Shu Uemura are amongst the heavy weights in the eyelash curler industry, ask any beauty maven and they will tell you that they can't go a day without pumping on their Shu's. When they released a new and innovative way to curl lashes, let's just say I was intrigued. However, I put off the purchase as I didn't need it and once I did purchase it...

Well, let's just say it is interesting. The S curler is a much smaller eyelash curler that doesn't curl all lashes at once. You can precisely curl your eyelashes which is great to get the outer corners or create a more natural effect. But for me, a curler addict through and through, these just felt, well, odd. They aren't as comfortable as a traditional eyelash curler so I don't tend to reach for them. They do an excellent job of curling the lashes so my opinions are torn. You do not need these if you love your eyelash curlers, they are comfortable and they work great.

But when I tried these on my mother...

You do need these if you have small eyes, deep set or hooded eyes. I love to do my mothers make-up but I failed every time I tried to curl her lashes as the curler was too large for her eyes and wouldn't go to the root to provide maximum curl. But then I tried the S curler.... as it is petite, I was able to get right to the root and curl each and every lash without any discomfort. I was overjoyed to find that the S curler had a purpose and the purpose was to give every woman the perfectly curled lash no matter what eye shape! So, if you have ever struggled with eyelash curlers then you know where to look!

Have you tried the S Curler?

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  1. This looks interesting! I don't have short lashes but will probably buy it anyway! lol



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