A little combo I have been loving is this duo from Clarins. The Daily Energizer Cleansing Gel* and Daily Energizer Cream*. This has been my go-to morning routine for the previous weeks and is one I certainly plan on sticking to!

On a morning I like a cleanser which will perk me up and remove any excess oils. Nothing too clarifying or too creamy. This cleanser is a gel cleanser (one of my morning favourites) which refreshes the skin. I find this leaves my skin clean without anything being added or taken from the skin. I find that it is brilliant for younger skins who suffer with oily skins as it takes just enough of the oils away without leaving it stripped. Perhaps not one for dry skin as I think something a little creamier would be better to nourish the skin. The cleanser contains ingredients such as Castor Oil, Salicylic Acid, Moringa Seed Extract and Citric Acid. A great combination as Castor Oil draws oil from the skin, Salicylic Acid cleanses the skin and helps with blemishes and blackheads, Moringa Seed Extract purifies the skin and Citric Acid provides a little exfoliation. Those ingredients really are the perfect blend for oily and young skin. However there are two ingredients which I am not loving, SLS and Fragrance. The Fragrance isn't a huge issue for me but may be for very sensitive skins and SLS can also affect sensitive skins and has quite the growing list of side effects however this is still a great cleanser and for £12 I can just look over these two ingredients as it is incredible value for money.

The Daily Energizer Cream (£21) is perhaps the thickest day-cream in my collection. However I am so in love with it. When it is warm I like to go for more of a gel-type mattifying cream however it isn't always warm in England and changes in weather can dramatically affect your skin. I find that this is very nourshing and leaves my skin silky smooth and almost preps it for make-up. I have been applying this every morning and each time I fall in love with the way it makes my skin feel. It isn't too rich for my oily skin so I think this would be great for most skin types. It is rich in vitamin C, tumeric and ginko biloba extracts. All of which have a brightening effect on the skin so leaves your skin radiant. I wouldn't say that this is an illuminating cream however it does reveal a radiant complexion as when your skin is hydrated it really does glow. I see a cheeky cone in the ingredients list (Dimethicone) which is probably an ingredient which results in the super-smooth skin. Some people don't like silicones in their skincare and I do try to keep away from them, especially in my night-time routine. However, I find that this can be doubled up as a primer as your skin is prepped for make-up with no lumps or bumps in sight so if you are looking for a do-it-all cream, this is the one for you! Plus the heavy glass packaging feels wonderfully luxurious!

Have you tried anything from the Clarins Daily Energizer range?

* Press Sample


  1. I have the Cleansing Gel and love it. I really like Clarins products ad I think they're quite reasonable too!

    Stevie | Stevie Hearts Makeup

    1. I love Clarins products I think they are great quality and have a good price range! x



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