Let's Get Lippie - This week I will be bringing you all things lip related from my favourite lipsticks to the best formulations, how to care for your lips and wonder products. Stay tuned because there will be plenty of lip addict madness.

With all this lipstick talk, I should probably introduce you to the Mac Prep + Prime lip balm that is an essential product for making your lip colour last longer. 

Mac Prep + Prime lip balm could seem like a gimmicky product as essentially, it is just a lip balm. However, I struggle finding a lip balm that will prep my lips for lipsticks without compromising on its longevity, always having to re-apply after only 1-2 hours. However, the Mac Prep + Prime not only primes your lips for lipstick, making sure it is smooth but it also works as a traditional primer in the sense that this will ensure extra longevity from whatever lipstick you are applying. I would akin this to a lip balm/lip liner hybrid as it smooths your lips and protects your lip colour all in one. If your lips hold lipstick longevity well, maybe this isn't a necessary product. However, if you are one to struggle with fading lipsticks, definitely check this out as it will increase your lipsticks longevity!

 Have you tried Mac Prep + Prime?

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