Many of you may know that I (along with every other blogger in the world) am a huge fan of Diptyque. Even though they are very luxe (ahem, expensive) they kick off a scent and last much longer than any other candle I have owned, so they are worth the pennies if you love scented candles. A few months ago they released a new limited edition fragrance, Rosa Mundi, which has been the candle I have been burning for the past few weeks as it is the perfect scent for Spring and Summer.

Rosa Mundi is a limited edition fragrance with a very romantic story...

A name that sounds like… an ancient rose, descendant of the famous Damask rose… and a love story that has become a myth over the centuries. According to the legend, the name of this variety was inspired by Rosamund Clifford, a woman of great beauty, and mistress to King Henry II of England.

The scent of this candle is predominantly a Rose scent however not the sickly turkish delight scent or the dated powdery rose scents that are often associated with Rose. This scent hold a perfect balance between sweet and woody which transforms it into a very romantic, yet delicate rose scent that is perfect during this season. 

I'm not very good at detecting notes in scents but I shall give it a try:
Sweet: There are blackcurrent and honey notes which add a depth and sweetness to the Rose scent which makes it much lighter and takes away any of the traditional "powdery" rose scent.
Woody: There are definitely some woody accords (perhaps amber?) as a base note to warm up the scent and stop it being too sickly. The woody accord also transforms it into a much more seductive scent.

This burns beautifully at any time of day and feels like a scent that will transition beautifully from Spring to Summer. As it is Limited Edition, I would recommend getting your hands on it now before it goes (available at Space NK).

Have you tried Rosa Mundi?

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