Colourful highlighters were all the rage a few years ago, blue, pink, rainbow and holographic highlighters made the rounds on the market until the industry adopted a softer, glossy and neutral look. I however would like to bring back the colourful highlighter, however a more subdued, interesting version that enhances your skin undertones.

 I have a warm olive skin tone, which means I have a lot of green and yellow in my skin, so a complimentary colour for my skin is pink. As my skin is more medium-tan, a soft petal pink blush can look quite ashy however I have found a selection of beautiful pink highlighters that compliment my skin tone and blend into blush colours beautifully. If your skin is more cool toned you may want to opt for more blue or purple highlighters. Now, am I suggesting we have stripes of metallic colours hovering on our faces again? No. The formulas I have found have a subtlety to them, don't have any caste to them and will gleam only when the light hits it. If you find the right colour for you, you'll see how these highlighters add dimension, warm up the skin and enhance the colour in your face. It truly is a beautifully subtle way to add more je ne sais quoi to your complexion.


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