Some girls struggle with foundation, some struggle with primers, my make-up battle has always been with concealer, too heavy, too bright, I really am the Goldilocks of the concealer world, never finding the one that is just right. Through my desperate search to find the perfect concealer I have tried numerous hyped about concealers, some getting my approval and others being immediately shunned from my make-up collection. This blog is usually a place of positivity however today I am going to be sharing three concealers which I really didn't get on with and why so that if you have the same feelings about concealer as I do then we can share are frustrations and discover some gems together.

Nars Creamy Concealer
I think that everybody and their mum has fallen in love with this concealer but however hard I tried, I just couldn't make it work for me. This concealer was hyped up to be the best, most versatile concealer which has a good coverage, is moisturising yet doesn't crease. So why didn't I like it? Well, on the face, it was fine, it covered redness but it didn't quite cut covering blemishes as I prefer a waxier formula for spots as the concealer really stays put, this seemed to vanish quite quickly from the skin leaving my blemishes bare for all to see. However, where I struggled with it the most was under the eyes. It just didn't look good and I found it quite ageing as it does set and leaves a slightly powdery finish which, under the eyes, I am really not a fan of and have found much better concealers to use under the eyes.

Collection Concealer
Now this concealer is one I have never liked and will never understand why people like it. Maybe if you have very oily, very smooth skin this will be excellent however for everybody else, just go to Maybelline or L'Oreal for a good concealer. This concealer is so drying and ageing and I will never understand the hype on this one, sorry!

L'Oreal True Match Pencil Concealer
This concealer isn't one that has been hyped about but I thought I would pick it up as when swatched they were so creamy however this, just like the others, had a very ageing effect and looked quite dry on the skin, especially under the eyes. However, I find that for touching up blemishes throughout the day, this is excellent as it is creamy enough to blend out but the slightly powdery finish doesn't highlight your blemishes and leaves a smooth matte texture. 

I know that some of these are very loved concealers however I am extremely picky with my under eye concealers and these just didn't quite cut it and if you struggle with under eye concealers like I do then stick around as I will follow up this post with some excellent suggestions!

What are your most hated concealers?

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