I do enjoy walking into the beautifully fragranced and playful store that is Lush. They have been a very highly acclaimed store by many young women out there (several ladies I know swoon when the word Lush is even uttered). I have purchased a few items from them in the past so decided to give them another go. I am already a fan of their Sugar Lip Scrub (in Bubblegum) and I adore the Godmother Soap. So when I went in a few weeks ago I decided to try some new things...

BIG Sea Salt Shampoo, Herbalism Cleanser, Love Lettuce Mask, Brazened Honey Mask, Cosmetic Warrior Mask
This shampoo aims to add volume to your hair, my hair is naturally
straight so bouncy voluminous hair is something that I try to aim for. The shampoo looks quite, well, gloopy. It is bizarre as it contains actual sea salt flakes. It lathers up nice and thickly and cleans the hair brilliantly. It does however dry the hair out, as salt does, so I felt myself over-compensating with the conditioner. I noticed a teensy bit more volume however it made my scalp a little bit itchy and I NEVER have any issues with my scalp. Perhaps you will have better luck? Or perhaps it works better for more wavier haired girls, but if you already have a sensitive scalp then I probably wouldn't recommend this for you.

Herbalism Cleanser
This cleanser aims to gently exfoliate and calm troubled, oily skin. You are supposed to take a pea-size amount of the green cleanser and mix it with water in your hand until you get a paste texture, then apply and cleanse. My problem with this is that I feel that I waste some of the product when mixing it with water as half of the cleanser escapes from my hand!! When I splash my face with water after cleansing I still feel the residue on my face, it isn't until I dry my face that I feel the cleanser has been removed and my face is clean.  I think that the only way I can work with this cleanser is to use a muslin cloth with it because if I don't then I do not feel that my skin has been thoroughly cleansed. When I have followed this with a toner (whichever one I have at hand) the cotton pad has been a lot dirtier than when I use my other cleansers, therefore I think I will stick with my Liz Earle Hot Cloth Cleanser or my Origins Zero Oil Cleanser.

Love Lettuce Fresh Face Mask
I love the freshness of Lush masks. This mask claims to exfoliate and brighten. It certainly does exfoliate and leaves the skin feeling fresh and cleansed and does brighten up the face. It smells wonderful! But what I enjoyed the most about this mask is that it doubles up as a scrub so you can gently scrub it onto your skin, leave it on to get all that bad stuff out, then scrub any final dead skin off when washing it off. I love this face mask.

Brazened Honey Fresh Face Mask
This mask aims to brighten the face, giving you those 8 hours of sleep back! The honey in this mask certainly leaves your skin feeling nice and soft after, however there was not a great or noticeable difference on the brightness of my skin, however for any of you dry skinned gals I would recommend this to soothe and soften that skin as it was a teensy bit too moisturising for my skin-type.

Cosmetic Warrior Fresh Face Mask
They do say, save the best 'til last and I certainly did that! Out of all the products I bought, this certainly deserves the golden stamp of approval and it will be a go-to product in the future. At the time of these mask purchases my skin was in acne central and this certainly was a saviour, my small pimples reduced and redness faded, any of my larger blemishes looked soothed or either came to the surface. It certainly did calm my face and speed up the healing process. If you are a little spot-prone and are looking for a soothing, yet effective, mask, I would recommend this! - I believe that Lush also do a mask called Catastrophe Cosmetic which is also a deep cleansing mask to help with blemishes and I will certainly be purchasing that in the future!

Have you tried any of these products? If so, what do you think of them?

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  1. Aw I love Lush! I've recently been trying out the BB Seaweed face mask and it's great! I would love it if you could check out my blog!


    Chloe xx



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