Finding a bronzer in the drugstore is pretty easy, there are a variety of warm bronze shades to choose from... finding a cool contour shade however, proves to be much more difficult. Recently, I found the first drugstore bronzer that is perfect to use for contouring, welcome the Beauty UK Matte Bronzer in No.2 Dark.

The Beauty UK bronzer is very soft to the touch and nicely pigmented. It isn't overly pigmented so won't create any harsh lines and the soft textures allows it to blend into the skin. The shade is quite dark with some warmth to it so can be used as a bronzer for medium skin tones. The warmth in it makes it a little more wearable as a stark grey under the cheekbones can look great in photographs but a little unnatural to the eye. Even though it is dark it does have quite a lot of grey undertones to it in comparison to other bronzers which creates a perfect contour when applied to the hollows of the cheek. It isn't as cool as the Kevyn Aucoin sculpting powder as that has the same grey undertones to it but unlike the Beauty UK powder, it has no warmth to it at all. 

The powder is fairly pigmented so remember to be very light handed with this powder as you want the contour to look natural and to always blend the powder upto the cheekbone rather than below it. My favourite brush to contour with is the Charlotte Tilbury Sculpting Brush as the tip is very fine so doesn't pick up too much colour, doing the job of applying and blending for you.

This is a great budget buy for experienced contour-ers as it can be a little tricky to work with (ie, making sure you don't over-apply and you blend thoroughly) but if you aren't a fan of very grey contour powders or just can't bring yourself to splash out for the Kevyn Aucoin, this is a superb alternative! But, pale skin tones, beware as this is quite dark... remember, you can always use a cool, light brown eyeshadow for contouring if this is too dark!

What's your favourite contour powder?

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