Glossier has just released their sub-brand, Glossier Play. Glossier is the effortless LA girl, with her tiny makeup bag and fingers only application, she gets ready in less than 10 minutes and looks like a glowing angel. Glossier Play is her younger sister who also enjoys letting her skin texture show and being effortless but thinks "fuck man, let me play with some colour". And so, Glossier Play was born for the colour loving beauty enthusiast. 

I collected a little bit of everything from the brand (of course I did, how could I NOT!?). But for today, we are just going to focus on the Glossier Play Colorslides in Early Girl and Nectar. Early Girl is a beautiful eggshell blue (think Farrow and Ball Green Blue, but for the eyes) and Nectar is a mustard toned yellow.

The Glossier Play Colorslides come in at £13 each, not affordable by any means but definitely not a high ticket price (I'm looking at you Marc Jacobs). They come in 15 shades, I purchased 4 in total and have played with all of them and have a solid conclusion on the formula. It claims to be a 'technogel' colour, who knows what the hell that means? Basically, its a gel/wax based pencil which sets down and does. not. move. Let me emphasise that again, this pencil will 'set' down and stay all day, it will not slip, melt or transfer and it doesn't create that 'double' eyeliner effect that we hooded eyes get when using eyeliner. I have a light-medium olive complexion and the paler shades show up beautifully on my skin, it isn't full opacity on first swipe and can sometimes need building up however the pencil is comfortable enough to do this and the pigmentation builds beautifully upon itself. 

I really do love the pigmentation of these pencils as I find that other highly pigmented pencils can sometimes have too much creaminess where they move about during the day, or are too dry that they tug harshly on the lash line. They do 'tug' a little due to the sticky, waxy formula but I find that this is what gives it the creamy texture that doesn't 'move'. These eyeliners have a good slip, staying power and colour pay off. The *only* real negative is that they dry down and can look a little... crepey? crumbly? This happens when you build and build upon them so they develop a sort of texture and isn't a smooth thin line of colour, which is why I wouldn't call these the best eyeliners on the market.

Bottom line: They are a great pencil at a great price point, due to the wonderful range of colours. I think £13 for a good formula and a cute colour isn't too bad, so I'd be happy to recommend them. They are available online at

If you want a more affordable pencil, I'd direct you to Colourpop! They really are unbeatable for the price point at $5.50 (free shipping over $50 but customs fees apply).

If you want a 'this-is-the-best-eyeliner-ever', then I'd direct you to Marc Jacobs. They are pricey at £20 but if you want the best, this is it.

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