As you know from my recent review on the Lancome DreamTone  I don't like to review skincare prodcts a week after owning them. This isn't makeup people. Skincare takes more than a month to truly show its benefits, so the testing of it must be done properly. I have talked a little about this cleanser on the blog (see here) but now that I have given it a real test I can now provide you with a full review.

To begin with, the product is housed in a very basic plastic packaging. A tick from me as that is practical and safe, nobody wants glass in the bathroom. The pump dispenses a very small amount of product which is excellent as that means you won't waste any product by pouring, scooping or pumping out excess than you need. I usually use two pumps to cleanse my whole face and neck but sometimes one pump suffices. My only issue with the pump is that the product can dry around the nozzle which can be a little unattractive but it is easy enough to clean.

The cleanser itself is very thin and light. It has an almost liquid texture to it but is just a tad more viscous than water or oil. When applying it to your face it does really give you that slip feel. This makes it very unique as when I hear Clay or Clarifying, I don't think of a light or slippy product. When massaged into the skin it can tingle a little, which lets me know its working, and when water is added to the mix it gets ever so slightly foamy so rinses off easily. The only thing I am not fond of is the scent. It has the scent of hair dye which made me NOT want to apply it directly on to my face but after using it for so long I am used to it.

The results. This is a clarifying cleanser which aims to draw out impurities and minimise pores. As I have oily and sometimes blemish prone skin I love a clarifying cleanser. This is the least stripping cleanser I have tried to date. I like to really massage it into my skin and let it sit there for about a minute to really let the clay unclog my pores, this is when it tingles and then to rinse it off. When I have rinsed it off my face doesn't feel stripped, thirsty or dry. I wouldn't say this does amazing things for oil control but it certainly does help clear up skin. Minimise pores? I don't know, I never listen to this pore business because as Caroline Hirons says, pores aren't doors. You can't just open and close them.

How I like to use this product is as my second cleanser. On an evening I usually wash my face with an emollient cleanser, in order to really wash my makeup off. After that I like to go in with something that will get into the pores and clean my skin. This does that job perfectly. If I am particularly oily or spotty, I also use this in the morning as it is light enough to clean out my pores without stripping my skin. After testing this cleanser my skin has cleared up and looks a lot more translucent and clear.

Who would I recommend this cleanser for? Anyone who is suffering from blemishes. This is the first cleanser I have tried which I would recommend to all skin types, oily, dry, dehydrated or combination as it does the job of really cleansing the skin without compromising on your skins hydration. It won't be ground breaking stuff for those who are oily and really suffering from acne as they can afford something a little more clarifying.
 However, it may be the exact product you are looking for if you are combination, dehydrated or dry and can't seem to find anything that will do the job of fighting blemishes without causing more problems to your skin.

Have you tried the Sunday Riley Ceramic Slip Cleanser?


  1. I have heard amazing things about Sunday Riley and I love trying out cleansers. Great review xx

    Olivia -

    1. I am still using this cleanser and I am going to repurchase it when I have ran out, it really is great for cleaning the skin! x



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