A few months ago Urban Decay released their electrics palette, a palette of vibrant pressed pigments. I have many a neutral palette so knew that this one palette would fill any colorful gaps in my collection. Even though they are incredibly bright and vibrant shades, they can be used to create interesting yet subtle looks.

At first glimpse, you can see the variety that this palette provides and the intense colours they have created. There are a mix of blues, greens, pinks and purples and even an oranfe and a silver shade. As they are pigments, the quality is incredible and has unbelievable colour pay-off.

As you can see, I wasn't lying about the colour pay-off. They are opaque and true to pan so you know exactly what you are getting when looking at the palette. One thing to note is just how intensely opaque these are... they will stain your skin. In order to make such a long-lasting vibrant colour the pigments will actually stain on your skin. In order to avoid this please wear a primer. If they do stain, don't worry and don't tug at your eyes, just wash your face with an oil/balm and gentle massage the eyes. Hopefully by the time you wash your face in the morning and apply your makeup the next day you won't see it.

So let's get into the wearable looks I have created which start from subtle to something a little smokier and intense. I have used a mix of shades from the Urban Decay Electric Palette but I have also used some shades from the Urban Decay Naked Basics Palette in all of these looks.

Look One
This look is the most subtle of the three. I applied a shimmery-beige shade onto the lids and inner corners of my eyes to brighten and open my eyes. I then went in with a taupe-grey shade and blended that through the crease, making sure to evenly diffuse the colour. I then went in with the orange shade Slowburn on a fluffy brush and blended this into the crease and lightly onto the outer v of the eye. In order to make this shade wearable, blending is key, be persistent. Once everything is blended out, it will look like the sun is setting in your eyes. To finish it off, apply a creamy beige shade into the waterline and mascara on the lashes!

Look Two
Here we get a little bit more daring however it can be tweaked to be more subtle or intense depending on personal preference. It is an incredibly simple look and can actually be done with any shade in the palette. I simply took an angled liner brush and worked it into the shade Chaos and lined the upper lash line, to give a little more dimension, I applied the lighter blue shade Gonzo on the inner corner lash line giving a subtle gradation of colour. I then took a blue eyeliner onto the water line and tight line, blending liner into the bottom lashline to smoke and balance things out. Don't forget to apply lashings of mascara to make things a little more wearable.

Look Three
The final look is perhaps my favourite and one I can't wait to rock on a night out as it is rock-star glamour at its best. I started off by applying a cream black eyeshadow all over the lid and messily blended it out, this will act as a base and will also intensify the shade. Whilst the eyeshadow is still tacky, I applied the beautiful purple shade Jilted all over the lid, pressing it into the cream eyeshadow and applied some onto the lower lash line. To darken things up a little, I took the darker purple shade Urban and appled this on the outer edge of the eye. To finish this off and make it a little smokier and seductive, I took a matte black shade into the outer v, making sure to apply only a little and blend it out. Finish with a purple liner on the water line and mascara and you have a vibrant smoky eye that will definitely turn a few heads!

Have you tried the Urban Decay Electrics Palette?

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  1. I'm not a big fan of this palette because my favourite shades are nudes and browns but I really loved the looks you've created specially the #3 ;)



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