How often have we fallen into the trap of 'self-expression' when uploading an image? Only to seek approval or validation in the form of likes and follows. Our captions may as well say "define me", a selfie equal to a blank space desperate to be filled. It begins innocently, through capturing yourself, creating an image - a memory, even. A beautiful creation quickly consumed by the vastness of the internet, reduced to a speck of dust - left to float through cyber space. 

It calls into questions as to whether art can be created, or if art is only something which can be perceived? 

The days in which my dress is a feeling, my makeup is a dance and my words are a melody, I am self-aware, taking the pleasures of self expression and creating something for myself - of course, there are days where concealer is simply used to hide a spot. But during those days, when I have the freedom, the time, the confidence, or the awareness to wrap myself up in paints and fabrics, I feel full. I feel full from creating some form of art for myself. Of course, I choose to share these images online, on my blog. But whether I gain hundreds of views, or none at all, it doesn't take away from what I made. I create for me, I share because I am inspired by the creativity of others. I feel that we should all fill our space in the world. We should fill our spaces with the beauty, the pain, the stories and the memories, we should let it all out and splash our colour onto the world.

Basically, my point, my ever wordy and in-eloquent point, is that we don't need the likes, the retweets, the approval of our art, of our being. If that person has a million likes on their picture, it doesn't mean that the space they occupy shines brighter than yours, the flowers don't grow more colourful, the honey doesn't taste any sweeter. Instead, focus on filling your space with love, care for it, cultivate it. You can paint it black, pink or dazzle it in gold. You can dress loudly, wear no makeup, get that tattoo, or focus all your art and creativity on your work. You can create love, patience and time for your family. You can express yourself through music, dance, or film. 
You can find yourself in your favourite paper world.

 Self expression comes in many forms and we should encourage each other to create, to create beauty, and above all, to create kindness. Nobody else can fill your space, or take it away. Your space is as beautiful as you make it, no matter the numbers. Self-expression is an art which you create, for your pleasure.
This, well, it's for me.

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