Another thing I have finished has been the Origins Clear Improvement Mask.

This mask has been a constant go-to in my stash yet I never seemed to write up a post about it - why? Well because it is perfectly, average. Now don't get me wrong, this is in now way a bad mask, in fact, I don't really have a single bad thing to say about this but it just doesn't wow me. It does what it says, cleanses and purifies the skin. The ingredients are standard clay mask ingredients which all do their job splendidly but it is no miracle product. I have loved using this mask to clear out congested skin and think it works especially well when my skin is very oily. I wouldn't say this is the best for dry skin but if you have normal-oily skin then this will work well for you.

Who would I suggest this mask to? - The spot prone and those who like to give their skin a good clean out.

Would I repurchase this item? - Sure! Not right now as I have other masks to try out but yeah, it worked great. The only reason why I wouldn't repurchase it would be if I found a clay mask that went the extra mile and hit that wow factor.

Have you tried the Origins Clear Improvement Mask? 
What were your thoughts on it?

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