BB, CC, We've seen them all. I never fell for the "trap" and just saw all these acronyms as basic bases/foundations, some sheer, some full coverage, some wonderful and some just straight up nasty. For the past two summers, I have been in love with two very special BB creams that are completely different yet both amazing in their own rights. These are the Diorskin Nude BB Creme and the Guerlain Lingerie De Peau BB Beauty Booster.

The Natural BB
If you are a lover of a natural base then the Diorskin BB Creme is the one for you, it creates a perfected base and works to unify your skin tone without really covering the skin. It has a very natural finish, nothing too velvety yet nothing too dewy. It is one of the most skin-like products I have found on the market and one that would please everybody as it has enough coverage to create a beautiful base, yet is light enough in texture and coverage to appeal to those who hate wearing anything on their skin. I love this for natural, i woke up like this days where I apply a small amount into the center of my face or an easy slap-dash days where a pump and a half is enough to make me look good without any hassle.

The Flawless BB
If you are one for a super flawless base, look no further than the Guerlain Lingerie De Peau BB Beauty Booster. This is a super pigmented product that will give you medium-full coverage, without looking cakey or thick on the skin. It isn't a miracle foundation, you can definitely tell you are wearing something on the skin, however it doesn't look heavy. With its flawless coverage, the finish is quite natural, slightly dewy so it looks fresh but the best part? It lasts all day, which is perfect in this heat! It can be sheered out or built up depending on your preference, it is a little pricey however I think that this is an excellent foundation that provides a great SPF, a beautiful finish and leaves the complexion looking perfect. Can I rave about this anymore?

What's your BB Love?

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