The Estée Lauder by Violette Oh Naturelle Collection has finally dropped and it is a beauty. On this blogpost, I will be reviewing the Oh Naturelle Pure Color Envy Matte Finish Liquid Lipcolors (the liquid lipsticks).  When searching for these lip products online, I struggled to find many swatches which is why I have started the review of this collection on the lip colours.

Violette (see her instagram here) is an extraordinarily talented French make-up artist who works as a creative director for the By Violette range with Estée Lauder. She has launched two previous collections and this is her third collection, launching for SS19. The collection consists of an eyeshadow palette, a face palette and three liquid lipsticks. The Pure Color Envy liquid lipsticks will set you back £26 each and come in four shades. I picked up three of the four shades: Nude Tease, Oh La La and Oh Naturelle!

The liquid lipsticks are a standard formula, they aren't too drying however do dry down to a matte finish with a long wear time. If you don't like liquid lipsticks then these are a pass but if you enjoy a long wearing, matte, nude lip colour then these may interest you. I have nothing special not critical to comment on the formula, other than perhaps the smell being a quite strong caramel scent.

I bought the shades (photographed in order)
 Nude Tease - a cool toned pink
Oh La La - a beige nude
Oh Naturelle  - a warm nude with hints of peach

Upon swatching these colours I was absolutely smitten and thought that Nude Tease would be a little light on my light-medium olive skin tone but would work perfectly with a darker lip liner/gloss. I knew I would love Oh Naturelle as I find more yellow/peach toned nudes always suit my complexion. However, I was most excited for Oh La La (middle shade). It seemed to have the perfect balance of cool and warm undertones which made me feel as though I may have finally found the perfect, true, nude lipstick.

However, when applying these on to the lips, something changed dramatically. I have tried these lip colours several times and without fail, they have altered in colour upon each application. All photos were taken in natural sunlight and have not been edited to alter the colour. 

The photos below begin with my bare lips, then in order is Nude Tease, Oh La La and Oh Naturelle!
As you can see, these colours applied much paler and much cooler than swatched. Nude Tease didn't suit my complexion and translated much more cool on my skin tone, with a slight white base. The shade Oh La La, also turned extremely cool on my lips and as it continued to dry it turned into a grey-nude colour and did not even begin to resemble the dried down swatch on my hand. Oh Naturelle was the only shade that resembled the swatch and didn't alter much after drying down.

I did wonder, whether I was exaggerating about how grey the shade Oh La La looked on my lip however after applying it in front of my boyfriend, well, his reaction said everything. And this is a man who genuinely can't tell the difference between Mac Lady Danger and Russian Red ("it's just red, it's the same").

So, what's my verdict? Save your money. I can not believe I spent £52 on two lipsticks which I will never wear because they are completely unrecognisable to the swatch. If you love cool toned lipsticks then maybe check them out however I advise you to ask the sales associate to apply it on to your lips to see how it develops. I still haven't put my finger on what is wrong with these, is there a white base which alters the shade? Is it a shade that dries much more cool toned? I don't know. But after lusting over these lip colours I really am disappointed.

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