Let me introduce to you a new brand Lemongrass House. Lemongrass House is an international brand which has been introduced to the UK online and in Trinity Leeds.

About the brand:

Lemongrass House are fresh, handmade spa products from Thailand. Our formulas are based on a deeply rooted environmental commitment. All our ingredients are derived from safe, renewable resources. They contain no animal ingredients and have not been tested on animals. Simple but attractive packaging from recycled and recyclable materials is used. 

All our products are handmade one kilo at a time, and are based on the highly specialized science of Aromatherapy and contain no parabens, SLS sulphates, dyes or perfumes.

Established in Asia in 1996, Lemongrass House products are known and loved worldwide for their integrity, creativity and quality, and are also supplied to some of the world's top five & six star Hotels and Spas. 

I was lucky enough to recieve a few items from the brand as I am Leeds based and a lover of natural skincare! I received the Lemongrass Face CleanserFrangipani Shower Gel and Shea and Blue Chamomile Hand Cream.

Lemongrass Face Cleanser* - (£14.75) A look at the ingredients show that there are no nasties in this product. Some of the top ingredients include kernel oil and aloe vera. This cleanser isn't one to lather up and has more of a thin gel like texture. I enjoy using this product as my morning cleanse as I find that it leaves my skin feeling refreshed and awakened plus the lemony scent is so invigorating. I wouldn't recommend this as your evening cleanse as I prefer something more clarifying after a day of being outside and wearing make-up. This cleanser is great for all skin types as it doesn't strip the face of any oils or leave a residue. I would hugely recommend this for sensitive skins as it is natural and aloe vera is a fantastic soothing ingredient which aids with countless skin problems.

Frangipani Shower Gel* - (£6.95) Again this doesn't have any nasties in it. It cleans my body nicely and is just an all round good shower gel. There isn't much of a frangipani/marzipan smell to this product which is a shame however some of their other scents may smell stronger? It lathers very, very nicely to say there are no sulphates in the ingredients.Overall, it is a good natural shower gel which is at a reasonable price so is pretty guilt free.

Shea & Blue Chamomile Hand Cream* - (£7.95) I love hand creams. I have somehow accumulated more than 6 hand creams in a short few months! Whilst testing this out I have it on my bedside table so that I can feel the difference from the night to the morning. Let's start, the cream sinks into the skin well and not a lot is needed at all. It doesn't leave a waxy or sticky feeling and leaves hands smooth. With continued use I have found that my hands are a lot smoother and are wonderfully soft in the morning. I think hand creams are a wonderful indulgence! This one is great, although the scent is a little strong however doesn't linger, and I would recommend this if you want a friendly hand cream.

Overall, I have loved the products I have tried from the brand. Their packaging isn't too great however this isn't a bad sign, many brands spend more money on aesthetics than ingredients so do not be put off that this isn't in sleek glass jars. Quality over aesthetics people! 

If you are interested in trying products from this brand and are Leeds based then check out their store in the Trinity Leeds or online at http://www.lemongrasshouse.co.uk/.

Have you tried anything from Lemongrass House?

*PR Samples

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Now when it comes to skin care, I usually reach for something a little more expensive. Now I am not a snob when it comes to the highstreet however I like good ingredients in my skincare and results. So I thought that today I would come at you with my favourite affordable high-street face masks!

These masks are aimed at de congesting so are great for blemish prone skins. I have other favourite masks for other skin problems (see: The Body Shop, see: Lush). However these have such fantastic results with my skin and leaves it feeling so clean and fresh without it feeling tight or stripped.

Simple Kind To Skin Deep Cleansing Face Mask £3.99 - The cheapest of the three by far. This little gem I love for small pimples or when my skin feels thirsty and a little clogged. It isn't one I reach for when I am having a huge outbreak as I don't find it that clarifying. However it is great for de-congesting the skin whilst leaving it smooth as it isn't too abrasive and is extremely gentle on the skin. A must have for sensitive skins and for when your face isn't feeling top condition however isn't in meltdown. 

Soap & Glory Fab Pore Facial Peel £10 - Quite a price difference jump here I know however this is certainly a cleansing de-congesting mask. It has little beads which you massage and burst when applying it onto your face and it feels wonderful and tingly. This is certainly one I reach for when I have some unsightly breakouts on my face which I want to tame. This is full of salicylic acid to kill that spot producing bacteria and is a great one to really clean out the pores! Fantastic face mask if you aren't a fan of mud masks and want something that works without the hefty price tag.

Vichy NormaDerm TriActive Cleansing 3-in-1 Cleanser Scrub and Mask £11 (sample size in photo) - Now this, I guess, is worth the money as you can use this as a cleanser, scrub AND mask! Multi-use product at its best! As you may have suspected, the mask has beads in it. I like to massage it into my face to initially scrub any dirt our of my pores and leave the mask on to do its thing then re-scrub it off with water to again give that little bit of extra exfoliation. Like the S&G mask, this has a nice tingly feeling and is very clarifying which leaves my skin feeling clean and bacteria free. Again this is one I reach for when my skin feels clogged, is a little blemished and needs a good clean out. In the picture is a sample size and the full bottle is 125ml so you get your bang for your buck here!

What's your favourite face mask?

There is currently a competition on my blog to win some little goodies from me, please Enter Here for your chance to win!
Today is going to be something a little bit exciting. When I began my blog I bought a few little gifts in the hopes that one day I would have enough readers to give them to. Now this isn't a huge competition with a huge prize but this is just a little something from me to you to say a huge thank you for supporting and following my blog.

One lucky winner shall receive a Clinique Almost Lipstick Gift Set, a Body Shop Body Butter Trio and a Burts Bees Gift Set. I chose these as I personally use all of these products and love them a lot so wanted to share some of my favourite things with you!

How to enter:

1.  Be a follower of my blog through either Bloglovin, or GFC. 
2. Leave a comment below stating which item you would like to win.
3. Follow my twitter page so that you will be alerted when the winner is announced!

The competition will be running for the next two weeks so will end on the 12th of August, this is when the winner will be announced. 

Hopefully you will enjoy this and one of you can receive a present from me. With every goal my blog achieves and with its growth, the more and more give aways I shall present!

Get entering!
As you may, or may not, know I have recently returned from a wonderful holiday in Gran Canaria. During this time I got some good old products together and tested them out. Here I present to you my cut of the essential in flight beauty products to keep your skin healthy and hydrated and make sure you look jet-lag free and beautifully natural when you step off that plane.

When travelling your skin can get dehydrated and irritated due to air conditioning, stress and changes to your hormones and body clock. There are a few things you can do to combat that tight dehydrated feeling and keep your skin happy. 

First things first, if you wear make up then remove it with a face wipe! If not then we can get straight to my lovely products. Apply your eye cream! Keep those peepers bright and hydrated, you can use any sample you have hanging around or decant your own eye cream. I wanted something rich so I decanted my Khiels Creamy Eye Treatment with Avocado which is one of my favourites. Then apply a moisture mask, something like the Origins Drink Up Intensive Overnight Mask (sample size) as it smells delicious like peaches and sinks into the skin, leaving no visible colour or mask. This will hydrate your skin more than your regular day or night cream and protect it whilst in the air. To give the lips a little hydration you can use any of your favourite lip balms, my pick is the Jack Black Intense Therapy Lip Balm as it is very hydrating however is lovely and minty so makes you feel nice and fresh. For the hair I love the Phyto 7 hair cream as it is very easy, not oily or sticky so is the best for travelling or keeping in your bag as it is basically a moisturiser for your hair, lovely lovely lovely! What I found extremely useful, especially on the returning flight was the Caudalie Divine Oil (sample size) which is a spray on multi-use oil which can be used for the face, body and hair. Great if you are extra dry in the hair or face, to lock in that extra moisture. However, what I loved this for was moisturising the skin after a week in the sun, it tends to dry patches, sore skin and keeping your skin moisturised to prolong that tan! This oil sinks in quickly, smells nice and isn't at all messy. 

For make up I only have to picks. For the base is the Origins Vitazing Energy-boosting Moisturiser which not only moisturises the face to give a fresh, plumped appearance but has little beads which provide a sheer wash of colour to even out the skin tone and give a dewy glow. A favourite of mine as it really does provide a natural glowing finish. Finally is the Mac Brows, my shade is in Spiked, which I use to fill in any gaps in my eyebrows. I do this lightly to provide a natural look as I don't want to look like I have make up on and after a long flight, I don't really fancy applying mascara just to have to remove it when I get to the hotel. However, this can always be swapped for your favourite mascara to awaken your eyes or a nice pink blush to brighten the face.

What are your in-flight essentials?
Hello there! So today is going to be a little different. I recently got sent a hair piece by hothair and I must say I was a little hesitant at first. I'm not really a hair person. My hair is naturally straight and I don't do anything to it, ever. If I try then I fail or it falls out after 2 hours. However, I am trying to be a little bit more playful and experiment more with my hair which is why I have come at you with this post. 

This braid is so easy to use and has inspired me and my hair. 
Here are some shots with some of my favourite ways to wear it!

Look 1.

Look 2.

Look 3,

Look 4.

HotHair is available in the UK and online
They specialise in wigs, hair extensions and hair pieces. The Triple Twist Head Band* featured in this post retails at £15.

Do you have a favourite hair piece?
*pr sample
So when I found this new beauty box created by the British Beauty Blogger  I was extremely excited with the amazing contents and rushed to by it (unfortunately now sold out). At the mere price of £15 for 14 sample and full size products, how could I resist?

As you can see there are some brilliant products thrown in there which I have been dying to try and am now able to at the fraction of the price! Not only do you get the products but you also get a booklet explaining why each item was picked and what it is and various discounts from certain brands featured in the box.

Now you know this is a great box when even your mother says "ooh, I wouldn't mind having a box like that every month". That is a double stamp of approval from the Coquet Household!

Hopefully next month will be just as GREAT! Hurry when they go on sale as they sell fassst and there is currently no subscription option. 

Have you tried the BBBB?
Well hello there readers, today I bring to you a rather exciting opportunity. Venus & Olay in partnership with Whitney Port and Talenthouse are inviting fashion designers to create original illustration sketches of a day or evening two-piece outfit, which will be worn by Whitney in an advertorial feature in Glamour magazine, to celebrate Venus & Olay joining forces for the first time. I told you, exciting! 

This is a fantastic opportunity for any undiscovered aspiring designers or those with a great hand at art who have a dream to work in fashion. If you have the talent then I urge you to try out for this competition, you have nothing to lose! 

Competition Guidlines

  • Participants should take inspiration from Venus & Olay's colour pallet of Golden Metallics and feminine, glamourous style.
  • Outfit must comprise of two pieces that make a stylish combination, such as a short and blazer or a skirt and top.
  • Judges are looking for unique and outstanding fashion designs that give Whitney Port the chance to show off her gorgeous goddess legs!

  • The Prize
    One winning fashion designer will be selected by guest judge Whitney Port to have their two-piece design produced by experts. The winning design will feature in an exclusive advertorial in Glamour Magazine‘s January 2014 print issue. In addition, the winner will also have their designs featured on Beauty
    Recommended in an article online (www.beautyrecommended.com) and receive a signed and framed portfolio image of Whitney wearing their design. And to top this off, the winner will receive £1,000 bursary towards their future creative projects.

    If you are interested in this competition and want to read more about it and enter simply click on this link and it will take you straight to the information page and simply click Participate to submit your entries. 

    The deadline for submissions is August 7, 2013. Good luck to you all!
    A primer for the lashes? Yes! This is the Dior Lash Plumping Serum. No it is not a serm to plump your lashes but a primer. You apply it before your regular mascara and it adds length and volume when you apply your mascara over the top of it.

    I do like to use this when I want more dramatic lashes. My lashes are quite short and nothing special at all, I curl them almost every day as they really do need that extra help. I find that this does give my lashes a fuller look without being clumpy. It is a great product and I really do enjoy using it, I find that it works with all my mascaras however I prefer to use something more volumising such as Revlon Grow Luscious.

    These are the results with mascara applied on both lashes, with the right eye having had the primer. Hopefully you can see the difference in thickness!

    Overall, I enjoy this product. It doesn't give false lash effect however it does help give fuller lashes and keep them full and black for many hours. I have found that I do not need to re-apply some mascara on days I have used this! It is a nice product however not essential. Will I repurchase this when I run out? I really don't know. I might find I don't have a need for it or I may find that I miss it and run out to buy it. Perhaps the highstreet will come out with a good, cheaper alternative as this retails at around £23 which isn't cheap but works out cheaper than buying a pair of false lashes every time I want some extra fullness!

    Have you tried the Diorshow Maximizer Lash Plumping Serum?
    Welcome to my Summer Brights! Today I bring you LIPS!


    1. NARS Velvet Matte - Red Square




    RIMMEL KATE - 110

    After writing some thoughts on the Garnier Body Ultimate Beauty Oil it got me thinking about other oils which I like and a duo immediately sprung to mind. A duo from L'Occitane. 

    Let's begin with my favourite and holy grail shower item the L'Occitane Almond Shower Oil. This shower oil is incredible. I use this sparingly due to the price (£17.50), I don't use this for cleansing but as an alternative for shaving foam. I have never been a fan of shaving foams as I find that they do nothing better than soap lather. This however moisturises the skin and is the only product which has stopped shaving rashes in those (ahem) sensitive areas. So ladies, and gentlemen, if you have any areas on your body which suffer from shaving rashes and bumps then try this as it may be the miracle worker for you that it was for me!

    Secondly let us move onto the Fleur Marveilleuses Shimmer Body Oil. Once you are post-shaving smooth and if you have shaved for an outing I love to apply some shimmering body oil as it not only works as your moisturiser but adds a subtle glow and radiance to your skin! I have to say that any oil with shimmer will do, this is just the one I am using at the moment. However, especially in the summer, I find that a little bit of shimmer oil makes all the difference to my legs, arms and d├ęcolletage! I look like I have spent hours slaving away during the week moisturising, drinking lots of water, working out, fake tanning and doing all the things which would naturally give me this glow! A great one for summer evenings out or even for some extra pool-side glamour!

    Have you been oiling it up this Summer?
    Having heard ALOT about Anastasia Beverly Hills I spent more than a month pondering over what to buy from them? I thought about falling into the herd and buying the Brow Wiz however I have a fantastic relationship with Mac Brows, which is cheaper, and would feel as though I were cheating on it. When you have this kind of commitment, it is difficult to let go. Due to some adolescent over-plucking I have a little gap I need to fill which powder just doesn't fill so when I stumbled upon the Brow Genius Kit, it really was love at first brow.

    The kit comes with a mini double ended spooly-brush, a brow powder and a gel. You mix a little powder and a little gel onto the lid of the powder with the brush until you make a kind of brow-cream. Brush through your brows with the spooly and apply the brow colour with the brush! Voila, beautiful brows!

    The amazing thing about this product is the longevity! The Brow Genius Kit is a water-resistant product which is great for warm muggy climates. It is great for swimmers and even for holidays. I tested this out on hot days, in showers and even in a paddling pool and this stuff stayed put! It really is amazing and there are no more patchy-brow problems post-swim. Unfortunately it only comes in 2 shades: Brunette (my shade) and Medium Brown. It is a reasonable price at £18 which, I find, to be fantastic quality for money as I imagine this will last me for a few months. Overall, an unbelievable brow product.

    Which is your favourite brow product?

    Welcome to my Summer Brights series which will include: Nails, Lips and Eyes where I shall been picking my 5 favourite bright summer products! Today let us do Nails!

    1. Rimmel Salon Pro Kate - Hip Hop

    2. Rimmel Lasting Finish - Sunshine

    3. Maybelline Super Stay Gel Nail - Hot Salsa

    4. Essie Cute As A Button

    5. NCLA Nail Wraps in Umoja

    What will you be sporting on your nails this Summer?
    Doing a last minute holiday shop I  had a very quick browse over the Topshop make-up. New in where some bronzers which I decided to give a quick swatch and what I felt was an incredibly buttery smooth powder which I could not leave the shop without!

    Let us start with the packaging. Topshop packaging is always cute however it is now a little more classy having swapped for white plastic to silver metal. It looks quite expensive and Dior-esque. The two items I picked up were the bronzer in Sandcastle and the illuminator in Reflect.

    The new bronzer comes in two shades: Sandcastle and Mohawke. I opted for Sandcastle as it was the less orange of the two and quite a subtle bronzer (for my skin tone). It is the softest bronzer I have ever come across, it is quite literally buttery in texture which equals in seamless blending. The shade is beautiful for light-medium skin tones as it isn't very orange and is subtle so you can build it up and use it to add a golden glow. It is matte with absolutely no shimmer. If you are looking for a good quality bronzer which isn't muddy and just gives a bronzed glow this is the one for you and you won't have to go spending a fortune as it is only £9!

    The Illuminator is intended to be used as a multi-functional product, you can mix all the colours for a shimmery bronzed glow or use each colour individually for highlight, blush and contour. I find that it is too shimmery to contour. I think it works perfectly as a shimmery bronzer as it is very soft, not glittery and has a champagne shimmer so isn't muddy or orange. It would also be a great highlighter for darker skin tones as it wouldn't be too ashy. Perhaps if they marketed this as just a bronzer and/or highlighter it would have been a winner however it is a little falsely advertised as it couldn't really work as a blush or contour. The price at £12 is still relatively cheap for the quality and texture however is pushing the highstreet budget a little.

    Have you tried the new Bronzer or Illuminator?
    Today I am to set off for a weeks holiday! Don't worry, I have posts prepared for you whilst I am away and I will be preparing holiday posts for when I return so in a week get ready for holiday related, spf, empties, waterproof posts!

    As I will be away, replies to comments may be sparse but know that I love you all and when I touch down in England replying will be my number one priority! 

    Finally, when I return do not be worried thinking some nice tan lady has hijacked my blog. It is only me with a tan! haha :)

    I will speak to you all personally again in a week! See you soon!!!!

    Summer has officially arrived, not only do I mean in the literal sense of the dates of the year but also the glorious weather we have been experiencing in England. Anyone would think we were on a tropical Island! Due to this heat wave, covering up has been a no no and showing a little skin has been a must however there has been an embarrassing hairy leg occasion which had to be quickly resolved, but which method should I use?

    Epilation - Perhaps the most painful of all three? Certainly the noisiest of all three. I do my epilating with the Braun Silk Epil Epilator and if you can get past the tortuous sounds it makes, it isn't too painful. The idea is that the hair is removed by the root resulting in finer and slower regrowth of hairs. I do find that hair does regrow finer with after use of my epilator however if this is your hair removal of choice or you are interested in epilating be sure to regularly exfoliate as ingrown hairs are perhaps the largest con for epilation. Overall it is a fuss-free long-term method for hair removal.

    Waxing Strips - I do enjoy a good waxing strip. I do not find them too painful and they are relatively quick however they are messy and with regular use can become a little pricey. Waxing is perhaps my least favourite method of choice as it can become expensive, it is sometimes messy and it is the main culprit for my white legs... even after having sat in the sun the previous week! It is however very fast and can have similar long-term advantages like epilation however some prefer waxing to epilation or visa versa.

    Shaving (electric) - I lied. Shaving with an electric shaver is my least favourite of methods. It is the easiest and quickest of all however the least effective as sometimes it misses hairs or it isn't a close shave. It is great for newbies and novices who are a little afraid of cutting whilst shaving or having a more painful hair removal experience so I would say it is great to get started with but if you want smooth hairless legs, I would give this a pass.

    Shaving (manual) - Certainly the most popular of all methods. It can be tricky and best done when you aren't in a rush! It is still my number one method even thought there are no long term benefits however it is the ease of shaving which I enjoy. It is something which must be done regularly, for me at least, so I should take up epilation as my number one method of hair removal however let's face it, shaving really is just easier isn't it?

    Should we adopt a new alpha hair removal method than shaving?


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