With Christmas (quite literally) just round the corner I thought that it was time to pop out my favourite Christmas reds and the three contenders for this year!

Here for you today is a review of The Fragrance Shop Discovery Club 5th Edition Box. This is a very special box as it includes 9 perfume samples instead of the usual 5. This box is for scent enthusiasts who are always looking for their next new perfume! The box works like a beauty box but instead of receiving one every month you receive one every quarter. 

The 5th Edition is The Classics editon full of 9 cult scents all wrapped up in a beautiful box.

As you can see there are an abundance of fragrances to play with for both men and women and would even be great to buy if you are looking to buy fragrances as gifts and want some inspiration. What is especially great about the box is that it comes with a little booklet full of £5 vouchers to get £5  off any fragrance which is featured in the box!

If you are interested in this box then simply head on over to The Fragrance Shop!

What do you think of the Fragrance Shop Discovery Club Box?
Recently I have discovered my perfect haircare trio. I have never been one to "love" haircare as my hair is quite low maintenance and no products have ever wow-ed me. This has all changed since finding these three products and using them in conjunction with each other.

Kerastase Bain Divalent Shampoo
This is a shampoo I had my eyes on for a long time, it is for those with oily roots and sensitive/dry ends... people like me! However, I never bought it as I was always sceptical but during the FeelUnique summer sale I decided to just go for it. Let me tell you I am so glad I did. On the first few washes I liked this shampoo and when paired with the Dove conditioner I love the pairing. It wasn't, however, until I had finally used up this shampoo and starting using another shampoo from a different brand that I realised how amazing it was! It cleansed my hair without stripping it or drying out my ends yet didn't leave me greasy by the second day. I usually have to 100% wash my hair on third days however this shampoo let me get away with a quick spritz of dry shampoo. I loved how well it cleaned my hair and stripped its excess oils without being too "clarifying" or over-nourishing. Plus the bottle lasts for a very long time so the £13.20 price tag isn't so tough as it lasted me a good 2-3 months. If you, like me, have long hair which is oily at the roots and dry at the ends and have just not found the one, I urge you to try this!

Dove Damage Therapy Intensive Repair Daily Super Conditioner
Having already been a fan of the Dove Super Conditioners I thought I would try another. I picked up the blue bottle which is the Damage Therapy one and it is incredible. This conditioner is a hybrid between a conditioner and a deep treatment mask so is good for regular (not daily) use. With the clarifying wash from the Kerastase product I need to inject some moisture back into my hair. Plus during these cold winds it needs and the fact that a hair cut is long over due my hair needs an extra pick me up. This conditioner manages to superbly condition my hair and leaves it feeling silky smooth without a tangle in sight! The best part is how light my hair feels. Post-shower my hair feels like it has just popped out from the hairdressers and to be able to gain that experience at home is seriously amazing. If you find that most conditioners weigh your hair down or make your hair too greasy then do try this out! The best part is it is incredibly good value for money.
* I must state that I do usually like to use a hair oil after getting out of the shower to smooth my ends and give it that lightweight movement. However, I have about 3 hair oils lying around and chop and change between them as I haven't found my "one" true oil yet (recommendations welcome).

Klorane Gentle Dry Shampoo with Oat Milk
For those in-between days when the thought of getting out of your warm bed half an hour early to wash your hair seems like the largest struggle in the world Klorane steps in and saves the day. I am quite the lazy person and even though I love baths and the fresh clean feeling you get post-wash. I hate showering. It is such an effort and I just want to skip past it to get to the clean part! So sometimes that is exactly what I do. I usually have a love-hate relationship with dry shampoo as I love that I get the extra time in bed but as soon as it is sprayed into my hair I regret it and wish I had showered as it instantly makes me feel dirtier. This however is, if a spray can be, a very finely milled dry shampoo. Due to the fact that it has Oat Milk in it, it feels very light weight in the hair and doesn't leave that heavy matte white texture and appearance in your hair. This just gets rid of any excess oils without feeling heavy in your hair. The best dry shampoo I have ever encountered!

What are your favourite haircare products?
Last month I purchased the Sephora Burgundy Eyeshadow Palette as the quad of colours was just beautiful. A very fall/winter appropriate palette with gorgeous smoky shades.

The four shades in the quad are: Burgundy - Surprisingly, a burgundy shade. This shade has a sheen to it so isn't a flat colour and also has small glitter particles which when blended don't translate onto the eye. Beige - a very sheeny almost frosty white shade which isn't opaque but gives a quite literal Christmas-frost effect. Taupe - A navy purple blue shade which has a little sheen and not very much glitter. Dark Grey - A dark navy-grey almost black with blue and white glitter particles running through it.

These shadows are a strange texture. Unlike anything I have ever felt before. One first touch it feels powdery on the finger but when you swatch the colour it turns into an almost creamy texture. Due to this cream-like texture I suggest using fingers as much as possible on initial application if you want an opaque, true-to-pan colour and then proceed to blend with a brush. I find that using these shadows with a brush only is a little more difficult as the magic of these shadows really does come to life when you warm the shadow up with your finger. Brushes can be used if you are wanted to use the shadows as a soft crease-shade but if you really want to pack on the colour then put the brushes down!

Like most shadow the longevity will depend on your eyelids. I found that these wear well and don't have much fall-out however I do like to use a primer with these to really make sure that colour pops out!

Have you tried the Sephora Burgundy Smoky Eyeshadow Palette?
May I introduce to you my favourite brow gel ever? I welcome to you the incredibly affordable yet effective Maybelline Brow Drama!

When Maybelline released this product I could not hold in my excitement!!! I have dabbled in a few brow gels ranging at different price points however I have never found one that I love. They are either too crispy or have no hold whatsoever! This brow gel however provides the perfect amount of hold without leaving them looking or feeling crispy. On my dark brows the tint doesn't really do anything however I appreciate it being there nonetheless. The only thing I do not LOVE about this is how much product is on the applicator so before applying this onto my brow I make sure to take off any excess, which is usually found on the tip of the domed brush, off on the back of my hand and with a few swipes in the right direction I have well tamed and groomed brows!

Have you tried Maybelline Brow Drama?
Today is an exciting day as it includes a GIVEAWAY! I shall be reviewing the Elizabeth Arden Pure Finish Highlighter which I think is the best one for this party season!

The highlighter is in the shade Rose Illumination. It is a true rose gold shade! The rose within the highlighter makes it a perfect accompaniment to any pink blush (my favourites for the colder season) but it also has enough gold running through it to not be mistaken for a blush and to give your skin that beautiful sheen.

The texture isn't too powdery so won't settle into fine lines however it is quite shimmery. Those who aren't a fan of shimmer should pass on this however those who do enjoy a bit of shimmer will LOVE this as it isn't too much. I think it is the perfect amount of golden Christmas sheen!

I think this is the perfect Winter/Christmas highlighter as it adds colour and glow to the face without being too subtle for the party season however can still be worn during the day without looking garish! Plus the colour is just beautiful, as the picture shows you it is a true rose-gold and one that I haven't found in any other highlighter as they either run as just a pink pearl or a gold. I love to pair this during the day with a tinted moisturiser and soft baby pink cheeks and lips to give me an almost doll-like appearance. For the night this looks just incredible with a festive golden eye look!

Now for the GIVEAWAY part of the post! I will be giving away ONE of these beautiful highlighters to a lucky reader! All you have to do is:
1. Follow my blog either on Google or on Bloglovin' 
2. Leave me a comment telling me what YOUR favourite highlighter is

The GIVEAWAY is open to everyone and is international.
The Winner will be announced in one week on the 21st of December!

This giveaway is now closed but keep an eye out for more on this blog...

Good luck!
Of course when the much anticipated Charlotte Tilbury make-up line launched I was online and filling my virtual basket up! One of the things I just HAD to buy was an eyeliner as Charlotte is famous for her feline flick so I opted for the Rock n Kohl Liquid Eye Pencil in Barbarella Brown.

As the pencil is a liquid formula it applies incredibly smoothly, like butter! It is a dream to work with, whether in the waterline, lash line or to create a dramatic eye. The shade Barbarella Brown is, as the name states, a brown shade. It is a versatile dark brown so would look great on all eye colours and has a softer appearance than your regular black liner.

The liner can be smudged out but it must be done quickly as once this sets it will not budge! This lasted ALL DAY as a liner around my eyes which for a pencil is almost unheard of with my eyes! It needed to be reapplied once on the waterline but that was to be expected however it did also last incredibly well there. Furthermore, it fades beautifully on the waterline and doesn't leave any of the ugly gunk in the corners of the eyes. Here is a more dramatic look to show you how easy this pencil is to use to create a sexy feline flick!

Have you tried any of the Charlotte Tilbury eye liners?
As yesterdays post informed you, I spent too much at Chanel and another of those purchases were on two Rouge Allure lipsticks from the Nuit Infinie collection, the shades Radieuse (217) and La Precieuse (Rouge Allure Velvet) (317).

The Rouge Allure formulations have a 'luminous' finish to them however I would say they are medium-sheer which results in the luminous quality. 
As the name suggests the Rouge Allure Velvet formulas have a velvet finish to them. I enjoy a matte finish so this velvet finish is quite beautiful however I have to state that this formula does not work on dry lips. You MUST prep your lips if you plan to wear a Rouge Allure Velvet! And you MUST hydrate beforehand.

The first shade I purchased was Radieuse which is a light blue toned baby pink which usually isn't my kind of shade. However it is quite sheer on application which is why I find it quite wearable and on my skin tone it gives me an Ingenue-type of look. On lighter skin tones it will be a beautiful baby pink. I do warn you however that this is not as opaque as La Precieuse and is quite sheer however I love that about this product. Even though it is sheer on first application it is buildable.

The second shade I purchased is La Precieuse which is a gorgeous blue based Pink-red which falls right into the category of Winter Pinks (possible dupe for Mac Ronnie Red). This shade on my skin tone definitely reads as a pink rather than a red-pink. It is a beautiful shade which can be very versatile as it can be girly and playful but at the same time sleek and sophisticated. Plus the velvet-matte finish will make this last all day!

Have you tried any Chanel lipsticks?
 Have you spotted any from the new collection which have taken your fancy?
Last week I was naughty. I splurged at Chanel. When I say I splurged, I mean I splurged especially on the Christmas Nuit Infinie collection. One of the (many) products I purchased was the blush from the new collection in the shade Accent (84). I have never tried a Chanel powder blush as most of the shades in the permanent collection don't seem to suit my skin tone however this blush is unlike any I have in my collection.

To start, the powder is incredibly finely milled. It blends into the skin and doesn't leave any powdery look on the top of the skin. However, this should be expected from a Chanel blush! What makes this blush exceptional is its incredibly complex shade...

The shade of this powder is unlike one I have ever encountered, in my collection or from any blush I have swatched in stores! I would definitely describe this as a rosy-brown as it definitely has strong pink tones in it but strong brown ones also. I imagine on different skin tones it would pull either more brown or more pink. The shadow just looks like the best colour to compliment either a subtle every-day look or even a bold smoky eye. Plus it has a gorgeous shimmer running through it which when swatched can look heavy however when applied with a brush just adds a wonderful sheen.

As you can see the shade is quite light however can be worn light which I love but also can be built up and you will find that when you build the shade up there isn't any need in applying a bronzer/contour colour!

If you are interested in this shade I recommend you go see this in person to truly understand the uniqueness of this shade and if you life then buy it before it goes! I am in love with this shade and do NOT regret buying this, it was 100% worth the price tag!

Have you tried any Chanel blushers? What do you think of the shade Accent?
Today's post is the counter part to Friday's post which touched upon make-up winter essentials. Today we will talk about my "others" essentials which entails everything from body care to nail care!

La Roche-Posay Lipkar Baume AP
This balm has been my saviour and I imagine it to be a must have A* product for anyone with dry skin. As I don'y have dry skin I have been applying this onto elbows, knees, any very dry areas and it has been working wonders. However what makes this a stand out product for me was when my nose was in flake-city last week, just a few applications of this throughout the day healed it completely. The next day my nose was brand new and smooth! So if you have irritated, flaky skin anywhere on your body, please do try this!

Phyto 7 Hair Cream
The moisturiser for your hair. A very easy hair product where you can't over do it like oils and end up looking greasy! If you suffer from dry hair, especially in windy, cold conditions then you know as much as I do that the hair needs to be nourished, especially the ends! Depending on your hair type you can pick up Phyto 7 or Phyto 9 (for drier hair) and keep it in your hand bag or dressing table and pop it on dry hair whenever it needs some hydration!

Dove Intensive Repair Daily Super Conditioner
I have recently come to discover my favourite hair care routine (post coming soon) and in the super haircare team is this amaaazing conditioner! As you know I am an oily lady, I get oily hair quickly so prefer a shampoo on the more clarifying side however as my hair is long, the lengths and especially the ends of my hair need something to tame and soften them. I hate having tangled, unmanageable hair and love my hair to feel light and have movement. This is exactly what this conditioner provides, it provides my hair with all the nourishment it needs without weighing it down or making it feel heavy. It is the best conditioner I have tried and at an extremely reasonable price! A definite for those who like me, needs to feed their hair with hydration but wants a lightweight feel to it!

Pai Rosehip BioRegenerate Fruit & Seed Oil
This oil has been accepted with open arms into my skincare routine. I do love a good oil! This oil is perfect as it would be suitable for all skin types! Not only does it feel incredibly soothing on skin which has battled with the days long, harsh winds but it really nourishes your skin. Plus rosehip oil is great for healing scars and pigmentation so is great for pre and post break out! A superb choice for all skin types who want their skin to drink up some goodness and look smooth, plump and hydrated the next morning.

Nuxe Reve de Miel
This is my absolute favourite lip balm. I haven't dabbled in the shockingly expensive Dior Creme de Rose or By Terry Baume de Rose but don't feel that I need or want to! This lip balm is, for me, strictly a night time balm as it really does coat the lips and throughout the night sinks into them. When you wake up you will still feel a light coating of it on the lips but they will feel soothed and hydrated! I find with many lip balms, they work to sooth them but somehow make them feel sorer than before! However this lip balm with be a forever favourite of mine and everybody I know shall be receiving this at Christmas! 

Dior Creme Abricot Nail Cream
A new acquirement in my stash! And a definite luxury one. I have always been a fan of nail oils, rubbing them into my cuticles but recently oils just haven't been cutting it. So before bed, post hand cream application I rub this super thick and emollient cream around my cuticles and it has been making a difference, even my actual nails drink this up! A splurge but if you are suffering from dry nails and cuticles I would suggest this as not much is needed and you get A LOT of it so it will last years.  

With December is well and truly in swing those Christmas bells will soon be ringing and stockings will soon need filling! Here I am, your little helper to inspire you with some ideas!

Hand Creams & Lip Balms
Hand creams and Lip Balms make a perfect stocking filler as not only are our hands and lips are in need of some serious moisture during these cold months but they are available from many, many brands and range in price scale. You could either purchase a single mini, full sized or go all out and get a hand cream or lip balm set which are available from almost all skincare brands. Here I have a little Caudalie set which includes a lip balm and hand cream!

Caudalie Beauty Elixir
Any beauty or skincare lover would be ecstatic to pull this out of their stocking. Not only does it have cult status and amazing reviews but it is a favourite of Victoria Beckhams! What is more glam than that?! The full sized bottle comes with quite the price tag so would make an ultra-luxe filler or even a present however the mini is not only adorable but is perfect stocking filler size - plus would fit great in the handbag! Ranging at around £11 it would make a wonderful new addition for any person of any age. 

Soaps are a classic stocking filler as many of us wouldn't bother spending money on a fancy smelling soap and just stick with the ol' Dove however Christmas is the time to gift things which one would not personally spend the money on. I love a beautiful smelling bar of soap as it makes the whole washing experience a little less dull and a little more luxurious. Soaps can be found from any skincare brand and you choose to pick from any price range! Plus many brands have wonderful sets too in beautiful packaging... (I always like to find pretty soaps from TK Maxx) The soaps shown in the picture are from Savonnerie Marseillaise de La Licorne.

Nail Polish
A great little filler for all ages, but especially teens! Visit your local Boots or Debenhams and you will be wowed with a plethora of Nail Polishes. Like most of the other options they can be picked from any price point, you could choose a single nail polish from the amazing drugstore offerings or go all out and pick something from Chanel or Dior! If picking the perfect shade from the masses makes you panic a little you could easily scout out one of the many amazing nail sets available which can make an amazing "SANTA IS THE BEST" stocking filler or even a present! My two picks are from Nails Inc - Magnetic Attractions and Essie - Winter 2013 Collection.

What are you going to be putting in a loved ones stocking?
Winter is well in swing and the sudden weather changes certainly cause the most of us to get flaky and parched! Here are a few make-up items which shall make you look not so dry or dehydrated and add that healthy, plump, "I just drank eight glasses of water" look to your skin!

The ultimate base has to be the Clarins Instant Smooth Perfecting Touch primer as it really does just smooth over the skin and makes bumps and dry areas look and feel instantly perfected. This isn't a miracle worker as it won't rid flakiness however it is great for those days where you feel sallow and dull and the texture of your skin is not at its healthiest. Even I, an oily skinned gal, adore this product as when ill or when the air is dry and cold my skin needs a little smoothing to pick-me-up and provide an extra barrier against the chill of the outdoors!

For light coverage or even as a pre-foundation base I absolutely adore the Origins VitaZing Moisturizer and the Liz Earle Sheer Skin Tint. Both items serve different purposes: The Origins offering provides a nice tint which slightly bronzes up the complexion so you go from a sickly-complexion (you know that grey-pale that sometimes happens?) to healthy and sunkissed in just seconds. It also provides moderate moisture great for oily-normal skin... I recommend that those with dry skin apply something more hydrating before hand. This provides enough moisture to plump up the skin without providing too much moisture that I become an oil slick so can be used during all seasons. The Liz Earle offering is much more hydrating and moisturising, I say both as the hydration provides my skin with a nice drink to really help thirsty, sallow winter skin and the moisture is so incredibly soothing in the cold, crisp air. I found this to be the amazing partner when I was suffering with the typical seasonal cold so smoothed over my dry nose and provided moisture to my dehydrated skin. Plus both of the offerings provide SPF 15 so is great to protect yourself from that winter sun!

Now if you are looking for a heavier base than the afore mentioned which I must admit, are pretty sheer, I am here to offer you with three choices. The first being the Revlon Nearly Naked Foundation  now despite the name I find this foundation to be quite buildable to medium coverage! Applied with fingers and in light layers it is sheer and beautiful however with my beloved RT Expert Face Brush it covers just enough for day to day and I only need concealer if I am having a spotty moment. This foundation is one of my most hydrating and smoothing foundations in my collection which provides a decent coverage! I would definitely give this a try as it does just smooth onto the skin beautifully. To cover under eye circles I absolutely adore Benefit Fake Up Concealer as it is so incredibly moisturising without causing mascara smudging! It is great if you suffer from any dryness under your eyes or even if you just want something hydrating and covering to apply around that red nose! 

Finally I wanted to talk about the star product, the RMS Beauty 'Un' Cover-up this product is a must have in my opinion for all skin types and anyone who is prone to colds! This products main ingredients are coconut and castor oil which do wonders with not only smoothing and soothing the skin but actually aiding to repair it. This is the ultimate Winter Essential! Plus it can be used sheered out across the face as a light base/pre foundation or it can be used to conceal. I love carrying this around when I have a sore, flaky red nose so normal concealer just attracts attention to the dryness whereas this smooths over it and actually leaves it feeling calm and happy. Plus it is great for healing spots which can get annoyingly dry! Did you notice I love this product? A great one for anyone who suffers from dryness, flakiness or just wants to be armed to battle those winter months!

What are your Winter make-up essentials?
So Autumn is usually dominated by reds and berries, Winter is the time for the festive red lip. However sometimes change is nice and you don't want to be one of the eight women who sported a red lip at that Christmas party. Pink is a great option and you may think that it is more of a Spring/Summer colour, it is all about getting that right shade of pink! I think for the colder, festive season a beautiful deep blue-pink is perfect. Here are three picks which you can use as either reference, inspiration or to add onto that wishlist!

The three shades I have picked out are: Rimmel Apocalips in Apocaliptic, YSL Glossy Stain in 25 Fuschia Neo Classic and MAC Lipstick in Ronny Red (LE).

Rimmel Apocalips in Apocaliptic

YSL Glossy Stain in 25 Fuchsia Neo Classic

MAC Veronica Lipstick in Ronnie Red (LE)

Which shades have you been sporting this Winter?


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