Long time no see, I know I have been incognito on the blog but I am back and with a vengeance! I have so many posts to write, photograph that I don't think I will see a lie-in for the foreseeable future. To get us back in the swing of things I have a review of the new Revlon Colorstay Moisture Stains.

Revlon have released their take on the cult Glossy Stain but how does it compare to the original YSL? Is it worth running to Boots for?

Their range has a nice variety of shades varying from cool to warm tones (most seem to be warmer in tone). I picked up six of the shades they had to offer so that I was able to see how the lighter and deeper shades perform. All but one of their shades (London Posh) are shimmer free so are non irritable on the lips. Below are swatches of the shades I purchased from lightest to darkest:
London Posh, Milan Moment, Miami Fever, Barcelona Nights, Shanghai Sizzle and New York Scene.

As you can see from the initial swatches, the colour is quite opaque and has a slightly jelly finish with a high shine. On the lips the colour translate the same with the same pigment, shine and finish.

London Posh, Milan Moment and Miami Fever

Barcelona Nights, Shanghai Sizzle and New York Scene

The texture is quite thick in comparison to the YSL Glossy Stain yet it feels comforting on the lips, the thick texutre allows it to stick onto the lips so that will last longer than your average gloss. The texture is not sticky or tacky but somewhat creamy. It is quite unique as most of the other lipgloss stains have a more watery or oily texture so this is great for those with dry lips as it feels comfortable plus doesn't enhance any flakiness. 

The longevity is where I am really going to be judging these as all of the gloss-stain hybrids on the market have incredible pigment, are comfortable and perform beautifully as a gloss. Some do leave a distinct stain on the lips after wear and some just are long-lasting glosses. The lighter colours don't leave much, if any, of a stain. The darker shades leave a slight stain. I would say that these are most long-wearing rather than a stain, which, as they claim to be a stain is disappointing. Below is a picture of the stain after the swatches have been removed with a towel.

Are these worth rushing out for? Well, they aren't groundbreaking. They are disappointing in the sense that they don't provide much of a stain but apart from that they are really nice products. I would recommend these for perhaps drier, more sensitive lips as all shades (except London Posh) contain no glitter and they are thicker and more comforting than its counterparts on the market.

My favourite shade, especially for this season, is New York Sizzle as darker pigments are tricky to get right in terms of formula but this is excellent, it isn't patchy and wears beautifully.

My least favourite shade has to be London Posh, this one was disappointing from the first swatch, it is gloopy, patchy and the glitter is quite rough on the lips. The formula was a huge miss with this shade.

What are your thoughts on the Revlon Colorstay Moisture Stains?

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