply and won't slide around your face or get the dreaded wind in mouth/swiped across the face business. They look great alone or on top of lipstick. They are one of the few glosses I like to apply on top of lipsticks as they are lightweight so won't feel too creamy or heavy on the lips. I am in love with these shades and think that the colour selection is nothing short of perfection as there really is something for everybody. Plus the smell is fruity heaven deliciousness. Can you tell that I love this product? 

The shades I own are (in order of photos) : 610 Naked Star, 550 Gleaming Grenadine, 460 Electric Orange, 420 Glorious Grapefruit and 150 Pink Shock.

Have you tried the Maybelline Colour Sensational Shine Glosses yet?

I remember the day I found out about the Back To Mac programme, I was ecstatic and mortified all in the same moment. Ecstatic because the prospect of free Mac lipsticks were on my horizon but mortified as I had thrown away countless used mac products in the bin.... perhaps even a whole lipsticks worth! So far any of you who live under a rock, like poor little old me, I am here to tell you about the programme and share with you my first ever Back to Mac!

- Back to Mac is a recycling programme to help the environment.

- Return 6 empty mac products (excluding accessories, applicators, sample sizes and box's/bags)

- By being environmentally friendly and returning your 6 empty products to be recycled you will be rewarded with a free lipstick of your choice (excluding the Viva Glam line)

My first back to mac went smoothly, I entered the Mac store (Nottingham) with my bag of empties, said "Hi, I would like to back to Mac". She asked me which lipstick and I replied "Kinda Sexy", she got it, gave it to me, checked my bag of recyclable goodies and off I went with my brand new lipstick. So easy! I know! So for any of you serious Mac users, KEEP THAT PACKAGING! And even if you don't buy that much, just hold on to it cos a free £15 lipstick is always worth the wait.

If you want to Back to Mac some products which I love and get used up relatively quickly are: Mac Brows, Brush Cleanser, Concealer and Eyeshadows.

Have you B2M? 
Which lipstick did you pick?
The Clinique Bottom Lash mascara has been raved about on the blogosphere due to its teeny tiny brush and its smudge proof formula. I do enjoy using it for its original purpose, on the bottom lashes but I don't stop there...

The tiny wand allows you to really grab on to every lash and coat each one individually. You can get the formula into the root of the lash without making a mess and tackle those tiny lashes on the corners of the lid. As the brush is so small, there isn't tons of product on there so there is no chance of clumpy lashes. The result? Flawless fluttery, winged out lashes. The one and only mascara for delicate, everyday lashes to create the ultimate no make-up make-up look.

So ladies, if you have this little black number hanging around in your stash, try fluttering up those top lashes also....


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