Very rarely will you see a bad review on Coquet Noelle because if I don't enjoy something, I will give it/throw it away and tell people's opinions of the product if they ask for it. I save my good/ok/rave reviews for the website as they can be more comprehensive for those who are interested in the product. Today however, I will be talking about my experiences with the Nivea Pure & Natural Foundation as this was so terrible, I had to ensure that none of you go through what I went through.

During my time in France wandering aimlessly down pretty cobbled streets, I noticed a cosmetics store selling Nivea make-up, so of course I had to walk in. Whilst pondering the stand, I saw a very interesting and promising foundation, the Pure & Natural Foundation with Argan Oil. Usually foundations are oil free as not to clog or irritate the skin, however I though that coming from a skincare brand, this may be a budget skincare/makeup duo, the first real serum foundation. I expected a smooth, hydrated and dewy finish that would keep your skin looking plump all day, with a light-medium coverage.

The coverage was the first surprise, it was high coverage but I figured I could work with that. Then came the major downfall of this foundation, it does not blend. I have tried every brush, sponges and fingers and nothing will blend this. I love a foundation that buffs into the skin to create a natural finish. This, however, is so thick  and almost splits (perhaps due to the oil?), it sits on top of the skin and any areas that aren't blended is very visible. Just imagine the first few times you ever wore foundation, this is what this looks like. Messy, thick and obvious. Not only that but because it doesn't buff into the skin it will enhance any imperfections you have so this would only work with baby smooth skin. Finally, it dries! Now, I don't mind a foundation that sets because that assures that it will last all day and night. This formula however dries incredibly quickly so whilst you are mid-way through trying to blend this, it will get drier until it sets into whatever swirly motion you were making in attempts to create a flawless base.

Unfortunately, I can not find one good thing about this foundation which is why I had to share my experience to make sure you pass on this product. The only person who may like this product is somebody who likes a thick, heavy coverage foundation that looks like you are wearing a lot of makeup. 

This was a huge no from me Nivea but hopefully better products will be worked on for the future!

Have you had any major makeup disappointments?

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