Spring has well and truly sprung, the sun is shining, our days are longer and the pastel shades are out. With the springly new changes come the drawing attention to my not so smooth skin (my legs could easily be mistaken for one of Daenerys' dragons) so in order to remedy this, I have chosen three of my favourite smooth skin inducing products!

Garnier Body Ultimate Beauty Oil
This oil was a Summer fave of mine and has been cracked back out! It is a light oil which you spray directly on the skin and massage in. It doesn't sink in immediately however makes legs super smooth. The star quality of this product is the ease of it, spritz and go! Plus it adds a wonderful sheen to the skin, which when going tightless during those warmer days, can come in very helpful and give that Venus advert like finish to the skin.

Palmer's Natural Bronze Body Lotion
This one goes out to all my tanners out there. I have never been a huge tanner (well, I don't really need it but mainly, I am too lazy to bronze) however my legs always seem to be paler than the rest of my body so in order to even things out I love applying this lotion. Not only does it make me look one colour but it adds a wonderful bronze glow to the skin without making anything look orange. Plus it smells delicious. A super easy and moisturising lotion to warm up our skin for Spring!

Garnier Body Intensive 7 Days Replenishing Lotion
My every day favourite is this little number from Garnier as it is just a simple, yet effective, lotion. It applies smoothly, dries quickly and you can be towel-moisturised-dressed in under five minutes. The formula isn't too thick so doesn't take a day to sink in, plus is more suiting to these warmer temperatures yet it isn't so thin that you feel no difference at all. I keep this by my bed in an attempt to apply every night, pre-pj, and my skin is certainly thanking me for it!

What are your favourite Spring Skin saviours?

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