I literally took these photos last year when the reformulated version of the Chanel Bronzing Cream was released, but alas, depression got in the way of my motivation and productivity and here we are. Better late than never as they say...

The Chanel Soleil Tan de Chanel has been a cult product amongst beauty lovers. It was one of the first luxury cream bronzers so we didn't really have much choice but it truly is still a beautiful formula. The original formula is a soft, almost mousse consistency to the touch but has enough hold and firmness in the package that you never pick up too much. On the skin it would glide on and create a cream to powder finish but somehow leave behind a skin like satin finish. The only negative was that it came in one shade... "universal" and universal it was not. 

The original shade was a warm light-medium bronzer that wouldn't do much for anyone deeper than a tan skin tone. It was also extremely warm so wouldn't suit those with a cooler or very fair complexion. We have been dreaming for Chanel to deliver this flawless formula in multiple shades (and undertones) so that all could enjoy it... however they decided to do a complete reformulation when they released new shades.

The first new shade to be released was paler, more peach, so would suit those with a cooler complexion, I wasn't mad at this if it was an "addition" to the shade range as opposed to a replacement. Where my olive toned medium complexion could use the previous shade, I am only able to use the new one at my palest.

The disappointment lies, however, with the revamped formula. It is such an utter fail and during this age where we have cream bronzer formulas available from every brand, at every price point, there really isn't anything about this new formula that I would recommend.

The new formula is softer, creamier, however it feels much more silicone like. This, in theory, doesn't sound negative however I find that the product is so silicone heavy and slick that it does not want to adhere on to the skin or on top of makeup. It seems to deposit then either refuse to move from that position or blend in to a patchy mess. I have tried multiple bases, methods of application and have not found one sure fire and reliable method so can not recommend this new product.

The swatch application looks incredibly similar. The original (left) has a slightly more golden hue. However I think upon inspection you can see that the right swatch looks heavier on the skin as it sits on top of the skin as opposed to smoothing in to it.

Since these photos Chanel has released deeper shades. I bought the shade Deep, which, unsurprisingly isn't very deep. It has a more red undertone so is an improvement in terms of providing a variety of undertones in their shade range. However, as this shade is more pigmented I find the problems with the formula are even more apparent and this product looks incredibly patchy or just refuses to apply on to the skin. 

If you have the original, cherish it but when you're done with it, don't repurchase the new formula. This is no longer the Chanel bronzer we once new and loved. Luckily, there are some incredible new formulas for us to play with.

Cream Bronzer Formulas Similar to the Chanel

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