Concealers aren't the most exciting topic however they are perhaps one of the trickiest and most important products to get right. A bad concealer can immediately age the skin, sinking into fine lines, making skin look dry and dehydrated and making your make-up application look blotchy and heavy-handed. A good concealer can make the eyes look brighter and awake, make the skin look smooth and perfected and just give a general air of natural perfection. If you are looking for the latter then Dior concealers are goood concealers.

Dior And The Under Eye Concealer
My battle with under eye concealers is constantly ongoing. It seems that I am perhaps the pickiest person in the world when it comes to what I apply under my peepers. The Dior Hydra Life BB Eye Cream is my one true love and holds Holy Grail status in the under eye concealer department. I will start with the cons, this concealer is very expensive. Very expensive. And it only comes in two shades, both of which are light-medium so those with medium-dark skin won't be able to find a shade for them in this collection. However, if you have light-medium skin and can swallow the price tag then this is the perfect concealer. Why? Because it is the most natural looking concealer I have ever found. I don't have hereditary dark circles or bags but being a student, I do suffer from lack of sleep, especially now that deadlines have commenced. This concealer combats any darkness under the eyes and brightens things up whilst sinking into the skin and giving a natural finish to the skin. Due to its light weight coverage and finish, this isn't suitable for imperfections or blemishes but if you want the skin under your eyes to look natural yet perfected, this is the one for you.

Dior And The Skin Perfecting Concealer
The Diorskin Star foundation was one of my favourite finds last year and continues to be one of the most beautiful foundations I own, it covers the skin yet leaves it looking incredibly natural and slightly dewy. If you loved the foundation, chances are you will love the concealer. This is a heavy coverage concealer that is super smooth and creamy so it blends into the skin rather than just sitting on top of it like other high coverage concealers can. The thick yet cream consistency feels quite bouncy and elastic so dry patches aren't a problem, it doesn't set completely matte but leaves a natural finish. By 'natural' finish, I mean that perfect balance between dewy and matte so it never looks dry, cakey or unnatural. Basically? This is a fuss free yet high coverage concealer that takes no effort and works perfectly every time.

Dior And The Smoothing Concealer
Have you ever had a cold and then suffered from a dry nose which refuses to co-operate with make-up? Or perhaps flaky, textured skin which become exaggerated with the application of concealer? Worry no more because the Dior Hydrating Concealer is, as the name suggests, a hydrating concealer. However, the magic isn't how this makes your skin feel but how it makes your skin look. It smooths over any dry patches, working just like a good moisturiser. Yet, unlike just a good moisturiser, this provides a medium coverage, getting rid of any unwanted redness. Overall, this is a light weight concealer that provides a good coverage and works where other concealers just don't. 

Have you tried any Dior concealers? Which was your favourite?

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