Let's Get Lippie - This week I will be bringing you all things lip related from my favourite lipsticks to the best formulations, how to care for your lips and wonder products. Stay tuned because there will be plenty of lip addict madness.

Today's post is about getting the most from your money. Don't just limit a product to one use, most products are multi-use and you can get much more bang for your buck if you experiment and get imaginative. One of my favourite multi-uses of lipstick is to use it as blush!

Simply dab some on your cheek/finger then blend it in with a clean finger, voila, a cream blush without having to buy any extra product.

I love to use this trick when creating a matchy-make up look so my lips and cheeks are seamlessly matching and I don't have to worry about looking for/buying a new blush to create a make up look!

Do you like getting cheeky with your lipstick?

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