Summer has arrived which means that bronzed, glowing skin is back. 

There are a multitude of bronzers and highlighters in many tones and textures. It has never been easier to achieve that perfect bronzed glow that is highly coveted in these warmer months.

However, working full time, studying and only having time to do a full makeup look on weekends and during half-term (when a teacher comes to life) I like to keep products to a minimal and I love multi-use items. Working in a school means that the full glam face never comes out and the aim is a very French style classic, natural yet put together look.

I love a fresh face with minimal fuss and he Chanel Soleil Tan de Chanel illuminator is the perfect product for getting a bronzed glow in an instant. It is a bronzed illuminator that doesn't lean too metallic, which means that you can mix it with your moisturiser to give a healthy luminosity to your skin. Yet it has enough colour and shimmer that it can be built up to give a very sexy, bombshell look to the skin when patted on to the high points of the face. It's a product I hear few people talk about on blogs and Youtube videos but one that I hear a lot of everyday women rave about.

So if you are after that golden glow to your skin but you don't have the time for all that blending and want your effortless makeup to really be just that, effortless then I recommend going to a counter and trying this on the back of your hand or even bring a little pot and ask for a sample to take away with you! 

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