There are two beautiful brown toned blushes from Nars, Madly and Luster. When I first was choosing which to buy, I thought they were incredibly similar and wondered which one I should buy? Of course I ended up getting both of these blushes and after having used them many a times, I decided to put it all in a post to compare the two shades as they actually are quite different...

At a first glance, you can see that even though they both share the brown tones, the undertones of these blushes differ. On first sight, Madly is a rosy brown, Luster is a a lot more orange based.

Nars Madly (left)       Nars Luster (right)
Swatched side by side you can clearly see the differences in the tones.

Madly is a warm brown with subtle rose undertones. The rose undertones stops this from appearing too much like a bronzer. It has a very subtle shimmer running through it which doesn't translate much when applied onto the cheeks. It is the type of blush that is perfect to add warmth whilst defining. I love to pair this with winged liner and red lips as it doesn't interfere with heavy eyes/lips.

Luster is an orange based brown that leans almost terracota (but not as red). The orange tones adds a lot of warmth. The colour alone may be difficult to wear however the gold shimmer running through it adds some glow into the blush. It isn't a chunky glitter but a subtle sheen on the cheeks. It is great for all of those who love orange shades or who like a bronzed look as this adds warmth and a glow. 

Nars Madly (left)       Nars Luster (right)

Nars Blush available at John Lewis for £21.60-£25*

*Affiliate link used (if you buy through this link I will receive a small commission from the product, without any cost or change to you the buyer, which helps support this blog).

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