Being a great fan of the defined brow, yet lacking thick luscious ones requires me to fill in and define then myself. For this, my preferred method of choice is to use a brow pen/pencil but seen as though I need quite a bit of work done to my brows, I am extremely picky about my products. So I thought I would give you the low-down on some of the brow products I have been using recently.

The Fine Nib
Personally, I much prefer a finer nib. It is precise enough to create a clean shape whilst also providing soft strokes, making any shading look much more natural. I have tried two products with a fine nib which I think totally rock and can not decide which I prefer more?

Anastasia Brow Wiz 
This is a cult brow product if I have ever heard of one. This is a retractable pencil with the finest nib I have found in a brow product. The fine nib can create fake hairs and make brows appear larger, whilst also looking natural. It also comes with a spooly which is amazing. Anastasia do the best spoolies (is that the plural?) as they are very small yet dense so blend out the product without erasing it or moving it outside of the line you created. It is a superb product and one of my absolute favourites.

Mac Brows
A very similar product to the previous one, it has a fine nib (a little larger than the Anastasia one) however one thing I would critique is that the pencil only winds up and not back down so make sure not to wind too far up so that the nib doesn't break. It also creates a very natural look to the brows but I find the shades not as good as Anastasia's offerings as some in the Mac line can lean too red and I prefer an ashier tone to the brows. Another thing to note is that this doesn't come with a spooly however I have a spooly brush in my collection already. This used to be my holy grail brow product as it is easy, effective and a great product to Back to Mac more regularly however since I have encountered Anastasia's offering, I'm not so sure as to whether I will continue to repurchase this product?

The Thick Nib
Even though I said I prefer a fine nib, I still had an itching to try some thicker offerings as I have heard many good things. A thicker nib ensures for a quicker application, it may not be as precise as a thin nib however it is great for filling in a brow.

Charlotte Tilbury Brow Lift 
Charlotte Tilbury is famous for her eyes and brows are incredibly important to frame the eyes, plus the fact that she makes up the beautiful and browfull Cara Delevigne, I thought surely she must make a great brow pencil? I was not wrong, this is a thick nib that can be used widely (for filling in) or finely (to create shape). It comes with a nice spooly to help blend everything out. What I adore about this item is the formula of the pencil as it is quite dry which means that it will be very long lasting and won't move around on your face (nobody wants to find their eyebrows migrating throughout the day). The ONLY fault in this product is that it ran out very quickly which was a shame as it isn't the cheapest product out there. If it lasted a little longer then this would have been an immediate repurchase.

Hourglass Brow Arch
If you are into the beauty community you may have heard some raves about this product, I however (warning: contraversial) don't find it all that amazing. It has a nice nib that can be used to either create a straight line or to fill in, however I find the formula to be a little too creamy as it doesn't last as long as I would like it to. The pencil itself however is packed with product so you definitely get your moneys worth. Even though the product is a little creamier than I would prefer, it still delivers. The one thing I really hate about this product is the spooly. Worst. Spooly. Ever. It is so thick and big that when you brush through the brows, it moves the product (because it is creamy) outside of the designated brow line and you suddenly end up with caterpillar brows, not a good look. I would suggest this for people whose brows just need filling in and not much work to them, this would be the easiest and most effective product for you.

Something Extra

Charlotte Tilbury Brow Lift - 
This product not only ensures that you create a bold brow but make it stand out also as there is a hidden highlighter to highlight your brow bone with. The touch is a nice one but it isn't quite executed as it is very shimmery. Not something I would ever wear during the day time as it also has a beige-gold base to it as well so works more as an eyeshadow than just a highlight. I love the idea but it just didn't cut the cake for me.

What's your favourite Brow product?

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