Every time I walk into boots I can not seem to leave without a new lip balm/butter. I love them for day, I love them for night, I love them for moisture, I love them for gloss, I love them for colour, I love them for scents. 

Basically, I just love them. So I thought I would share the love and let you have a little nosey around my collection and supply you with mini-teeny reviews on them!

As you can see, I like my Korres Lip Butters and have them in: Plum, Rose, Quince and Mango. They are moisturising and add a nice sheen of colour onto the lips, a go to for a quick fuss-free colour when my lips are wanting a little nourishment!

I love the Nivea Lip Butters for their scent! They smell, mmmmmmm, yummy. Unfortunately they are a little white so I don't use them much outside the house but you can be sure that there is always one nearby in my house!

My favourite Vaseline is the Rosy Lips as they give a lovely subtle pink sheen on the lips with mega gloss, the pink bubbly was picked up on a whim and I do like it! I mainly use these as multi-purpose products. I like to use them to add gloss onto the lips, I use them on dry patches on my skin and if I have stubborn eye make up which just won't move! I slather on some Vaseline, gently rub it on my eyes/lashes and then remove it with a damp cotton pad. Easy and effective!

Now these lip balms are THE most DELICIOUS smelling balms EVER. I can assure you every time you apply this at least one person will ask, "oh, what have you just put on? It's lovely". I bought these two at the airport and next time I do any travelling I will certainly pick up more! The flavours I have are Cherry and Passion Fruit.

My two L'Occitane lip balms are rose lip balms as I am crazy about all things rose, they have nice packaging but apart from that they aren't gimicky. They just do the trick. A really good lip balm to help your lips keep silky smooth. These are just fail-safe products.

Even though this is a gloss, the packaging means it is stored with my balms. This is my L'Occitant Lip Gloss, however as I just stated, I treat it as a balm. It is a nice glittery pink that is a fuss-free products (so long as you don't mind finger application)

Nuxe Reve de Miel is certainly one of those hyped products and I must say that the hype is true. I use this only on a night as it is quite thick, it smells like honey which is just yumm. I use it most nights and I have barely made a dent in it so the £10 price tag is certainly worth it as I can see this lasting me a LONG time. Plus it is super effective for anyone who is suffering from dry lips as when you wake up the next day after putting it on you will still feel a thin layer on your lips!

This was yet another impulse Boots buy but I do not regret this. It is in a lovely mint scent which is great to perk you up as it is very refreshing. It is a little bizarre as it feels a little grainy however when rubbed in the grains disappear, however I do quite like feeling the breaking down of the grains. It moisturises my lips well and it is 100% Organic!

Jack Black Lip Balm is technically a "mens" lip balm but don't think us ladies can't use this too! It is very very minty and has almost a tingly feeling on the lips which really does refresh you. I absolutely love this product but am saving it for the summer as the freshness of this is just going to be incredible on any of those warm clammy nights!

Last but not least is a VERY well worn Burt's Bees lip balm in mango. I am not in love with the scent of this product however I find this perhaps the most effective lip balm I have ever tried, after just one application my lips feel sooo smooth and like new. I always have this sitting by me and my laptop.

What's your favourite lip balm/butter?

Nails Inc.

Last month I got a nice manicure from Nails Inc. so treated myself to a few treats, and received a free treat in return!

I bought two Vitamin E Cuticle pens which I am quite enjoying however won't be re-purchasing due to the price, I would much rather something from Sally Hansen. I also bought a fantastic magnetic nail polish in Whitehall! My freebie was a mini top coat trio: top coat, glitter top coat and matte top coat.

My history with foundations has been a rough battle with the high street, the difficulty in finding the right shade under those fluorescent lights, not knowing what finish or coverage to expect and furthermore, the wear time! It really is a guessing game and a trust of instincts. My collection is from a variety of brands and live in the different categories of matte, luminous, sheer and build-able! 

Without further ado, shall we commence?

Revlon Nearly Naked - Natural Beige

The Revlon Nearly Naked (£8.99) is the newest addition to my family. It has gained the title of my favourite foundation and has me reaching for it day-in day-out! It is said to be a sheer coverage foundation but if you like more coverage, don't let that put you off. I find this extremely build-able and it really does blur imperfections and even out the skin tone. Due to its 'naked' feel when layered to give a higher coverage there is no powedery-ness or cakey-ness in sight! I feel as though many other foundations are ok however I have never really fell in love with a high street foundation until I tried this, I feel I could easily throw away all my other foundations and keep this!


Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation - Soft Beige

 The Rimmel Wake Me Up  Foundation (£8.99) is an illuminating foundation, it has shimmer so is great for when your skin needs a little bit of a pick-me-up. It is quite sheer in coverage so I would definitely recommend concealer for any imperfections, overall I like this foundation, when my skin is looking clear but a little dull it is great and gives me a summer glow as I have found these foundation to be quite warm-toned.

Rimmel Match Perfect Foundation - True Ivory

The Rimmel Match Perfection Foundation (£6.99) is supposed to adjust to your shade, this I am unsure of, maybe it does, maybe it doesn't but my eye has not noticed a change of colour when applied. This bottle was originally my mums however it isn't her colouring (she is warmer than I am) so I started using it. It is a good foundation, it is build-able and quite natural on the skin. A great every-day foundation that doesn't cause oiliness or highlight dryness.

Maybelline Fit Me Foundation - 120

The Maybelline Fit Me Foundation (£7.99) is quite build-able a light-medium coverage with a natural to dewy finish. The colour is great for my olive toned skin however I understand why some people haven't got along with this foundation as it hasn't provided a great colour range for you cooler toned ladies. For me however, this is a great foundation and leaves me looking nice and healthy.

Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation - 53

The Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation (£10.99) has had much a hype in a beauty blogosphere, I however was disappointed with this product. It's a good foundation but it didn't surprise me in any way, I do however want to try the Serum to see if that foundation is any better? Overall, a good foundation but not a great one!

L'Oreal True Match Foundation - ?

The L'Oreal True Match Foundation (£10.29) is another one of those colour adjusting foundation, this shade is too light for me, I can blend it out and it makes me look a nice porcelain colour. It is build-able and I would say a good medium-coverage foundation, I find that a lot of foundations from the high street don't provide a good enough coverage but if your looking for something to cover those imperfections I would recommend this!

Max Factor Face Finity All Day Flawless Foundation - Beige 55

The Max Factor Face Finity All Day Flawless Foundation (£11.99) claims to be a 3-in-1 Primer, Foundation and Concealer. It is a medium-heavy coverage foundation with quite a matte finish, great for long wear colour, if you find your skin oily or your foundation wears off after a short few hours this may be the foundation for you. I find the finish a little too matte but if I need my foundation to last without touch-ups I reach for this! See a full review here.

What's your favourite high street foundation?
Dior Nail Glow

For the past week I see myself wanting to sport a clean nail and have been reaching for this little gem. The Dior Nail Glow is a new addition to their, and my, collection. As with their other glow products it works with the pH Balance to adjust its shade to fit you (cool, right!?) Whether this shade differs from nail to nail I do not know however I am in love with the finish of it!

On my nails it leaves them it a very subtle pink sheen and a very clean glossy coat! It is perfect for that polished, effortless, perfect look! Plus, if you struggle to find a colour for the perfect French Manicure, this is certainly it as I find myself with shades too pink, too pale, too opaque and this really does give you the perfect nail colour!

I apply this without a base coat, to let it do its magic pH balancing thang!  A very quick and easy look! Perfect for those on the rush as two coats and you are done (as opposed to base coat, two coats of your chosen colour then top coat) In my opinion it is a winner, despite its hefty price tag of £18!

BEFORE - Without polish
AFTER - With polish

What is your favourite "polished" colour?
Whilst getting ready last Tuesday I decided I wanted to go for a pink lip, I wanted the pigmentation of a lipstick but the shine of a gloss so I reached for my Rimmel Lasting Finish Lip Liner in 004 Indian Pink and topped it with Revlons Colourburst Lipgloss in 006 Strawberry

After this small dalliance in mixing, I think I might start becoming a little bit more creative and combine other products in the future and trust me, if I hit something great, they will definitely be shared!

What's your favourite lip combo?
I have been hoarding my empties in the corner of my room to bring you this video, here are some products I have been used up in the past few months!

Why hello there, I just thought I would inform those, who did not know that following blogs through google is soon to be a thing of the past, therefore I urge you to follow me through bloglovin' so that you don't miss any of my posts! So if my modest lovelies could follow me now on Bloglovin' I would be ever so grateful, see you in the next post! xx

This lipstick is the perfect, most affordable orange red I have found, it is not too orange, not too red, a perfect bright lip colour for Spring and Summer, I have been absolutely LOVING this lipstick!! Plus at the price of £7.19 (you could get it cheaper on 3for2) I have no complaints! I am in love!

What's your favourite bright red or orange-red lipstick?

And the long awaited YSL Glossy Stain dupe has arrived in the UK (finally!)

L'Oreal have released their new GlamShine Stain Splash, a wet gloss which dries into a long-lasting stain. The product itself is beautifully packaged  and looks very luxurious for it's £7.99 price tag. The formulation is very similar to the YSL Glossy Stains, the L'Oreal ones are a little more liquid in consistency and are less glossy however the stain works just as well as the YSL. The colour range is a little disappointing, the lighter colours were not very effective on my lips and well if bought would have been a waste of money. I advise that you do swatch whichever colours you want as they are different than shown in the packaging when applied. I decided to buy Princess (coral), Juliet (red) and Milady (plum)- all deep/bright colours. The colours are not opaque but are build-able so you can decide how sheer or how deep you want your stain to be. The stains stick around for a ver so I am very impressed at the quality and packaging of these gloss stains. PLUS they smell delicious, not as good as the YSL, but still yummmmmy (like raspberry yoghurt).

Overall, if you had always lusted over the YSL Glossy Stains then I would definitely say "go to L'oreal! It is just as good and SO much cheaper!!!" Especially seen as L'Oreal owns YSL so the formulations are going to be very similar and have the same applicator.

Milady, Juliet, Princess

Wiped off: Milady, Juliet, Princess

Have you tried the L'Oreal Paris GlamShine Stain Splash' yet? Which is your favourite colour?


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