After my first experience with Jouer (raved about here) I, being the beauty obsessive compulsive that I am, had to get my hands on some more products. The product I thought would be best to test the waters and that I had on my Cult Beauty wishlist were the Jouer Lip & Cheek Tints. Here I am to give you an extensive review on these products and the shades I own!

The Cheek & Lip Tints are a cream product which can be used (shockingly) on the cheeks and the lips. Unlike most dual products this can actually be used on both the cheeks and the lips as they are not too creamy that it will move around on your face and not too drying that it will get chalky either.

Pigmentation wise these look like they would pack a punch but every single shade is incredibly wearable. This is because these are sheer however are incredibly buildable so if you want that real pop of colour you can achieve it without any hassle! I adore the natural finish and pigmentation of these products as I find a lot of cheek products can be crazy pigmented which requites a very delicate hand application wise. These however can be applied in 0-5 seconds, no mirror and you will have achieved perfection. Plus for a cream product, these last pretty well on the cheeks and, depending on the shade, can leave a little tint behind on the lips. However, they are small enough to carry in even the smallest of bags if you find yourself in need to top up. Oh! And did I mention that Jouer is lego for beauty addicts!! That's right boys, we just got one up on Lego. It is that good that when I showed the click and slide abilities of my make up to the boyfriend, he had to have a play. A product that gets the bf's attention? It has to be A* and it is.

The shades I own are: Peony, Honeysuckle, Poppy and Bare.

Before we hit a run down of the shades, can we please take a second to appreciate the most beautiful blush palette I have, and will, ever make. Scratch that. That anyone will ever make.

Honeysuckle and Bare

Honeysuckle is pale peachy shade which I didn't think would translate well on the cheeks but it works suprisingly well. It adds a very soft and subtle peachy glow to the cheeks whilst on the lips it translates as a nude-peach. On paler skin tones this will appear brighter and more peachy-pink on the cheeks and lips.


Bare is a warm nude. On the cheeks this warms up the face whilst adding the slightest hint of flush and would be a perfect pairing on the cheeks when you want a little something but for it to look, bare. On the lips this is a gorgeous nude as it doesn't blank out your lips and is nice and warm so is wearable during the day as well as the night. On my lips and against my skin tone it translates as the perfect Bardot/Ingenue nude.

Peony and Poppy

In the pan Peony can look a little scary, I must admit that. But do not be afraid of this beauty as she simply is a cool pink. On the cheeks it adds that frosty, natural pink flush to the cheeks which is the most winter-appropriate blush, ever. I imagine that this is a very most-skin tones kinda blush as it will add a soft pink blush which will make you look like you haven't a care in the world and have just come in from having a snowball fight! Plus the blue tones in the pink works wonders for brightening up your teeth, eyes and general complexion!


Poppy is described as a "sheer coral pink", I would have to disagree with this. Poppy is a warm red shade. As I have quite a bit of redness in my cheeks it works very well at mimicking my natural flush so is my go-to easy, lazy every day shade. Plus it looks amazing bared with sheer red lips. Now I would never have thought myself as a red blush kinda girl but this may have converted me. Just as Poppy is the cool seasons companion this is the warm seasons companion. I would say this is a definite 2 glasses of wine flush/been casually sat in the sun reading all day kinda shade which, if you ask me, is pretty perfect. Again as this is a bolder shade I would say this would suit the lightest-darkest skintones. And to be honest, my beauty dreams are going crazy at the thoughts of this on darker skin tones as it would be just so so beautiful!


Have you tried any of the Jouer Cheek & Lip Tints?
Recently I picked up the YSL Rouge Volupte Shine in Nude in Private (9) which is a beautiful spicy pinky nude which makes it perfect for more medium skin tones! Whilst swatching some nudes on the back of my hand I saw that I had a possible dupe on my hand, and after applying it on the lips and studying it in daylight, I was right. The dupe in question is the L'Oréal Paris Color Riche Collection Privée Lipsticks in Eva (review here).

The L'Oreal lipstick is also a day time appropriate pinky nude shade and the shades are more or less perfect. The only difference between the two shades is the finish, the YSL Rouge Volupte Shine is a very moisturising, almost balm-like, lipstick with quite a glossy finish. It contains no sheen or glitter. The L'Oreal however does not have the hydration that the YSL does, which is perhaps to be expected, but the finish is the tiniest bit frostier in comparison. If it was not for the frost, these lipsticks would be identical. 

YSL Rouge Volupte Shine Nude in Private (left) L'Oreal Color Riche Collection Privee in Eva (right)

So if you have been eyeing up the YSL shade and just can't bring yourself to bite that bullet, here is an almost identical shade! Or if you are in the market for a wearable pink-nude then here are two options for you to choose from!

Which finish do you prefer?
Welcome to the final day of my birthday giveaway, this is where the big guns come out! Today I bring to you the opportunity to win the coveted, hyped, Lisa Eldridge approved and limited edition Chanel Palette in Charming from the 2013 Nuit Infinie Christmas Collection.

This palette is a neutral palette which is the perfect every day, every evening, every occasion type of palette! It contains five shades, soft light beige, a matte light brown, a shimmery golden brown, a dark brown and a dark taupe-purple.

I have used this palette so much in the last month and can hand on heart say that this is my favourite palette as all the shades are incredibly soft and easy to blend, the colours are pigmented and it is just incredibly fool proof. I have done every look from a subtle, bright eye to a smoky, sexy eye! I think this would make a great palette for eyeshadow novices and eyeshadow aficionados. 

If you want to be in with the chance of winning (a brand new) the Chanel palette then all you have to do is:
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3. Leave me a comment telling me what your favourite eyeshadow palette is!

The giveaway will close on the 31/01/2014, winners will be announced via comments, twitter and facebook!

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The day 4 giveaway is something that has appeared on my blog as The Gift That Keeps On Giving, AKA Therapie Discovery Kit.

Therapie is an Aromatherapy brand by Rocques O'Neil, whose products are designed to uplift, calm, detox and do many other amazing things to not only your body but your mind! I, who has owned this box, have to say that every single one of these products is A* and some have got me to addicted to the point where when they run out my fingers frantically type cultbeauty, therapie, iloveyou, click x100, buybuybuy. No exaggeration. Plus this kit carries a (two bath) sample of the CULT Himalayan Detox Salts which are one of those addiction products. If I go anywhere for over one night that has a bath, I make sure I have a pre-made packet of this in my bag!

How to enter: 
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3. Comment telling me whether you are a shower person or a bath person!

Good luck and come back tomorrow for the last and most exciting day of the giveaway!!

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p.s. I am a bath person!
The third day of my giveaway is quite a special one as this palette was the third ever post on my blog and my first ever review! If you want to see how far I have come since then, click here. 

This is the Mac Pro Lip Palette in 6 Editorial Reds (obviously you will be sent a brand new one). The shades in this palette are: Lady Danger/On Hold, Russian Red/Mac Red, Ruby Woo/Dare You. It is a mix of different tones, shades and finishes so is perfect for any red lipstick lover or somebody who wants to try out Mac lipsticks and their formulas!

How to enter: (International)
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2. Leave me a comment telling me what your favourite red lipstick is!

The giveaway will end on the 31/01/2014, winner shall be announced via comments and twitter!

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Today's giveaway (INTERNATIONAL) is of my favourite ever lip balm (review here) in the whole and entire world! Anyone who has ever wanted to try this then here is your chance!

All you have to do is: 
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2. Leave a comment telling me what your favourite lip balm is!

The giveaway will end and winner will be announced on 31/01/2014 via comments and twitter.

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So today, 19/01/2014 is my blogs 1st birthday, which is incredibly exciting! My blog has come a long way in terms of quality and has grown throughout the past year. It has been an exciting year filled with new projects, new experiences and I have learnt a LOT of new things and can not wait to see where this next year will take me. Due to the sheer excitement of seeing my wonderful blog grow one year old I thought I would share the happiness and celebrations with my wonderful readers and any new readers for a huge GIVEAWAY!!! 

That's right, every day for the FIVE days I shall be hosting a giveaway to you readers so be sure to check in every day this week as the prizes will get more and more exciting as we come to the end of the seven days.

Today I shall be giving away a little Topshop make-up goody pouch 

This pouch includes a Topshop Lipstick in the shade Beguiled which is a beautiful burgundy wine shade and has the perfect mix of red, berry and purple to it. It is incredibly wearable and unbelievable chic and sexy. The second product in the pouch is the Topshop Cream Blush in Head Over Heels which is one of my all time favourites as it is a gorgeous coral which not only looks amazing in Summer but pretty much all year round!

How to enter: (International)
1. Follow my blog on either Google or Bloglovin'.
2. Leave a comment telling me if you have tried Topshop make up or not, and if so, what your favourite Topshop beauty item is!

This Giveaway will close at the end of the month on the 31/01/2014. Winners shall be announced via comments and on twitter.

Giveaway is now closed.

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So when I was first starting to get into make up I splurged a little on these Chanel bases so thought it was about time I write a little something about them. The Chanel bases are primers however the two act quite differently, focusing more on skin tone rather than skin type. Soleil Tan de Chanel is a bronze base with subtle shimmer to enhance or provide a sun kissed glow. Le Blanc de Chanel works to create a smooth alabaster base for paler skin tones to provide a porcelain complexion.

As you can see the packaging of these two items is beautiful in heavy glass jars. They certainly do adorn the dressing table.

They do not come with pumps however the Soleil de Tan pours out easily without pouring out too much product onto the hand. Le Blanc de Chanel however has quite a large opening however this item comes with a Chanel Spatula (yes, a Chanel spatula!) so that you can scoop some product out.

Soleil Tan de Chanel Sheer Illuminating Fluid

As I previously mentioned these bases work for the skin tones. The bronzed shade does add and emphasize a bronzed sheeny glow. There is no heavy or chunky glitter but definitely a sheeny sun kissed shimmer. Sometimes I even like to wear a little bit of this alone, blended all over the face after moisturiser, to give my skin a really natural yet glowing look, trust me there will be many compliments! It doesn't pull too orange or too brown so would be great for the majority of skin types and could even be used a subtle-dewy highlighter. Really this is a highlighter/primer base which you can mix with almost anything and everything and use in any which way you want!

Le Blanc de Chanel Sheer Illuminating Base

This is more subtle of a primer and something I use more when my skin is on the paler side. I love this to give that clean, bright, porcelain complexion. I don't think this would look great on darker skin tones as it will pull ashy however for those English Rose's this would be amazing on you and just emphasise that beautiful radiant pale complexion. As you can see there is no shimmer present so provides a very natural dewy effect. Now don't worry, I am a light-medium skin tone (yellow/olive undertone) and this still works for me so do not be put off by this product if you aren't super pale. I think this would also be great for anyone who suffers from redness or sallow, dull skin as this has a brightening effect on the skin. I would even say that this is superb for mature skins who want to add a fresh "youthful" look to the skin as the primer plumps and gives the "I drink 3 litres of water a day" look to your skin.

Overall, the Soleil Tan leans more on the illuminater side of the scale and can be used as a primer, highlighter or mixed with other products (including body creams). The Blanc de Chanel is much more a "traditional" primer which will smooth and plump the skin, preparing it for make-up. If I had to recommend one, it would be the Blanc de Chanel as it unlike most primers it provides that healthy glow and sheen without containing any shimmer or glitter. There aren't many other primers I have tried which give my skin such a finish without feeling too heavy or making me look a little too sparkly so I am extremely impressed with this!

Have you tried any Chanel bases?
I am here today to share with you an amazing product. One of my Birthday presents was the Anastasia Beverly Hills Eye Covet set which may seem strange to post about as it is now unavailable on Cult Beauty however the individual product is the star of the show and is still available online.

I have always been the type of girl who can not wear liner in the waterline as it will fade, smudge or congregate unattractively in the corners of my eyes. After finding an amazing liner from Charlotte Tilbury (review here) it got the liner fire burning and this went straight into my wishlist! I am so glad that I did because these are absolutely incredible! They are smooth and creamy, without being too creamy that they break or smudge. The nib is fine so you can do anything from create a fine line, line the water line or go big and dramatic. The colours are divine and very wearable, even the coloured ones. But what makes this an A* product is the longevity. This sucker will not move. It may need one top up on the waterline but that is it. The colour stays strong, it doesn't smudge and needs an oil to be removed! It is anything you could ever wish for in an eyeliner and has somehow got me reaching for the liner rather than the red lip.... they are just that good!

Steel, Midnight, Noir, Azure, Gilded, Lavish and Absynthe

What's your favourite eyeliner?
Whilst putting in another Space Nk order I found myself adding the Hourglass No. 28 Lip Treatment Oil into my basket. Why? I'm not sure but I am happy I did.

Hourglass is a famous natural brand which is on the luxury end of the price scale. The No. 28 Lip Treatment Oil is packaged in a cool metal tube with a 24 Karat gold plated tip which isn't just for the luxury purpose but provides an antibacterial tip and feels cool in the lips.

Now onto the product underneath the gold itself. This product is packed with essential oils, plant oils and vitamins. It aims to plump and give moisture to the lips. I had heard mixed reviews on this product and I can see why.

The good. The first time I decided to give the oil a try was after a lipstick clear-out where I was trying and removing dozens of lipsticks which left them red and raw. The gold plated tip is incredibly cooling and felt heavenly on my burning lips. I applied this three times throughout the day and it kept flaking at bay but my lips were still sore the next day. I decided that the next day I would give normal lip balms a try but by the end of the day my lips were extremely dry. Two more days of applying this day and night and throughout the day my lips were completely healed, to the point that I could take on some Retro Matte! Therefore, if you are a true dry lip sufferer and need something to recover chapped lips and have found nothing, this may be worth the splurge and heal your lips.

The not-so-good. After being incredibly pleased with the super healing powers of this product I decided to replace it as my night time lip balm but found my lips feeling thirsty in the morning. It doesn't have impressive benefits for the normal lip so if you are just looking to soothe, smooth or keep general moisture in your lips then my recommendation would be the Nuxe Reve de Miel which is a third of the price of this product.

Overall I would say this is a must have for those with chapped lips who needs a product which will heal their lips. Maybe even for those who suffer with cold sores as the anti-bacterial tip will stop any spreading and will soothe those lips and provide intensive repair. This truly is a treatment and not a classic balm so if you just want something to moisturise and soothe then there are many other cheaper alternatives out there.

What's your favourite lip treatment? 

With my New Years Resolutions on a roll, I am welcoming more experimental make-up in my every day life. Step one: master the feline flick. Oh yes, it may be a year long journey application and product wise but believe me, my 2014 Christmas look will be fully (and easily) winged! Currently, I have been giving these three liners from Rimmel a go as they were all in my stash and all have different applicators. Here, I will tell you the best and the worst and show you which is for what!

Rimmel Scandaleyes Precision Micro Eyeliner

As the name states this is a precision liner. The tip is very fine and pointed, which is what drew this to me. The tip is soft and bends under pressure. The ink is a matte black. On first looks it appears to be a dream liner however it really disappointed me. I was hoping that the fine nib would allow me to draw a very fine line to give the appearance of fuller lashes however as it is not a stiff point it bends and thickens when you don't want it to. The formula of this really needs improving, it states that it is "waterproof" however it is not and faded on me in a mere few hours, I had to re-apply at mid-day! If you are looking for a long lasting liner, then look elsewhere as I am incredibly disappointed in this and my search for a fine pointed liner continues, suggestions welcome.

Rimmel Glam'Eyes Professional Liquid Liner

The Rimmel Glam-Eyes liquid liner is 100% a liquid liner. It has a very fine brush which if perfect for creating a fine line and for mapping out flicks. It is incredibly liquid so wait a few seconds for it to set so that it doesn't transfer on your eyes if they are hooded. The formula is good, it isn't waterproof so wont last perfectly all day, especially if you have watery eyes, are prone to smudging or get caught in a rain storm. However, having said that it lasts pretty well and with some minor smudging (I may have forgotten I had eyeliner on during a sleepy eye-rub) lasted all day. Plus the length and flexibility of the brush makes creating a feline flick incredibly easy, almost too easy! This one is for the newbies as the brush really does all the work for you but isn't one for the die-hard liner lovers as the lasting power may not cut it for you!

Rimmel Exaggerate Eye Liner

The Rimmel Exaggerate Eye liner is a liquid liner with a small felt tip. It isn't quite as liquidy as the Rimmel Glam'Eyes and it sets much faster. The felt tip allows for a smooth application however as it is a little thick, it won't apply a very fine line. It is great for getting a very level and equal line along the lashes as the thickness is the same throughout. What makes this the stand out liner from the Rimmel range is the fact that this is waterproof and will not budge. This is an all day, all night kinda liner. Being a bit of a flicked liner newbie, it isn't the easiest liner to create a flick with however armed with some Bioderma soaked ear buds, any mistakes are quickly rectified. I would definitely say that this is a great liner for bolder looks and for experienced eye liner lovers. It is also one for those who want a long lasting yet affordable formula.

Rimmel Scandaleyes, Rimmel Glam'Eyes and Rimmel Exagerate

Above are the liners swayched so you can get an idea of the thickness, colour and and finish of them. Below is a post-attack photo to show you how smudge and water resistant they are ( I licked my finger and gave my hand a good smudge). And I think this photo speaks for itself when it comes to the product with the best longevity!

Rimmel Scandaleyes, Rimmel Glam'Eyes and Rimmel Exagerate

Have you tried any Rimmel eyeliners?
To pick a favourite nail polish of 2013 was an incredibly daunting thing as I played around with a lot of shades this year. I have been loving the nudes, the corals and the dark blues. To pick one shade, my most worn shade couldn't be done as I have been mixing up and trying all sorts of shades. However, when I thought of the most interesting and exciting nail shade of 2013, one stood out to me. Chanel Taboo was something I caught my eye on whilst doing my daily Temptalia browse and from the second I saw it I waited and waited until its release and hunted it down until it was mine. And I have never hunted down a nail polish before. I have a full review here but for now I shall leave you too stare into the Chanel galaxy that is called Taboo.

What was your favourite nail polish of 2013?
My favourite foundation of 2013 has to be the Nars Sheer Glow Foundation (£30.50). I loved it so much that post-holiday tanned skin me bought another shade so that I didn't have to go without it! The shades I am are Punjab (pale me) and Barcelona (tan me).

This foundation is not Sheer nor Glowy so is not very aptly named but that does not mean that it is not a good foundation. Quite the contrary in fact, it is a spectacular foundation. It is the one foundation I reach for when I know I am going out and want my skin to look perfect... which my skin most certainly isn't It provides a medium coverage, which you can build up, but paired with your favourite concealer your skin will be close to flawless. Even though it has a medium-high coverage it never gets cakey. One tip I would give is to use a buffing brush with this foundation to really get that ultimate perfect complexion. The finish of the foundation is somewhat natural. It is not matte or velvety but you get a natural finish with some dewiness which personally, is my favourite finish. Like with all Nars complexion products, it has an incredible shade range (around 20 shades to choose from) so you will most certainly find the perfect shade for you. The shades I have, especially Punjab are the only foundations which have truly matched my skin tone which makes the foundation look even more natural. If you are very pale skinned or very dark and can not find a good shade match in the drugstore then go try this foundation at a Nars counter just to see if you think it is worth you spending a little extra money on. Finally, a lot of people have no recommended this for oily skin which I can't really understand as it is not an overly glowy foundation which will make oily skins even oilier. This lasts incredibly well on my oily skin, and paired with a primer and a little setting powder on the t-zone this will last until those stumbled steps home at 3am, I kid you not. Overall, this has been an A* foundation as it excels in the shade, finish and longevity. I have a few more foundations in my stash and *to buy* list so we will see how this holds out this year with the new contenders...
But I suspect it will certainly remain at the stop because it really is just that good.

The foundation costs
What was your favourite foundation of 2013?
When it came to picking my favourite blush of 2013 I had a huge selection spread across my desk. There wasn't one single formula or brand I could choose and almost went for the Chanel Le Blush Creme de Chanel as I wore them constantly since getting them so a huge honourable mention to them! However, the majority of the year these are the three blushes I have been reaching for which excel in formula, colour and longevity!

My first pick and a newer addition to the stash is Natural Collection blush in Peach Melba. A cheap and incredibly cheerful product. It is a subtle peachy blush which I imagine would suit most light-medium skin tones however is a little pale for darker skin tones. It is a very soft powder and the pigmentation isn't crazy which always leaves a very natural flush. This is a great one for those who like peachy blush, it is an every day, easy shade which I love as you don't really have to think about it, it will suit all lip and eye looks and is one I find myself constantly reaching for.

The second is Dior's Rosy Glow which I have been so in love with all year. This blush a very pale blue toned pink. This gives a very innocent flush of colour, as if you had been playing in the snow and the frost has kissed your cheeks. As it is such a blue toned pink it does wonders for awakening the face and bringing life and colour to it. Great for those sallow days or even hungover days and you need your face to look flushed. Plus the blue makes your eyes shine brighter! A blush that gives a brighter complexion and whitens your eyes? What's not to love about this? Plus the formula is superbly easy to blend out and the colour is very build-able, if you want a more doll-like flush.

Finally, is Illamasquas Lover. Wow is the blush beautiful, it is a pure orange-peach and looks amazing on yellow skin tones. Anyone who loves a peachy blush, you must try this! It is completely matte so that the colour can really speak for itself rather than having to compete with a load of shimmer, which also makes this day-time appropriate. This simply adds the most beautiful peachy flush and is one of my favourite blushers for my skin tone. Lastly, this truly is the softest blush I have ever used and any brush will work with this as the product does all the work for you.

What were your favourite blushers of 2013?
Here I am to show you my favourite face tools of 2013. The brushes that I would re-purchase in a heartbeat. Before we get started I would like to give an honourable mention to the Mac 217 blending brush, the one brush every woman should know and every eyeshadow should befriend.
My four brushes cover all you need for the base and range from different price points. The best part is that most are multi-functional.

Real Techniques Buffing Brush
Need I say how amazing this brush is? Yes. If you are reading this and have never used a brush to buff in your foundation then please, don't go to Mac. Go to Boots and pick this up! It really will revolutionise your make up. I used to, and sometimes still do, apply my foundation with my fingers which gives a natural, light finish however nothing buffs in foundation better than this brush. It works with thin liquid foundations and thick creamy ones. It works the product into the skin to provide the most natural finish possible and even helps to work the coverage into the skin to get the best coverage out of your foundation. If you have previously used basic foundation brushes, this is not the same as this buffs your foundation rather than applies it so it wont sit heavy on top of the skin. If you want to get the best from your foundation then do try this, it won't break the bank but it will change the way you see and use your make up. It may even begin your brush love affair!

Charlotte Tilbury Powder and Sculpt Brush
A new addition to the collection has been this amazing brush from Charlotte Tilbury.The quality of course is fantastic as it is made by real brush makers, everything from the soft fine hairs to the carved brush handle so that your brush won't roll off the table. Real detail and care has been applied when creating this brush. In a previous post I have mentioned how this brush has made contouring the simplest task ever, see here. If you want to contour, buy this brush. It is designed and made for this purpose as most other brushes I have found to be too fat too thin and always made my contour look fake rather than imitating the natural shadows under your cheekbones. All the work is done for you. Another amazing use for this brush is powder. You may think that this brush is a little small to powder and finish the face but it is its small size which makes it the best. Most of use believe we should powder the whole face, this is not true. We still want that youthful glow but without looking greasy. With the use of this brush you can easily apply powder just in the areas you need, such as the t-zone and under the eyes to set concealer. An all rounder which has been promoted to my every day brush mug (who needs Diptyque when you have cute mugs).

MAC 168
When I first bought this brush it was to be used for contouring but I found it a little too big and a little too fluffy. For those who like a stronger contour or who have more surface area to cover, this brush would be the bomb for contouring. What I love this brush for is blush. Never have I found a perfect blush brush and this certainly is that. Made with goats hair this is ultra soft which blends powder blush flawlessly. It isn't too dense so doesn't pick up too much product and is the perfect shape for the cheeks. It is 100% the best brush I have used to apply powder blush. Well done Mac!

Real Techniques Expert Face Brush
Here is the real multi tasker of the bunch. Let us start with its first use. Foundation. I know, I know I have already mentioned one foundation brush but this is also pretty amazing. I usually choose this brush for when I want extra coverage from my foundation as I find that because this brush is so dense it really builds up the coverage rather than diffusing it. Another pro is that it adds a little more of an airbrushed finish to the skin that comes with a heavier coverage. The Buffing Brush provides a perfected almost no make-up look to the skin whereas the Expert Face brush gives a photo ready finish. The second use for this brush, and my favourite use, is with cream bronzers such as the Chanel Bronze Universel and the Bourjois Bronzing primer as it blends the product more precisely due to the brush being smaller and is the perfect pairing for these products, really imitating a sun kissed glow to the face. Finally, this can be used the cream blush to really buff this in and create a lit from within look. You can also use this to blend in blush after having applied it with your fingers as this just gets rid of any harsh edges.

What are your favourite brushes?
I know I already featured a lip balm on my favourites from 2013 here but this product really hasn't ever left my lips all year. Now Korres Lip Butters have a bit of a cult following as they are super easy pots of tinted balms which some in all different colours with matching scents. My ultimate favourite is: Mango. My name is Sarah and I am a Mangoholic.

As you can see by the plastic tub, it is well loved! Now onto why I love it so. It is a lightweight balm which provides just enough nourishment without feeling sticky or heavy. The scent is soo fresh and fruity and yummy. But what makes this perfect is the tint, a beautiful peachy coral which is the best every day shade for my olive light-medium skin tone. Sometimes pink can just be a little too girly, nudes a little too nude and reds a little vavavoom however this shades just adds a subtle shade of orange kissed perfection.

The tint is very sheer and subtle but most definitely there. I wore the hell out of this during the summer months and even though Rose and Plum had a play on my lips during Autumn and Winter, Mango is never far away (in my handbag). A super easy product which just awakens the face by adding a hint of colour without looking too anything. A healthy glow if you like.

Have you tried any of the Korres Lip Butters?

Somehow over the year I have collected quite a few primers and still can't make my mind up on which I like, which work and which should really just get thrown in the bin. One primer stood out to me this year and is always my go-to if I want my makeup to last. That primer is the Becca Ever Matte Poreless Priming Perfector.

This Primer is 100% a mattifying primer so if you are wanting something soothing or hydrated I wouldn't recommend this one. This is the holy grail item (yes I said it holy grail) for oily skinned gals. It is a very thick gel formula which you apply either all over the face or just on the t-zone - my preferred method. Immediately you can feel it absorbing into your skin and leaving a matte texture behind, absorbing any excess oils with it! It will keep your face grease free and help pro-long your make up and not many primers actually make that happen. I know that this isn't particularly cheap at £28 however the smallest amount is needed on your face, nothing more than a pea sized amount! If you want to read more about this then you can do so here but for now just rest assured that this is THE MOST mattifying product I have ever tried and hope to find a moisturiser which works as well as this in terms of mattifying. A must have for me and one I will definitely re-purchase when I use this all up!

Have you tried the Becca Ever Matte?
Favourite number three of 2013 is the Nuxe Reve de Miel lip balm. The queen of lip balms. Coming in at £9.50 it isn't the cheapest lip balm on the market nor is it the most expensive. What it is though, is the best.

The lip balm is housed in lovely glass packaging which makes it feel nice and weighty. The consistency of it is quite thick which is why I choose to use this as my evening balm. It doesn't feel light or glossy on the lips and is very much a hefty balm. You could use this very lightly before applying lipstick (depending on the condition of your lips) but I would suggest this to be a slick-and-sleep kinda product. As the product is so thick it doesn't slip around and just disappear. It sits on top of the lips and allows them to drink up all that moisture and you will even find that some mornings you still have a light layer on your lips! This is also a superb product if you are living in extremely cold climates so that this will actually work as a barrier against the cold whilst providing comfort and moisture.

The balm smells like honey which may be a deal breaker for some but I personally love it. It really does the job of nourishing the lips and leaving them in the best condition. Nice plump, soft lips is what you will achieve with this product and I recommend it to everyone! I have already got my mother hooked! If you are worried about the price then for some reassurance, I use mine every single evening and it has lasted me at least 6 months. I am not even half way through the product! A little really does go a long way. 

The only downside to this product is that after some time the sugar in it begins to crystallise but a few seconds in the microwave soon sorts that out and the balm is back to normal! I honestly would recommend this to absolutely everybody as it works 100% and is by far the best lip care product I have ever tried and perhaps will ever try. I don't even want to try to find another better balm as this well and truly is the one.

Have you tried Nuxe Reve de Miel Baume?

Without a doubt we can all agree that this year has been the year of the cream eyeshadow. Before we used to shudder at the thought of a cream shadow if it came in any other name than 'Mac Paint Pot'. However, with the release of the Maybelline Colour Tattoos all of that soon changed and every brand from high to low released their version, be it in pot or stick, you couldn't walk down a make-up aisle without spotting one! I must say that I absolutely adore the Maybelline Colour Tattoos and think that they are the best when it comes to the pricetag. However the one brand that stole my heart was, Chanel. 

Of course these are a little pricier and may be on the controversial side however the heart wants what the heart wants. I shall now begin to state why these have taken the lead in 2013. 

Now, the packaging is nice however for the price I should bloody hope so! One thing that these have vs almost every other cream shadow line is that all the colours are wearable. Sick am I of the turquoise blues and the matte greys. I want a shade that I will actually wear and won't equal in some strange side glances whilst walking down the streets. Of course these colours suit some people however, I have not yet found a way to make the 'odd' shades suit me. I would happily own and use all of the shades Chanel has to offer and I believe that everybody can find something for them from the range.

Now we have established that the shades are beautiful. Let us go onto the formula. Now I am classing these as cream shadows but they are in fact a mousse. Not a chocolate, light mousse type of formula but a stiffer mousse. Difficult to describe but a joy to use. They apply just as well with fingers or a brush without applying too much onto the eyelid and blend out so smoothly. They really are foolproof. The staying power is good but isn't the best I have found (see: ByTerry Ombre Blackstar) however if you make sure to swipe on a bit of primer in the morning these will last you until that third glass of wine later that evening!

One thing I have to mention is that a lot of these shades are a little shimmery. If you are completely averse to glitter then stick with Maybelline however if a little bit of sheen and shimmer is a good thing then keep reading. The shimmer in these shadows won't fall out so there is now worry about having a sparkly under eye area. I personally really like the shimmer as it gives the eye something extra rather than just one look. Anyone would think you have blended two colours together, then topped it with some shimmer! Only it is our little secret that really we just stuck our finger in a pot, swiped it around a little then added some mascara.

Ebloui, Emerveille, Fatal, Initiation

Overall these are truly a winner. They may not be 100% in every department but their strength really comes in their shade range. So, if you, like me, wish you could master that beautiful eyeshadow and find most other cream eyeshadows a little one dimensional then go and get your swatch on at a Chanel counter!

What has been your favourite (cream) eyeshadow of 2013?


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