L'Oreal have recently released a new gloss collection called the L'Extraordinaire Liquid Lipstick. These are among the many hybrid lipstick/gloss formulations but with a twist, it is an oil based lip colour. This provides a light weight, moisturising base without compromising on colour. I have been completely impressed with this collection, so get ready for a rave!

There nine shades to choose from in the line, starting from nudes, to pinks to oranges and reds. Within the collection there is something suitable for everyone. The packaging is light and sleek yet well thought out, there aren't any spillages, plus you can see the actual colour of each product on a side panel.

The formula of these liquid lipsticks are impeccable, they glide on to the lips, covering any imperfections or dry patches and leave an ultra smooth and glossy finish. As they are oil based, they feel incredibly nourishing on the lips. They aren't sticky yet do not set down to a velvet or matte finish, they keep their original shine. I would say that these last around 3-4 hours for the lighter shades and 4-5 hours on the darker shades. Even though these are marketed as a liquid lipstick, I personally would describe them as a gloss, as they have the feel and finish of one. I wouldn't say that these are dupes for the YSL glossy stain as these act more as a traditional gloss and do not provide much of a stain. Who would I recommend these for? Any lip gloss lovers as they feel beautiful on the lips and look even better than! This is an all rounder, which would even be appropriate for chapped or sensitive lips, as they add a nice opaque coverage that a lipstick would whilst providing that patent shine of a gloss, plus they feel a-mazing.

The shade range is large and has a multitude of colours and tones which means that truly any skin tone will be able to find something for them. The stand out shades of the range, for me, are the nudes as they have subtle undertones to them which would suit the fairest skin tones to the deepest skin tones. I am truly impressed that a brand has released such shades that can accommodate all individuals. 

The Nudes
600 Nude Vibrato, 601 Nude Ballet, 500 Molto Mauve.

The Pinks
101 Rose Melody, 201 Rose Symphony, 401 Fuchsia Drama

The Reds
204 Tangerine Sonate, 301 Rouge Soprano, 304 Ruby Opera

Have you tried the new L'Oreal L'Extraordinaite?

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  1. Such a stunner! I am loving the nudes and the pinks especially rose symphany, really want to try these out now!xx



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