So Filofax are running a blogging competition where bloggers have to take a photo with their Filofax to portray their favourite fashion decade. The winners and runners up shall receive a number of Filofaxs to give away on their blog so please please vote (instructions below) so that I can give you some AMAZING Filofaxs.

My Filofax is the Original A5 in Fluoro Orange* and I am completely in love with it and shall treasure it forever. The fashion decade I have chosen is the 2000's (and present) as fashion has really grown. We have so many fabrics and styles that it really is a mixed bowl of eras and decades. I love how one day we can go from wearing pyjamas all day in the house to a ball gown, back to shorts and a top and straight into something sexier for a night out. Fashion has never been so exciting as it has been in the past ten years as there is an overwhelming acceptance of all styles, colours and shapes. The fashion world has truly evolved into a beautiful mosaic rather than a collage. Here are a few photos of the many styles of the past decade: Suits, The Maxi Dress, Casual Rock-Chic and The Flirty Skater Dress.

How to vote - Simply go "like" the Filofax Facebook page and my photo on the page too! The more likes, the more chance I have to win you guys a Filofax!

Have you got a Filofax?
*Press Sample

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  1. I looooove all the outfits in this post ! xoxo

    Madeline | Its a Mads Mads World

  2. Beautifully done!!! I have a question about your Original... Do you find the strap to short with more than one pen in it??? I have the pink A5 but use it for finances so I'm not in it as often as my personal. But I think I'd love the orange in personal. I just worry about the strap being to short to close.

    1. I stuffed about four pens in the inner elastic strap and it shut without any struggle or stretch. I think they know that people may add more paper or store papers in it so they make the strap big enough to close. Four pens and no pull, so it should be ok! x



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