During a recent stop at my local Space NK I was intending to purchase a new lipstick, that being Nars Mayflower however they unfortunately had it out of stock. They did however have a beautiful display for their new look, La Vie En Rose - The Statement Lip. 

In my frantic I somehow missed the beautiful display (any display with roses will always, always, ALWAYS catch my attention). Seen as though my heart was set on a lipstick, I saw the beautiful model above with those beautiful magenta lips and I immediately forgot about my Mayflower lipstick and picked up the lipstick set out on the display!

The lipstick is by a brand named Lipstick Queen, a really cool brand with a collection that is not only great in quality but has a cool vibe - take the Oxymoron blushes, each colour having an oxymoron name such as Honest Politician - tres cool, non? The line has two different types of lipsticks: Saints and Sinners. The Saint collection is a sheer lipstick collection and yes, you guessed it, the Sinner is the opaque sister to the collection. The colour used in the campaign and the colour I bought is in Hot Rose Sinner. I will put up some swatches below...

As you can see it is a BEAUTIFUL bright pink and wow, I love it and I am going to wear this baby like crazy! I find that I lean more towards corals and reds and the pinks don't see too much love from me however this Spring, things may change! I do do do recommend this lipstick and am looking forwards to my future purchases with this brand! I am very surprised to have not heard more about them.

You can buy this lipstick (£18) in store at your local Space NK or online here.

Do you enjoy the statement lip? What's your favorite pink lip?


  1. One of my favorite bright pink lipsticks is MAC Utter Fun, a "cherry fuchsia" for which I cannot find a dupe!
    Anyone have recoomendations for me?

    1. I have just been searching swatches of Mac Utter Fun. I wouldn't say that Hot Rose Sinner is a dupe as it is a lot more opaque. Mac Utter Fun is a lustre finish so I would suggest perhaps YSL Rouge Volupte in No. 4 (Rouge in Danger) or No. 6 (Pink in Devotion) however these do not contain any shimmer like the MAC. You could also try a Revlon Lip Butter? If you have no look there then perhaps you could try an opaque version such as Revlon Cherries in the Snow and wear it lightly as a stain on the lips? I hope I have been some help? Hopefully MAC will bring it out with a new collection in the future as they like to re-release products and they sometimes come under different names! If it is released I will let you know immediately!!! :) xx



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