Earlier last year, Lisa launched her first lipsticks, the Plush True Velvet Lipsticks. 
They are simply, divine. 

Lisa Eldridge is the Queen of makeup. Not only is she a world renowned make-up artist, painting some of the most beautiful faces in the world (see: instagram), she also has an incredibly informative YouTube channel, a beautiful book on the history of makeup (Face Paint: The Story of Makeup), she also has vast experience in developing cosmetics as previous creative director of No, and now Lancome (oh, and she was on 10 Years Younger for anyone based in the UK who is old enough to remember that show!). It's fair to say that she is the beauty expert, if there ever was one. 

The lipsticks are housed in a weighty, simple but vintage-inspired case with a magnetic closure. The bullet is created in a special mould which gives the effect of velvet around the lipstick. If the pure aesthetics of this lipstick isn't enough, it has an incredible formula. They are full in pigment in one swipe and glide on the lips. The formula is a plush, velvet matte which is comfortable on the lips and wears off beautifully throughout the day. It is the best matte texture I have encountered. It is comforting, yet not slippy and is matte yet not dry or flat. 

Shades (from left-right): Velvet Morning, Velvet Ribbon and Velvet Jazz. 

Velvet morning is is a hot, vibrant orange-red which mimics the dazzling orange of morning sunrise. 

Velvet Ribbon is a classic red which leans between neutral and cool toned. It mimics the classic velvet texture seen on ribbons, adorned on only the most beautiful of gifts.

Velvet Jazz is a vintage, brick-red. It brings up images of screen sirens, dimly lit jazz bars and heady cigars.

Unfortunately, the lipsticks are already Sold Out but will be restocked later this year. You can sign up to Lisa's Newsletter to be updated on restocks.

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