Were you distracted by that glitter on my eyes? Good, because that's what we are here to talk about!
Let's discuss the Glossier Play Glitter Gelée in Phantasm...

Isn't she just beautiful? 

The Glossier Glitter Gelée in Phantasm is a thick, sparkly glitter formula with a clear base that holds both chunky holographic glitter and small specks of violet and pink sparkles. Basically, imagine a unicorn sneezing, that's what this is.

Before I continue, I want to get some controversial shit out of the way, before reviewing the performance of this glitter.

1. No, the glitter isn't a 'bio' glitter (made from plants vs plastic). 
What this means: Yes, it is bad for fish in the sea. However, the plastic in this glitter is in many, many cosmetic products such as your mascara. Any consumer industry causes a negative impact on the environment, that is just a fact of life. Glossier will be reformulating these to be 'bio' glitters, so if you shudder of the thought of plastic in makeup, simply wait to purchase. However, please do not feel like the devil if you do want to purchase these. To be more eco-friendly, make sure you are removing them responsibly (I use an oil cleanser around the eyes and then wipe them off with some tissue/a cotton round). Finally, remember that being a wonderful eco warrior doesn't mean a select few doing it perfectly, it is millions of people doing it imperfectly.  If you want to read more about 'bio' plastic, Lemonhead LA have written a great article here.

2. They aren't safe for the lips
Some people have read in to this claiming that if they aren't safe for the lips, then they aren't safe for the eyes. There are no disclaimers stating these aren't safe for the eyes but please use your own judgement with this. If you have very sensitive eyelids, don't bother. They have a slight burning sensation upon application but when I say burning I don't mean, ouch, I mean I can feel them setting on the lids. Do not put these anywhere near your water line, do not scrub your eyes when they are on and do not put them on your lips. If you are uncomfortable with the idea of glitter near such a delicate area, don't wear them. Please use your own judgement, play with them safely and remove the responsibly. 

So, what's bad about these glitters? Honestly, they are tiny. They come in at £12 for 3g of product whereas the original 'grown up' glitter brand Lemonhead.LA come in at £20 for 15g. So, if you're wanting these to add more intensity to an eye look, it is fine however if you are wanting to bring a pot of hassle free glitter to a festival to put all over your faces, hair and body, you'll definitely not have enough here.

The glitters claim to be hassle-free, long wearing and comfortable. I've seen mixed reviews online but I have to preface my review by explaining that these are meant to be those fun school girl glitters but for the grown up. They aren't a revolutionary glitter that will elevate all makeup game and be the most easy to apply in the world, that isn't the point of them. No, they aren't the most comfortable, barely-there eyeshadow in the world. Yes, they can be a little fiddly. Of course they might fall out if you're wearing them for long periods of time. But if you just want to have a little sparkly fun, they really are great!

I only bought the shade Phantasm as I love how unique it is, making it worth the price. I found it applied easily enough when patting down. They also make a silicone brush? pointer?, well a silicone applicator, which helps place the chunkier pieces of glitter down, with more precision.

 I think if you want some effortless fun, not too perfect and not to be taken seriously, glitter then these are excellent. If you want more perfected makeup then, maybe not. I personally really enjoy these types of glitter but more and more are coming on the market so you have a lot to choose from. I would recommend forgetting about the brand and picking the colours you enjoy the most.

For an affordable version see: Colourpop Glitterally Obsessed, $8 for 15g. Available in 14 shades.

For the Glossier selection see: Glossier Glitter Gelée £12 for 3g, Available in 4 shades available.

For the original creators see: Lemonhead.LA £20-£26 for 15g. Available in 3 formulas, and in 19 shades.

For the ones who want 'perfect' glitter see: Stila Magnificent Metals Glitter and Glow Liquid Eyeshadow £24 for 4.5ml. Available in 17 shades.

Have you tried any 'grown up' glitter formulas? 
What's your favourite way to wear them?

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