If you're reading this, you probably enjoy makeup. The beauty club is full of men and women who admire makeup for it's ability to create wellness, to inspire confidence, to enhance, to create and to play. We love this shit! We slather it all over our faces because it inspires happiness, it is playful, and it doesn't fucking matter. Our world is filled with difficult and depressing things and this is an escape, we get to play with textures and colours, and forget about the madness - if just for a second. 

I love beauty. I love it, not because I think we can 'enhance' beauty or because of its 'transformative' properties - yeah, that's great but I'm still me with makeup as I am without it. I love it because I can paint my emotions, I can play artist and I can bridge the gap between how I want to feel, and how I actually feel.

Make-up has always been a moment for me. It is a moment where I can truly switch off, disengage my brain and just be. For some people it is cooking, for others it is taking a drive but for me, it is make-up. That is why you'll always see me at my most 'made up' at 9pm on a Tuesday evening with nowhere to go, because it isn't about showing the world how beAuTiFuL I am, it is about giving myself a moment to stop thinking, and to just play.

Whilst the instagram-dominated game of beauty may feel discriminatory, makeup doesn't discriminate. It doesn't care about your race, your gender, your sexual orientation, your age or your size. Anyone, and everyone, is welcome to play here. Those jeans feel a little tight, throw a red lipstick on and you remember that your self worth isn't a number, you still got it whatever size you are. It isn't about feeling "confidence" from your makeup, it is about gaining that perspective back. My red lipstick doesn't give me confidence or raise my self-esteem, it reminds me to practice and use my confidence.

For a long time, and around certain people... ok, I won't lie here - still today with certain people, I do not present my more playful face, if you will. I don't put on my favourite coloured lipsticks or wear my bright pink eyeliner because of the fear of being judged by them. We do it everyday in the workplace, this idea that a graphic eyeliner somehow makes one unprofessional, please

I hear it from the voices of people around me about both family members and celebrities alike, "she wears too much makeup", "she must be so self conscious to cake that all on", "I don't understand why she wears all that makeup", "she's trying too hard", "she must be desperate for attention to wear a BLUE lipstick". The worst one, "I'm worried about how much makeup she's wearing. She masks herself". 

Let me speak for all beauty enthusiasts when I say, "Please, fuck off".

Now don't get me wrong, there are indivduals who struggle with their appearance, but the amount of makeup they are wearing is not a signifier of that. We suffer from insecurities, all and alike, but they take multiple forms, they are both visible and invisible. It's the invisible ones you should be worrying about.

 So, the next time you see someone who sports a face you might not wear, or isn't to your 'liking', just pipe down, alright? 
They might just be experimenting and playing with something that just washes off at the end of the day. Don't read into why I am wearing a bright eye shadow, maybe I just like it. 

It really is as simple as that.


And to me, and anyone else out there, don't let the worries about 'what other people will think about you' stop you from wearing your colours. Wear them with defiance. Wear them and show them that, it's just makeup, after all.

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