When it came to picking my favourite blush of 2013 I had a huge selection spread across my desk. There wasn't one single formula or brand I could choose and almost went for the Chanel Le Blush Creme de Chanel as I wore them constantly since getting them so a huge honourable mention to them! However, the majority of the year these are the three blushes I have been reaching for which excel in formula, colour and longevity!

My first pick and a newer addition to the stash is Natural Collection blush in Peach Melba. A cheap and incredibly cheerful product. It is a subtle peachy blush which I imagine would suit most light-medium skin tones however is a little pale for darker skin tones. It is a very soft powder and the pigmentation isn't crazy which always leaves a very natural flush. This is a great one for those who like peachy blush, it is an every day, easy shade which I love as you don't really have to think about it, it will suit all lip and eye looks and is one I find myself constantly reaching for.

The second is Dior's Rosy Glow which I have been so in love with all year. This blush a very pale blue toned pink. This gives a very innocent flush of colour, as if you had been playing in the snow and the frost has kissed your cheeks. As it is such a blue toned pink it does wonders for awakening the face and bringing life and colour to it. Great for those sallow days or even hungover days and you need your face to look flushed. Plus the blue makes your eyes shine brighter! A blush that gives a brighter complexion and whitens your eyes? What's not to love about this? Plus the formula is superbly easy to blend out and the colour is very build-able, if you want a more doll-like flush.

Finally, is Illamasquas Lover. Wow is the blush beautiful, it is a pure orange-peach and looks amazing on yellow skin tones. Anyone who loves a peachy blush, you must try this! It is completely matte so that the colour can really speak for itself rather than having to compete with a load of shimmer, which also makes this day-time appropriate. This simply adds the most beautiful peachy flush and is one of my favourite blushers for my skin tone. Lastly, this truly is the softest blush I have ever used and any brush will work with this as the product does all the work for you.

What were your favourite blushers of 2013?


  1. Very interested by Rosy Glow, love the colour, would love to see it on the face!
    Cornelia - Ineffable Beauty

    1. Ahh unfortunately it is back home in England but when I am back in the end of February I shall be sure to do a Rosy Glow face x



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