Remember Glossier Play?

It seems that ain't a thing anymore, and with that goes the Glossier Colorslide. I believe these didn't sell well and that Glossier's usp (other than effortless natural beauty) is that of every day staples. These everyday staples such as Boy Brow, Lash Slick, Cloud Paint and the Stretch Concealer doesn't really match up with playful makeup. COVID-19 has hit brands hard so I can see other brands following the lead of Glossier's pre-pandemic brand decisions by honing in on what makes their brand unique, and sticking to that to ensure maximum sales of their hero products. It's a smart move to specialise as a brand but I certainly will miss the colour selection of these eyeliners and their longevity...

Below are some of my favourite eyeliners and Glossier products!


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