Here I am to show you my favourite face tools of 2013. The brushes that I would re-purchase in a heartbeat. Before we get started I would like to give an honourable mention to the Mac 217 blending brush, the one brush every woman should know and every eyeshadow should befriend.
My four brushes cover all you need for the base and range from different price points. The best part is that most are multi-functional.

Real Techniques Buffing Brush
Need I say how amazing this brush is? Yes. If you are reading this and have never used a brush to buff in your foundation then please, don't go to Mac. Go to Boots and pick this up! It really will revolutionise your make up. I used to, and sometimes still do, apply my foundation with my fingers which gives a natural, light finish however nothing buffs in foundation better than this brush. It works with thin liquid foundations and thick creamy ones. It works the product into the skin to provide the most natural finish possible and even helps to work the coverage into the skin to get the best coverage out of your foundation. If you have previously used basic foundation brushes, this is not the same as this buffs your foundation rather than applies it so it wont sit heavy on top of the skin. If you want to get the best from your foundation then do try this, it won't break the bank but it will change the way you see and use your make up. It may even begin your brush love affair!

Charlotte Tilbury Powder and Sculpt Brush
A new addition to the collection has been this amazing brush from Charlotte Tilbury.The quality of course is fantastic as it is made by real brush makers, everything from the soft fine hairs to the carved brush handle so that your brush won't roll off the table. Real detail and care has been applied when creating this brush. In a previous post I have mentioned how this brush has made contouring the simplest task ever, see here. If you want to contour, buy this brush. It is designed and made for this purpose as most other brushes I have found to be too fat too thin and always made my contour look fake rather than imitating the natural shadows under your cheekbones. All the work is done for you. Another amazing use for this brush is powder. You may think that this brush is a little small to powder and finish the face but it is its small size which makes it the best. Most of use believe we should powder the whole face, this is not true. We still want that youthful glow but without looking greasy. With the use of this brush you can easily apply powder just in the areas you need, such as the t-zone and under the eyes to set concealer. An all rounder which has been promoted to my every day brush mug (who needs Diptyque when you have cute mugs).

MAC 168
When I first bought this brush it was to be used for contouring but I found it a little too big and a little too fluffy. For those who like a stronger contour or who have more surface area to cover, this brush would be the bomb for contouring. What I love this brush for is blush. Never have I found a perfect blush brush and this certainly is that. Made with goats hair this is ultra soft which blends powder blush flawlessly. It isn't too dense so doesn't pick up too much product and is the perfect shape for the cheeks. It is 100% the best brush I have used to apply powder blush. Well done Mac!

Real Techniques Expert Face Brush
Here is the real multi tasker of the bunch. Let us start with its first use. Foundation. I know, I know I have already mentioned one foundation brush but this is also pretty amazing. I usually choose this brush for when I want extra coverage from my foundation as I find that because this brush is so dense it really builds up the coverage rather than diffusing it. Another pro is that it adds a little more of an airbrushed finish to the skin that comes with a heavier coverage. The Buffing Brush provides a perfected almost no make-up look to the skin whereas the Expert Face brush gives a photo ready finish. The second use for this brush, and my favourite use, is with cream bronzers such as the Chanel Bronze Universel and the Bourjois Bronzing primer as it blends the product more precisely due to the brush being smaller and is the perfect pairing for these products, really imitating a sun kissed glow to the face. Finally, this can be used the cream blush to really buff this in and create a lit from within look. You can also use this to blend in blush after having applied it with your fingers as this just gets rid of any harsh edges.

What are your favourite brushes?


  1. I am loving the MAC 168 (I haven't used it for ages and now I am loving it again) and the Real Techniques blush brush
    Cornelia - Ineffable Beauty

    1. Ahh I can't seem to get on with the RT Blush Brush for blush. I do love it for bronzer or overall powder for setting the face.



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