My favourite foundation of 2013 has to be the Nars Sheer Glow Foundation (£30.50). I loved it so much that post-holiday tanned skin me bought another shade so that I didn't have to go without it! The shades I am are Punjab (pale me) and Barcelona (tan me).

This foundation is not Sheer nor Glowy so is not very aptly named but that does not mean that it is not a good foundation. Quite the contrary in fact, it is a spectacular foundation. It is the one foundation I reach for when I know I am going out and want my skin to look perfect... which my skin most certainly isn't It provides a medium coverage, which you can build up, but paired with your favourite concealer your skin will be close to flawless. Even though it has a medium-high coverage it never gets cakey. One tip I would give is to use a buffing brush with this foundation to really get that ultimate perfect complexion. The finish of the foundation is somewhat natural. It is not matte or velvety but you get a natural finish with some dewiness which personally, is my favourite finish. Like with all Nars complexion products, it has an incredible shade range (around 20 shades to choose from) so you will most certainly find the perfect shade for you. The shades I have, especially Punjab are the only foundations which have truly matched my skin tone which makes the foundation look even more natural. If you are very pale skinned or very dark and can not find a good shade match in the drugstore then go try this foundation at a Nars counter just to see if you think it is worth you spending a little extra money on. Finally, a lot of people have no recommended this for oily skin which I can't really understand as it is not an overly glowy foundation which will make oily skins even oilier. This lasts incredibly well on my oily skin, and paired with a primer and a little setting powder on the t-zone this will last until those stumbled steps home at 3am, I kid you not. Overall, this has been an A* foundation as it excels in the shade, finish and longevity. I have a few more foundations in my stash and *to buy* list so we will see how this holds out this year with the new contenders...
But I suspect it will certainly remain at the stop because it really is just that good.

The foundation costs
What was your favourite foundation of 2013?

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