The Clinique High Impact Extreme Mascara has quite the reputation on the blogosphere. When I tried it, it didn't quite work for me, it wasn't bad but I had other mascaras I preferred. However, when I passed it on to my mother, she loved it. When I opened the Max Factor Masterpiece Transform Mascara, I immediately though that the spikey plastic brush was similar to the Clinique mascara, but did it work the same?

My suspicions were correct, the Max Factor mascara gave the same full and voluminous effect that the Clinique did. However, as somebody who didn't love the Clinique, again, I handed this over to my mother and the mascara performed just as well as the Clinique. These mascaras are quite thick and coat every single lash, resulting in a very full yet defined look. I look for some length alongside volume in my mascaras however if you loved the Clinique mascara and were searching for a cheaper alternative, I would definitely recommend this mascara from Max Factor.

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