It is the end of the year which means an all-round review of the greatest hits of 2015. Looking back at the beautiful exclusives brought out in 2015, the one that still sticks in my mind is the Tom Ford Summer Collection. This collection is what dreams are made of from the packaging to the colours and right down to the formula. These products required months of savings but I don't regret a single purchase!

The white and gold packaging is nothing short of elegant and brings out my inner Jerry Hall circa 1978.

The three main stars of the collection are a dreamy cream blush which is perhaps the most wonderful cream blush I own and the second this gets re-promoted, you better believe I will repurchase it.
The cheek and eye palette is a surprising change from the usual blue and bronzed looks you usually get in a Summer palette. This palette has carried me right from summer in to winter with its fresh pinks and deep plum shades which are all shot through with gold. The highlighter in the palette is gorgeous and very reminiscent of the Charlotte Tilbury Dreamy Glow Highlighter, it is a pale peachy pink with a soft gold shimmer and transforms you in to an angelic sex goddess (again, very Jerry Hall). 
The final item and the one which is still available is the Lip Colour Sheer in Skinnydip. For a sheer lipstick you may find this a waste of money but I think it is worth every penny. The colour is unique and is the type of shade you'd spend minutes trying to recreate through layering several lipsticks and glosses. Due to its uniqueness, it isn't easy to describe so let me try... On my lips this pulls as a peachy natural nude with a golden glow. Now when I say glow I do not mean frosty, I mean that type of shimmery sheen that you would get from a really great shimmery gloss. If you want a sexy nude, this is a must have.

Swatches: Cream blush, lipstick, three eyeshadows in the cheek and eye palette and the highlight and blush.

This collection will hold a big place in my heart as not only is it swoon-worthy but was also my graduation present to myself. These are products I still use today and should they ever be re-promoted I will immediately alert you all as these items will turn you all into heart-eyed emojis!

What was your favourite limited edition collection of 2015?

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