Today's post is going to be something a little bit more fun. I will be poking fun at myself and other beauty bloggers. Here are some of the "Beauty Blogger Rights of Passage" moments that I have achieved to date and when experienced, I giggle to myself a little and think that my official "beauty blogger" status raises just a little higher.

1. Own a (or several) limited edition Nars Palette. 
- Nars The Happening Palette
- Nars And God Created the Woman Palette
Nars Fairy's Kiss Palette

2. Diptyque DIY
- Step 1, Buy a Diptyque Candle 
- Step 2, Cry and eat nothing for the following week
- Step 3, Light and enjoy those luxurious fumes
- Step 4, Cry when it has finished and you have realised that you have started a new and very expensive addiction.
- Step 5, Turn that frown upside down with a little Reuse Reduce Recycle, display it proudly and pretend that you are not the gazillionth person to have done this.

3. Get Naked
- Take your clothes off
- Pick your poison: Naked Palette, Naked 2 Palette, Naked 3 Palette, Naked Basics Palette
- Naked Palette
- Naked Basics Palette
- Anybody want to fill in the blanks and get me the rest? 

4. Successfully experience a Repromote
- Step 1, Spend money on MAC limited editions before they place a SOLD OUT sticker on it
- Step 2, Feel smug that you got it pre-sell out
- Step 3, Wait a year for it to be repromoted in another limited edition collection and feel happy you aren't one of the many in the mad rush.
- See my successful repromote: Mac Stereo Rose

5. Spray some Oribe
- The steps are pretty similar to the Diptyque DIY
- Step 1, hand over your money/card whilst crying and feeling a little bit ashamed of yourself
- Step 2, let that buyers remorse disappear when you enter the world of Oribe
- Step 3, stop socialising in order to save enough money for that repurchase

Once you have passed 3 of these Rights of Passage, you can officially call yourself a Beauty Blogger. Jokes. Yet we all do it, don't we?

How many of these Rights of Passages have you committed?

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