Is it just me or were all the new releases in past few months BORING?! Between financial strains due to Covid, production delays and the general declining mental health, it doesn't surprise me that beauty was placed on the back burner. However, April has dazzled us with sunlight, vaccines are being rolled out and dare I say it... hopefulness is in the air again. And I think that a combination of general contentment, alongside some clever brand release timing, has created a lot of excitement in me for some of the new Spring/Summer releases by many brands.

Hindash, a professional makeup artist with a large online presence (IG: Youtube:) has released his own makeup line, his first release being a professional "pigment" palette that can be used on the eyes and face. Now, I know what we are all thinking... another warm-toned neutrals palette... yawn. 

However, this palette has a unique aspect in that each pan is a colour gradient, from one shade, into another. This may seem gimmicky initially, however the nuance will come from use of the palette as instead of having a row of  6 browns and beiges to blend out your eyeshadow, you can move along the gradient for the perfect shade to deepen or diffuse a colour. It is a compact palette with a wide range of depths within each shade. Plus, it can be used on the face and eyes. I haven't tried this yet but I would love to see if this can deliver  it's ease of use on a consumer scale as it does on an artistry scale.

More Blush, Please
It's fair to say that I am always excited for new cheek products, but cream and liquid cheek products are my ultimate weakness. The Hourglass Vanish Blush £45 Stick looks like a cream blush with a more powdery matte finish, they are extremely expensive so I'm interested in how these perform and what other cream blushes they are similar to as they remind me of the old (discontinued) Chanel cream blush that were a favourite of mine. The Surratt Artistique Blush £42 look like a lightweight, dewy finish which really appeals to me. I find Surratt to be a really unique brand, always bringing quality or innovation to regular makeup products. The last blush that has caught my eye is The Bare Minerals Blonzer £24 which claims to be a 'bronzer and blush' in one but I think it fits the "sun burn without the damage" blush look that I really do love in the summer time. I find that adding some warm colour with a tan can really brighten up the complexion in summer and I find this to be a surprisingly unique blush product and very on trend. Finally, Mother Pat has finally released a blush formula and I can not wait to get my hands on these!!! Everything I have tried from Pat McGrath, whilst expensive, has truly been exquisite. Her shades look nuanced and have a variety of depths and I'm looking forwards to seeing what type of formula she has chosen for her blushes.

Nourishing Lips
Gucci Beauty have released their Rouge de Beaute Brillant Glow & Care Lip Colour £35 which seems to be a glossy sheer lip colour which is my ultimate favourite type of lip product, easy to swipe on and go but incredibly comfortable! So far, I haven't found a Gucci lip product I haven't loved so I do have high expectations of there. Plus, their colour ranges are really unique and I find they some make beautiful orange and red tones that compliment my olive skin tone. However, they are quite pricey so I am going to hold off on purchasing some and try to use up some other lip products in my collection first! A different Gucci item is from Gucci Westman and her Westman Atelier Squeaky Clean Liquid Lip Balm £35. This is another brand that has outstandingly beautiful formulas (other than their mascara, let's not talk about that) so I am very excited to try their liquid lip balm formulas and to see how the shades work on my medium skin tone.

Anything Roen
Roen have released a new cream eyeshadow palette to their collection, the Mood 4ever Palette £41 which is the perfect warm, red toned palette. Roen eyeshadow palettes are the ultimate cool girl eyeshadow, they are a cream shadow with mixed textures, they do crease and wear in but create that ultimate effortless vibe that I kind of love for summer. Glowing, fresh skin, a tinted lip balm and some smudged on cream eyeshadow is such a punk chick meats beach babe look.

Natural and Affordable
I love me a skin tinted, a tinted moisturiser, a bb/cc cream, a light coverage foundation, all of it, I love it all. However, some of the best performing skin tints tend to be more expensive, I find many mid-high end brands do nourishing skin tints best, these are usually skincare infused with well considered shade ranges and a beautiful glowing finish. Now, most affordable skin tints I've tried are either too dry/greasy in texture, run way too pink/peach or don't provide a beautiful finish to the skin (which is really the main focus of a skin tint, it isn't to provide coverage but more a healthier/diffused finish to the skin). Nabla however has released their own version and I am eager to try this as I find their products are nuanced and sophisticated in a way that other brands at this price point rarely are. Hopefully, this too can exceed my expectations like many of their other products have...

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