Quite a while ago I recieved the Glo Minerals Lipstick in Cabaret. It went straight into the everyday muji draw and it somehow slipped my mind to write up about it. So today I bring to you the Glo Minerals Lipstick in Cabaret*.

The shade Cabaret is a beautiful natural dark red, almost a brick colour. I wore this on a weekly basis during winter as what makes this lipstick amazing is the formula. It is so soothing on the lips and doesn't enhance a single dry patch. Its moisturising formula is down to the Castor Oil and Vitamins (C, A and E) plus it has Green Tea Extracts and Waxes in it to lock in hydration and help repair the lips. This really is the ultimate lipstick/lipcare hybrid. Now I know what your're thinking, if it is this moisturising, surely it can't have good lasting power? It does. It fades beautifully and the shade Cabaret stains the lips, as it is formulates with waxes it sticks to the lips which makes sure it doesn't slip around or rub off as easily as other moisturising formulas.

For £15 I think this is an incredible lipstick and a very unique one as it does soothe the lips without compromising on colour.

Have you tried any of the Glo Minerals Lipsticks?

* Press Sample
When the rumours where whispered about a Coral Dior Lip Glow, my beauty heart began to palpitate. I searched and I searched, high and low until finally, it was mine. I am the owner of the original Lip Glow and it is one of my most cherished lip balms as it provides nourishment, a pink tint and the yummiest smell your nose will ever come across. So obviously when a Coral one came onto the horizon, it had to be mine.

The Dior Lip Glow is a lip balm formula that aims to nourish and soften the lips. This new version is the same texture and delivers the same brilliant results as the original version. The only difference between them (despite the colour of course) is the scent. The original Lip Glow is a very vanilla, freshly baked cakes kind of scent whereas the Coral version is a little minty. The balm aims to provide a hint of colour, it is not a typical tinted moisturiser like the ones offered from Revlon or Korres. It is a traditional, tinted balm that has a very sheer wash of colour to make the lips glow.

As you can see, there is minimal difference between the colour however you can't deny that my lips post application have a pinky-coral hint to them and look a little glossier and in better health. This is perfect for easy days as it will make lips look flawless without you having to worry whether it matches, or will streak, get on your teeth, the usual lipstick wearer problems.

Now it isn't an astounding or ground breaking product but it is one that I cherish in my arsenal as it truly provides a glow and lifts the whole face. Plus, I always think a luxury lip balm is perfect at pepping us up whilst we are on the go. I think this is a limited edition product? If so and you like the sound of a very subtle coral lip balm that will actually moisturise your lips then check this out. If coral isn't your colour then there is also the original pink version that is in the permanent collection and that I would say everybody has to sniff as it is worth the price on the scent alone.... yes, I am easily sold!

A yes yes yes from me but,

what do you think of the Dior Lip Glow in Coral?
As some of you may or may not know, it was Palette Week on the blog last week, in order to finish up the series I thought I would film this tag video. That's right. A video! And get used to it as you will be getting a video every Wednesday. Watch this space.

A little disclaimer, I don't own a dslr, professional lighting and I am hopeless at editing. So be kind please, after all, it is all about the content, right? 

Enjoy! x

A new release for Spring is the Bourjois 123 Perfect CC Cream and CC Eye Cream. This range has gone back to the traditional roots of the term CC and aim to Colour Correct with different pigments: Apricot for Anti Fatigue, Green for Anti Redness and White for Dark Spots. Being a Bourjois base addict, I had to try these out for myself and after having tested them for a good few weeks I can give you the full comprehensive review.

The CC Cream is a lightweight cream that claims to combat redness, dark spots and fatigue. It claims a lot in the title so I had high expectations for this product, yet did it meet them? Yes and no. It feels light on the skin and blends in smoothly however I would definitely recommend to use light layers as this can sit on the skin rather than blend in to it, if you apply too much. It is quite smoothing but does sometimes catch on dry patches so I wouldn't recommend this for dry skin. I do, however, think this would be perfect for dehydrated skin as I find that it really does combat fatigue and awakens the face without leaving an overly dewy finish. I have oily skin and this can sometimes sit on top of the skin so I really think this base is one for the good and normal skinned gals out there. Saying that, on a good skin day this works excellently. I have quite a bit of redness to my skin and it does do a good job at covering it up. It does not however do a lot for dark spots but then again, not many products do.

As I said, this works best when used in light layers so I would work a pea sized amount into my skin then add perhaps half of that again into areas that need a little more coverage. As you can see in the photos below it does do a good job in unifying skin tone, covering redness and combating fatigue. It is a light-medium coverage but I find that concealer is needed on pigmentation and around the nose but for every day around the house, this is enough on its own. On my skin it lasts for around 5 hours before I need to touch up with a powder but due to its lighter texture, I don't mind the wear time as I really do reserve this for easy days where I don't care about having a flawless base all day.

The star product in this line is the concealer. It works brilliantly at brightening and covering dark circles. I don't suffer too badly from dark circles but this has worked brilliantly when I have had sleepless nights and when I haven't been looking fresh around the eyes. It really does brighten and awaken the eyes without giving that over highlighted Kardashian effect, which I am not overly fond of on myself. The photo below demonstrates how well it works as the left side of my face looks bright and awake, whilst the right side definitely shows signs of my early morning wake up call. I find that this sets quite nicely under the eyes and doesn't move around during the day. I don't find much creasing in any fine lines. The only down side to this product is the packaging which I hope they amend as this really is an incredible product which could easily be mistaken for something much more expensive as it is creamy yet slightly powdery so that it stays in place and looks flawless under the eyes.

Overall I think they are a great little duo. I would recommend the CC Cream perhaps for younger girls who aren't looking for too much coverage yet want a little something to help unify the skin. Or if you are looking for something that feels light on the skin for Spring/Summer this is a great option too, so long as you aren't very dry or very oily as this will enhance dry patches and sit on top of the skin rather than blend in to it.
The product I would recommend you to get is the CC Eye Cream as it works wonders on the under eye area and is so far one of my favourite under eye concealers as it brightens and conceals rather than highlighting or reflecting light on the areas you don't really want to highlight.

Have you tried the Bourjois 123 Perfect CC Cream or CC Eye Cream?
There are some items which pop up on the Space NK website that I can't resist, this was one of those items. The By Terry Baume De Rose is a cult classic lip balm which I have been dying to try. The 10th Year Anniversary Coffret contains the balm and gloss in limited edition packaging. And I am a sucker for limited edition packaging.

The Baume De Rose is housed in a frosted glass packaging and is adorned with loving hearts. The balm itself claims to repair and hydrate the lips with such ingredients as shea butter, rose wax and vitamin E, it also contains SPF 15. On the lips this is light and slightly glossy, a very pretty day balm. The smell is pure rose heaven. I find that it hugs the lips nicely and hydrates them well without feeling too heavy. It isn't the best balm I have ever tried but it is a lovely, luxurious day time balm that leaves a luscious pink hue on the lips. 

The gloss was quite a surprise as I was imagining it to be a gloss version of the balm. It is an incredibly shimmery and glittery gloss that is insanely beautiful. The glitter in it is quite chunky so probably isn't best suited for sensitive lips. It has the same pink hue as the balm but the glitter is a mix of pinks, silvers and a speckle of gold. It certainly is a stunner on the lips and is not what one would call subtle. It feels smooth, despite the glitter, and not overly sticky and looks great on top of lipsticks!

The coffret comes in at a purse weeping £58 but if you have some Space NK vouchers/N Dulge points (as I did) I would recommend this little self-indulgent treat. No, you may not need another lip balm in your collection but the excuse of it being rose scented and housed in luxurious packaging wins us over.

Have you tried By Terry Baume de Rose?
 There is a lot of love out there for the neutral palettes and a huge range to choose from, it seems that every brand has their own take on them. However, many of these neutral palettes contain purples, blues and reds. So for those who want a true neutral palette which contain just nude shades, I have compiled my favourites and some tips on what to look for when choosing an ultimate nude-tral palette!

 What to look for
1. A variation of brown shades. Most nude palettes contain at least two brown shades, which I believe necessary when creating anything from a natural look to something smokier.
2. A dark smoky shade. I love a dark shade as they are incredibly versatile. You can use them as liner to define the eyes or smoke out a look. These shades usually come under two categories: a dark taupe or a black.
3. A shimmer. Most nude shades are matte, in order to create a dual use for the lid and crease. They are easy to work with and blend well. However, I like a good shimmer to add some extra dimension to an eye look or to give a pop to the centre of the lid.

The Budget Option - My favourite budget option is the Beauty UK Brow Palette. It may not contain a shimmer shade but has a great collection of matte shades to help create an abundance of looks. Plus, it has many other uses than just using it as a brow or eyeshadow... as seen here
The Limited Edition - Naughty to mention as it is no longer available but how could I not shine a light on this beauty? The Chanel Metelassées eyeshadow palette in Charming houses five beautiful nude shades and one super shimmery wonder. Plus their substitution of a black with a taupe makes it stand out from the rest.
The Compact - Givenchy Écrin Privé Eyeshadow Palette in Private Felted Nudes is a beautiful teeny tiny compact that packs a punch (in weight and pigment!). Its simplicity is what makes this one a knock-out and it isn't one to be under estimated. See review here.
The Must Have - An oldie but a goodie. The Naked Basics Palette. It has a mixture of mattes, shimmers, light shades and dark shades. A staple in everyone's eyeshadow wardrobe, if you don't have it, get it! If you do, use it! It is great alone or accompanied with other eyeshadows. Incredibly versatile and universal.

What's your favourite Nude-tral Eyeshadow Palette?
The newest edition to my eyeshadow palette collection is the Marc Jacobs palette in The Lolita. From the sleek packaging to the neutral colours it looks like a winner and after playing with it, all of the shadows are of an excellent quality and there are some beautiful shades enclosed...

The Lolita palette definitely fits into the "neutral" category. It contains three mattes, one glitter and three shimmers. Each shade is incredibly pigmented and true to pan. They are very soft and kick up powder when a brush comes into contact with them which makes for the easiest blend. The chunkiest and hardest shadow to work with is the centre and only glitter shade. This shade causes a bit of fall out and but always be applied on top of a tacky base or applied in small amounts as you will end up with chunks of glitter on your cheeks/chin/nose. Apart from this shade, it has a mix of cool and warm shades and different textures making it a universally flattering palette. My only qualm with this palette is that there isn't a medium brown shade as I would have loved to have seen a chocolatey shade as the darkest brown in the palette is sometimes too dark if you want to contour the eye and immediately turns a contoured look into a smoky look.

Day Look

For the Day Look I wanted to create what I call an "angelic innocence" look. I applied the beautiful pink shade all over the lid. This shade is a beautiful almost lilac pink which on its own can be hard to wear but if followed with a highlighter shade can look so innocent and girly. To create this angel effect, highlight the inner corners of the eye with the champagne shimmer and take it down to the inner third of the lower lash line. I followed this with a nude eye liner to brighten and widen the eyes. So that the eyes don't get lost in all of this pale shimmer, I decided to line the eyes with the dark brown to thicken up the lash line and create a rounder, more open eye shape. Finish with a flutter of mascara and there you have a bright, angelic eyeshadow look.

Night Look

For the Night Look I wanted to do something dark and dramatic. I started by taking the light brown and sweeping it all over the lid, through and above the crease and along the lower lash line. I made sure to blend the edges of this so that it is all nicely diffused. I followed this with the darkest shade on a fluffy brush and blended it all over the lid and into the crease. I made sure to smoke the lash line up and again, blend it all out! To create some extra oomph, I took a black liner and liner the water line and worked it into the upper and lower lash line. I then took a small pencil brush to smudge out the lash line which intensifies the smoky look. Once the eye was dark smoky and diffused, I wanted to bring it back to life a little so took the glitter on my ring finger, patted off any excess and pressed it on the centre and towards the inner third of my eye then finished it with a very black mascara. A super simple smoky look that will make any eye colour pop!

Overall, this is a beautiful and versatile palette that does scream luxury. It is a little pricey and only available from Sephora (which ships to the UK!). Do you need another neutral eye palette? Probably not. Do you have it on your wishlist? I'm guessing, yesss. 

Are you interested in the Marc Jacobs The Lolita Palette?
For Christmas my wonderful mother gifted me the Charlotte Tilbury Palette in Vintage Vamp. For the past few months I have been loving red and burgundy eyeshadows so I knew I had to have this palette. A perfect sleek palette for those who want a vampy, sexy smoky eye!

The palette contains a shimmery pink champagne shade, two burgundy shades that are slightly shimmery and a gold glitter. All of these shades are incredibly smooth and pigmented yet blend so easily. Plus every shade has its own purpose to make creating a look easy as can be.

Day Look

For the day look, I wanted to keep it very pretty as sometimes these shades can translated as sexy or vampy and I really wanted to showcase the versatility of pinks and reds. In order to create a girly effect, I applied the shimmery pink champagne shade into the inner corners of my eyes and all over the lid. I then applied the light burgundy shade on a fluffy brush into the crease and blended it so it gave a romantic, almost sunset effect the the lids. I applied the tiniest amount n the lower lash line then finished with some light mascara to give a fluttery effect to the lashes. A girly and romantic eye, suitable for work, a date or simply a trip to the supermarket!

Night Look

 For the night look I decided to create the ultimate Vintage Vamp smoky eye. To start I sweeped the pink champagne shade all over the lid  to brighten the eye. I made sure not to highlight the inner corners of the eye cos I wanted to create a smoky effect. I then went in with the lightest burgundy shade on a fluffy brush and blended it through the crease and under the eye. With this I made sure to blend it really well as this shade should be a soft and diffused shade which we will blend the darker shade in to. Once we have created a smoky, diffused effect we want to further smoke and enhance the eyes. To do this, apply the darkest burgundy shade onto a pencil brush on the outer third of the eye and blend. Keep doing this until you have your desired intensity. Make sure to smoke out the lower lash line and don't be afraid to go low! At this point things will look good but a little red and perhaps a little sore. I find that in order to pull the look together, you must use liner! I chose a dark brown (you can use a black, brown or bronze) and lined the inner water line and tight lined. The final touch is to go back in with your pencil brush and smoke out the liner on both the upper and lower lash line then top with lashings of mascara. Here you have a universally flattering smoky eye shade that will be something different from the typical black or bronze and will certainly warm up your eyes and make them glow.

The quality of this palette is incredibly impressive and easy to use and come in an abundance of shades/looks. Yes it may be a little expensive but I think it is worth the price as it works out cheaper than a Mac eyeshadow quod, plus you can use the tutorials Charlotte made if you have no idea how to create the look! I love it so much that I have my eye on two more...

What do you think of the Charlotte Tilbury Vintage Vamp Palette?
The Givenchy Écrin Privé Eyeshadow Palette in Private Felted Nudes has been one of my bargain beauty finds of this year. I was lucky enough to find it on sale in Sephora and am so glad I picked this up and put it in my basket! It is a very small, heavy compact with 4 very neutral shades.

The shades in this palette are "nudes" and are perfect for neutral eye lovers. There are 3 matte shades and one glitter. The matte shades are incredibly soft and well pigmented. They feel so so smooth and are perhaps the butteriest mattes I have ever tried which makes blending so easy. The glitter can be a bit of a problem and, personally, I would have preferred to see a shimmer here instead. It is a pink shadow with silver glitter but when swatched, the colour doesn't really show through. This glitter should be applied the ring finger then patted on the area you want to sparkle. It can be used with a flat sided brush but this method can cause some fall out. To say that this is quite a chunky glitter, I find that once patted onto the lids, it doesn't fall out and stays put. This is a great basic palette with some beautiful tones, it has become an ultimate staple in my routine and it truly is surprising just how many looks you can get out of 4 shades.

Day Look

For the Day Look I wanted to keep it really simple and easy. To showcase my favourite shade (the light brown-beige colour), I applied this into the crease and blended like there was no tomorrow. This shade adds warmth and definition and when blended right, it looks so natural and beautiful. To finish the look (I told you it was simple) I used an angled liner brush and pushed the dark brown shade into the upper and lower lash line to add a little more definition. I love this look as it is incredibly simple and pretty.

Night Look

For the Night Look I really wanted to amp it up to show you how versatile this palette can be. I started by sweeping the dark brown shade all over the lid and along the lower lash line to smoke out the eyes. I followed this with the taupe-grey eyeshadow on a pencil brush and applies this on the outer third of the lower lash line. Make sure you pack this colour on good! I then added some more of the taupe shade to the outer third of my eye to create a feline shape. Once you have mapped this shape out, go in with your blending brush. If you want to intensify in any areas, go back in with the taupe then blend any edges. Continue this until you are satisfied! At this stage you will have a really sexy, rocker smoky eye but to make it less dirty looking, I added some glitter. I simply rubbed my ring finger into the glitter shade, tapped off any excess then pressed it into the centre, towards the inner third, of the eye. To stop the glitter from making the look too girl, top with lashings of mascara! I applied a very voluminising mascara as I wanted that slightly grungy, clumpy effect to juxtapose with the glitter. There you have a smoky, girly and grungy night look!

What do you think of the Givenchy eyeshadow palette?
The Smashbox Full Exposure Palette was on my Boots shopping list a few weeks ago and after playing with it for a little while I have finally made up my opinion about it and who this palette is best suited for. It is a limited edition palette and not easily available online however my local Boots still has it fully stocked. If you are wanting to see my thoughts and a day and night look then read on...

 The Smashbox Full Exposure palette contains 14 eyeshadows: 7 Shimmers and 7 Mattes which range from warm to cool. It includes a sample of the Full Exposure Mascara, a brush and an eye guide. On base value I think that the palette is incredibly well priced at £36. 

Onto the quality of the palette itself, personally, it is a hit and miss and a little bit "meh". The most impressive aspect is the amount of mattes you get in the palette. A whole seven! The matte shades aren't incredibly pigmented which makes blending easy as sometimes mattes can be tricky to blend. As they aren't highly pigmented it makes a great palette for a newbie however for eyeshadow experts who want to strengthen their matte eyeshadow collection, you may be a little disappointed. Being a novice eyeshadow applier I quite like the formulation of the matte shadows, as my priority is blend-ability. The shadows are great tones to create natural shadows and smokier looks and the only real disappointing shade in the mattes is the cream/white shade (M4) as it really has to be built up to show up on me.

Onto the "shimmers", I use quotation marks as only one of these shades can be described as a shimmer (S4). The central Shimmer shade is a beautiful shimmer that can be used to highlight or all over the lid. The other shades however are most certainly glitters and not shimmers. Had all of the shimmer shades been the same texture as the central shade I would have give this palette 99.9% however they really let this palette down. Now, for those who hate glitters, look away as you will hate this entire top row. Even though I quite like a little glitter on the eye these do disappoint as they do fall out and the colours aren't particularly pigmented. The best glitter shades that are true to pan are the darkest end shades (S1 & S7) however the other shades deposit mostly glitter rather than any colour. Don't use a fluffy brush with these shadows, as they will fall out and give you a disco-ball face. However, if you apply them with a dense flat sided brush onto a tacky base (such as a cream eyeshadow) then they will lock into place and really look quite beautiful. So, yes they do disappoint but with a little work they can actually look rather good.

 Day Look

For the day look I wanted a widened and slightly contoured effect to the eyes. I started with the central shimmer shade (S4), applying it to the inner third of the eyes, making sure to brighten the tear-duct area. I also applied this lightly on the brow bone. Following that I added the light grey shade (M5) on a small fluffy brush and blended it into my crease to create a natural shadow. To further intensify the crease I applied the darker grey shade (M6) on a small brush into the outer corner of the eye and ran it softly onto the lash line. I topped it off with the Smashbox mascara to widen the eyes. A simple widened eye look for every day. 

 Night Look

This palette is great for amping up looks as it contains some beautiful matte shades to smoke up the eyes. I started with the pink-toned shade (M3) and blended this lightly in and above the crease, so that the darker shades will blend easier and create a more diffused look. I followed that by adding the lighter brown shade (M2) all over the top and bottom lids. I blended this all the way into the crease to smoke the eyes up. At this point you will have the "druggy" look going on but as soon as you add the darkest brown shade (M1) onto the outer third of the eye and blend you will create a smoky brown look. As this is a little, in my opinion, boring, I wanted to add some glitter! Instead of adding glitter onto the lid, I decided to keep the lid fully matte and instead add the dark brown shimmer shade (S1) onto the lower lashline. To apply this I used a small dense brush and really packed the shadow onto the brush then sprayed it with some Mac Fix Plus to avoid any fall out. Keep applying until you are happy then add lashings of the Smashbox Full Exposure Mascara and a bronze eyeliner and you have yourself a smoky eye with a twist.

Overall, this is a good palette. It has some amazing matte shades which have already made a huge change to my eyeshadow game however the shimmers let this palette down. I know I will get my use out of it, as I enjoy a little glitter in my life, but it may not be the one for you...

What do you think of the Smashbox Full Exposure Palette?
 Released as part of their 16 shades of beige collection Clinique released their version of the neutral eyeshadow palette and it is a winner. Sold out online but still available on Clinique counters! I love it so so much and have been going palette crazy recently so I thought I would post my review of it, alongside a day and night look, for those who have been eyeing up the palette but still can't decide whether it is for them or not.

 The shades are taken from the permanent line and range from white to dark purple. This is definitely a warm rosey palette, think of a condensed Naked 3 palette and this is what you have.

Almost all shades have a slight shimmer to them, none of which are glittery or cause any fall-out. The fourth pink shade in the palette is the only matte shade. The shade creates a warm crease colour and is great for blending out any of the darker shades in the palette. This is a neutral palette but with a twist as it doesn't contain your typical bronze shades or matte browns. Kudos Clinique. The eyeshadows are incredibly soft and crumble to the touch which means that they blend smoothly which makes this palette great for eyeshadow novices. I adore the shades and textures in this palette and it has quickly become one of my favourite ever palettes. I find the colours to be very versatile and would suit every eye shade as they have warming tones to them which really make the eyes glow. I can take this from super simple day to super smoky night.

Day Look

For this look I applied the second shade lightly all over the lids and onto the brow bone. Secondly I used the matte pink shade to warm and define my eyes by placing and blending it in the crease. The final shade I used was the shade Hazy which I applied onto the lash line and onto the outer corners of the eyes. Once having applied that shade I went back in with my fluffy brush and blended it all out as that is key with all looks, especially day looks as any edges will be seen in the harsh sunlight. I finished the look with a nude liner to open up and brighten the eyes. Overall this looks just gives a warmed, slightly defined look to the eyes, making the colour pop but without being too offence for day-wear.

Night Look

 For the night look we wanted to really amp it up. To start with I used the matte pink shade lightly all over the lid and worked it into and above the crease, making sure that it is all blended. This is done so that when the darker shades are applied, they are easier to blend, plus will add a little gradation to the look. After that I applied the second to darkest shade, Black Honey all over the lid. I patted this on the mobile lid for maximum pigmentation then stopped when it reached the crease. I then blended this shade into the pink crease shade to create a smoky effect. To up the smokiness, I applied it onto the lash line and followed with a bronze eyeliner. To give this eye look a little bit more dimension, I softly sweeped the fifth shade across the lids. This shade is a subtle blue-grey duo chrome shadow which on top of the dark red shadow gives a subtle purple duo chrome effect. This not only adds dimension to the look but also creates a very unusual shadow which in different lights will translate as a different colour. Overall this is your typical smoky eye but with a twist as it leans warm and cool at the same time and catches the light whilst still being dark and sexy.

Overall, this is a superb palette. It is one for those who like warm tones such as roses, reds and purples. The packaging is sleek and compact so great for your makeup bag. The formula is soft and blendable and is a great price for the quality of these shadows. I have really fallen in love with this palette and suggest you have a swatch at your nearest Clinique counter to see if it is one you will love too as it is limited edition and has a great combination of shades which can create a multitude of looks. This has the 100% stamp of approval from Coquet Noelle and I am now itching to try more makeup from Clinique!

What do you think of the Clinique Neutral Territory 2 Palette?
If there was ever a day to pamper yourself, it would be a Sunday. We light our candles, run our baths and listen to some smooth jazz Lana Del Rey/Beyonce. We tangle teeze our hair and oil our skin but for some reason our feet never get the same amount of love, unless it includes a new Essie nail polish. I am here to tell you to love your feet and avoid that mad Summer rush when you realise that your dry calloused toes have to go on show. 

If you take a second to think about what we put our feet through, you will immediately feel sorry for them. They carry us every day, they get squished into too tight but oh so pretty shoes so let us give them 20 minutes of tlc a week.

Step One: Apply a foot mask. That's right, we have masks for face, hair and now feet. My mask of choice is the Lush Volcano Foot Mask which is a clay based mask with all sorts of nice ingredients which will do a multitude of things from softening the feet, drawing out any smellies and just freshen 'em up in general. My suggestion would be to apply and rub in a decent layer of this and then pop your feet into some sandwich bags and let them rest for as long as your can take the minty tingle. 

Step Two: After you have new post-mask feet I like to go to town with my Ped Egg. The pedd-egg is perhaps the least glamorous items I own but is also one of my most indispensable item. Whether you have callouses, flaky skin or worse problems such as corns, the ped-egg is your friend. Scrub 'em and keep scrubbing until your arm gets sore!

Step Three: After pedd-egging 3 pounds of skin off of your feet, follow up with your richest, favourite foot cream. My ultimate is from L'Occitane however any cream will do, be it hand, foot or body. Just make sure it is packed with Shea Butter. Really slather this on and then pop on the snuggliest socks you own and reeee-lax.

Step Four: Wake up with new born baby feet as they will be that smooth. Then continue this weekly routine 'til you have feet that could melt they are that soft.

What are your favourite foot loving products?


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